Fixing Broken Magnets

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Unlike poles attract, like poles repel.

Until they break and they couldn't tell which poles they were anymore.



Notes from adamandeve;


  • A long two-shot just to show that I'm still alive and well, and because this idea wouldn't stop flooding my mind until I'm able to finally write at least the first part.
  • Some parts are almost Rated M, but are very, very minimal.
  • I did my research about divorce and broken magnets but I cannot guarantee how accurate they are, so I apologize in advance. I added my own imagination here so please join me in the pretences in this fiction.
  • Please continue motivating me by giving me your insights about the story, because I do value your thoughts.



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Chapter 1: i remember i was 16 when you published this first chapter i was heartbroken. you’ve written angst after angst but i couldn’t complain because you wrote it so beautifully. now 8 years later, i come back to reread all of your works and its still hurts my now mature heart like it hurts me then. i couldnt thank you enough for writing these masterpieces!
Yoonchoding07 #2
Chapter 2: I kept this on my list for months, afraid of the heartbreak if would cause once I read it. True enough, that was really painful authornim. I was really dreading how you'd end the story. Thank you for sharing this woth us.
Chapter 2: damn love the angst
Luvylynn #4
Chapter 2: Lord! Why I love to hurt myself by reading this angst but then I hate you for being so good at playing with my poor heart and somehow I really look forward for you, Authornim to break my heart again with another masterpiece of yours! Arrghh!! What have you done to me Authornim!
Chapter 2: more stories please 😔
Jensoo4everlove #6
Chapter 2: I am crying 😭😭 ugh why is this so heartbreaking!?
Chapter 2: I didn't know it would hurt this much 😭😭 And now I understand "the one you love is the one who hurt you most"
Chapter 1: Ouch. Why am i hurting myself by reading angst. Ugh. Okay. On to the next chapter. See ya more tears 🥲
Chapter 2: Coming from an angst-lover: this was incredibly painful and I cried a little too much, thank you for writing this!!
Blackcoffee01 #10
Chapter 2: Found this too late. But boy, that was great! Read this while listening to Niki's Oceans and Engines, and it hurts more while reading it 😅 kudos!