Zoey decides to leave London when she turns 19 to start a completely new life in Seoul. 

She hopes to be a stylist, though she never attended university.

She hopes she gets a job,because of her cousin's letter of reference - who is a star stylist.

Trying to make her way through the hardships of her new life, she meets someone who she never thought she needed so desperately - Moon Jongup.


"I will miss you" I said as another tear started rolling down my face.

"I will miss you too." said mom who hugged me tightly and hten wiped off the tear with the tip of her finger. "We'll talk every month, OK? Or more, but call me at least once. And if you need something, just call me."

I nodded, though I made a promise earlier, that I'll never call her for money. She has barely enough for herself, and this plane ticket meant almost bankruptcy for us. 

"Have a safe journey" she hugged me again and turned me into the direction of the gate. I ofrced myself to walk, not looking back.


When I got on the plane, I checked everything. My luggage wasn't with me, because I left it at the check-in, and it hopefully got to the plane. However, I checked my backpack. I had my ID, money, passport, hotel reservetion and my letter of reference from my cousin. I panicked a bit when I didn't find the photo of me and my sister, but it was in my wallet.


I don't know when did I fall asleep, but at some point I did so. I woke up when the plane landed at Incheon Airport.

I was the last to get off.

The walk was long and my legs were still numb.


It took a while until a got my luggage back. I started my way to the taxis. I turned off the airplane mode on my phone and saw that I got a new message. It was from my father what was a bit surprising. I opened it. It was just three words.

"Don't come back."

I rolled my eyes as I deleted the message and the contact.

Don't worry, father. I won't.

Dear lost soul who somehow got here. I don't know who you are, but I already love you, hooman :D

So. This is my first fanfic ever, if you judge, please do it in a kind way... Also, if you find something incorrect, feel free to be a Grammar Nazi. #foreignproblems

I already know some main points of the plot and as long as I know it will be long. I mean, really long.

If you still here, reading this, I love you even more.

Just to make it clear, this is a romance story with B.A.P Jongup. 'Cause he's my ultimate bias. Maaan, how did I stuck with him?

So this was the beginning. I will try to update pretty rarely, but... well... less than one month 'till school. 

*sitting in front of computer wondering what to write*

*has no idea*

*hesitantly saves foreword, thinking it's enough*

Skydive MV is out! Did you guess X right? I did :3

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Chapter 4: This is interesting so far! Jongup was my first bias (even tho Himhan is my ultimate bias now LOL) so I'm enjoying this story :)