Our maknae will always be our maknae

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Sehun does not understand why is he treated such. More like an outcast. once, his brothers put him before anything and that just does not happen anymore. All he knows, he loves his family. Very much. 


“Kyungsoo, I know that you did not waste the money or misused it. But, you should set your priorities. You know how do we live right now. To make it worse, our hyung is not even with us,” Luhan lectured him and Kyungsoo could merely nod.

“You know the rules. Each of us has to pay for our food. Even Jongin and Tao did. Not saving up pocket money means no dinner Kyungsoo-ah,” said Yifan. Intimidated by his hyung’s stares and height, Kyungsoo silently went to his room clutching his tummy-his way of calming his hungry tummy.

“Hyung, he looked really hungry and tired. Not to mention, he had to walk all the way to pick Sehunnie,” Baekhyun said.

“I know. I saw the way he clutched his tummy. But rules are rules. I would have let it slipped if he was the youngest. But, he should know that he has three younger siblings. It won’t take long to Tao and Jongin to do the same if we let this go today,” Junmyeon explained-understanding the reasons behind the elders’ actions.

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