Lost Maknaes


It started when dongjun . minwoo and hyungshik wanted to go have fun in the amusement park. What do you guess will happen when the couple sikwang were the ones whoes decided to take them there?. 

Storyname: Lost Maknae

Author: ChocolateSky

Type: Comedy,

State: Completed


I had posted this Oneshot in anthor websit but I want to share it here is AFF as well.

Hope you enjoy it ^^.

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whiterose12 107 streak #1
sunfoolfinger #2
Chapter 1: The maknaes look like toddlers while the hyungs look like... Their age. I laughed so hard in the midnight xD
se_park #3
wahhh! So cute! Ahaha shikkie peed in the pant keke. And I really love it when u add on the moonwoo! They r super cute! Nice story!
[deactivated] #4
aww that was cute yet funny <3 ahah kevshik is adorable as at the end made me laughed at the most xD