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Sulay oneshots and drabbles that are too short to be individual stories

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I love Sulay so much


Rules for Requesting:

- Submit your requests in comments under chapters.

-Your requests may contain but are not limited to: fluff, angst, M rated, etc.

- I only accept top!Lay. If you don't like that then I'm sorry. (I have my reasons.)

- M rated requests may take longer to upload

- I do not accept , /non con, lia and weird kinks.

- If two requests seem similar I may merge them.

- I don't write non au stories, its not as fun.

- If you have submitted a request and do not see a chapter for it after a while, submit it again, I may not have seen it.

-Feel free to request as many times as you want.

-If you know your request is unusual, please add a small description as to how you would like the chapter to be written, that way I would have an easier time writing.

-I accept constructive criticism. If you think there is anything I could change or modify to make the oneshots better, let me know.

 -Repeated requests are accepted. I can always find another way to write it.


With all that said, enjoy reading! (^o^)/

Sorry if I haven't been updating lately, I'm running at a bit of a loss for ideas heheh....
I have to work chaptered stories I'm working on though so look out for those in time ^^

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Chapter 52: Yas!!!! I love flirty Xingxing :)
Thanks for the update!!!
Chapter 52: Thanks for the update!! And can you write genderswitch sports au maybe? Haha like Junmyeon is the popular female (choose sport) captain and Yixing is the other popular male (sport) captain
Chapter 51: omg flirty yixing courting junmyeonnie!!! <33 this is so cute!! btw, if u're looking for krisho fics, I'd rec u to read basssy's stories ((or TheConsultinWerewolf on ao3)) and also flowerymisha on livejournal wrote so many beautiful krisho fics. Tbh i have so many favorite krisho writers but i cant think of more rn orz
AmisuD #4
Chapter 51: Request
Royal au Sulay

Kim Junmyeon is the crown prince of Korea and Zhang Yixing is the emperor of China. They meet when Yixing visits Korea in hopes of unifying both of the dynasties and neither is thrilled by that.

"Greetings Emperor Zhang, am Kim Junmyeon, the crown prince." He bows, hoping his face doesn't show how much he's repulsed by that. Junmye on hears the emperor chuckle lightly, "The rumors were indeed true." He says, "You're really the weakest in your family."

+think about the pics from yixing’s newest album ;)

//NOT MY IMAGINATION, I just ripped this off from twitter. I need someone to write this :((
I know this is kind of similar to the oneshot right here but the storyline is different and hottttt af
Chapter 51: There's a lot of good Sulay stories on AO3 (recent stories) because they just had a fest, so you can check under the tag. I recommend Walking A Tightrope With You and The Unicorn Wishes, there are plenty of other good ones but then this comment would be too long. I'm not sure about Krisho other than vicaniyun's stories here on aff
Chapter 51: Yehet!!! a new sulay drabble :)
I loved the royal au. Hwaiting dear writer!!!
Chapter 50: Can I request a drabble where Junmyeon wears a fake engagement ring for reasons and Yixing develops a crush on Junmyeon? Thank you for the update btw!
iPriyalicious #8
Chapter 50: So cute ❤
Chapter 50: Yas!!!! I love fluffiness :)
Chapter 49: Omg u noticed my request n actually decided to make it chaptered one!! I don't mind to wait cuz it will definitely be great story if it comes from u ^^
Thank u so much for taking up my request <3