Can Love Be Arranged?


Can Love Be Arranged?
Sana x Tzuyu

Tzuyu is a hard working team leader of her sister's construction company.

Sana is a quiet and shy girl who lives with her Uncle, Aunty and their daugher, Momo.

What if they were both looking for a partner they've never met before?

Through a mutual family friend, their marriage is arranged.


This isn't your typical arranged marriage.

Follow the two as they explore their feelings for the first time.

The Set Cast:

Chou Tzuyu

Minatozaki Sana

Chou Mina (Tzuyu's sister)

Chou Chaeyoung (Mina's wife)

Chou Somi (MiChaeng's child)

Hirai Momo (Sana's Cousin)


She really is beautiful - Tzuyu


How can she carelessly get herself more sick? - Sana

May notice some references from movie Vivah :)
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