It felt so right. Younger snuggled even more closer in his boyfriend's arms, feeling the tingling warmth from the older. Jaebum was caressing the younger's strands and humming a certain song to him.

Youngjae half-opened his eyes. His eyes were begging him to close but he didn't want to take his eyes off the breathtaking sight of him. Jaebum saw Youngjae's eyes and smiled warmly. "Tired?"

The younger shook his head lightly sidewards and muttered a no. 

Their legs were tangled into each other, bodies as close as ever, feeling the warmth and heartbeat of each other.

Youngjae smiled unconsciously. His mind first took him on a flashback where and how he first met Jaebum.


Youngjae walked straight. Uncertain where he should go. He was at the park, the sun was setting. His head was down low, his eyes only focused on his shoes.

"Where should I even go?" He asked, nervousness and fear digging up. He continued walking and walking at a slow pace.

His mind was too preoccupied by movie-like scenarios during night when he didn't watch where he's going. He bumped into someone. And his things dropped on the cement ground.

Youngjae snapped back into reality and saw what he had done. "Omy! I'm so sorry!!"

He helped pick up the things of the someone and once he did, he looked up and saw an ethereal face.

"It's okay! I was also not watching where was I going." The ethereal man smiled at him. 

Youngjae thought that it was the most perfect smile.

"U-umm.." Youngjae stuttered.

"T-thank y-you for also helping me pick up my stuff," the man said awkwardly.

"I-it's okay!" Youngjae blurted out and smiled but frowned after.

The two were in an awkward situation. 

Youngjae saw something on the person's clothes. It was a nametag.

Im Jaebum. It said.

Youngjae smiled. Jaebum saw the younger smile, and furrowed his eyebrows. He looked at the nametag. Jaebum smiled once again and chuckled silently.

"I'm Jaebum. What's yours?" he asked extending his hand to the younger.

"Y-youngjae." Youngjae accepted the handshake. When he felt the older's touch, he felt a tingling sensation. Something that he would want to feel again and again.


The flashback ended and they were still in the same position. Jaebum never stopped caressing his strands and still smiling warmly at him. 

"Don't you ever get sick of caressing my hair?" he asked quietly.

"Why will ever get sick of something that I completely love  to do?" Jaebum asked as quietly and smiled.

"My hair is not that good, Jaebum-hyung."

"It's so beautiful to me. Don't worry, darling. I love every inch of you." He shifted his eyes to the younger. "I love you."

Youngjae's eyes were still half-opened, but that didn't stop him. "I love you too, Jaebum-hyung."

At the same time he thought, when was the first time they said 'I love you' to each other?


It was Christmas Eve. The two decided to spend Christmas together since their families have long left them. Jaebum and Youngjae were at the rooftop, letting the snowflakes fall and trying to sip a cup of hot chocolate.

Youngjae saved this special day. He believed that everything that you wish for, will be granted on Christmas Eve. 

His wish was to be Jaebum his and be Jaebum's.

The two had the same color of clothes that night. Red.

Youngjae was wearing a red coat with a black shirt inside and matching black pants. While Jaebum had a fluffy red sweater with black pants, and wore eyeglasses.

"Youngjae.." said Jaebum quietly.

"Hmm??" Youngjae turned to face the older. Jaebum looked like he wanted to do or say something but is too hesitant and shy to do it.

"I-is it true that if you wish for something, it will be granted in Christmas?" 

Youngjae smiled. "I don't know. But I believe yes."

Silence filled the atmosphere once again. 

Youngjae almost forgot something. He built up his courage to do this and this may be the right time. Now or never, as Youngjae thought.

"I-I'm sorry hyung. I have no gift for you this Christmas. I have nothing to give." As Youngjae spoke, Jaebum smiled warmly.

"You don't have to give something to me. You have given enough." Jaebum's smile would always light up the younger's world.

"I know. But I still think it's not enough. I do have something to give you, but I don't know if this will ever be enough." The younger said nervously.

"What is it?" Jaebum's eyes were sparkling, you can see the joy and delight in it.

The younger took a deep breath, his legs giving up on him and his heart beating uncontrollably fast. "This is the biggest gift I am ever going to give to someone. Y-y-you're v-very s-special t-to m-me, J-jaebum."

The older stared at the younger, fascinated and curious. 




Jaebum smile widened. "You?"

Youngjae looked down. "Yes, me. I am your gift. I'm sorry if this gift is stupid and cheap. I'm sorry if this gift cannot afford to give you a real gift. I'm sorry if this gift is not worth it. But there is one thing I know."

"This gift loves you so much."

After Youngjae closed his eyes, expecting a one hell of a rejection. Or even a slap. But no he didn't, he didn't see the warm smile on the older's face. 

"Hey." Jaebum said softly. "Look at me."

The older lifted his chin to face him.

"No, you're not stupid and cheap. You're not unworthy of me. In fact, I'm unworthy of you. And believe me, this is the best gift ever." Jaebum's thumb caressed the younger's cheeks. 

"Really?" Youngjae's face lightened up.

"I have been in-love with you ever since we both met. And you never fail to give me such feelings and surprises."

The younger blushed. "Me too, Jaebum-hyung."

Jaebum suddenly remembered something. "I don't have a gift for you." He pouted.

Youngjae smiled. "With you as my gift, I am more than happy."

The older kissed the younger's forehead so softly and lovingly. "I love you so much, Youngjae."

"I love you, too, Jaebum-hyung. So much."


Youngjae smiled warmly at the memory of it. Jaebum was still caressing his strands and still humming a certain song.

"Jaebum-hyung.." Youngjae called.


"Out of all the people in this world, why me?"

Jaebum chuckled and caressed the younger's rosy cheeks. "Because you're the perfect one for me, darling."

Youngjae smiled and nodded.

The two have been together for one year. And they decided to celebrate in this way. No parties, no dinner, no surprises. Yet the two made each other surprises in the darkest night.

Their faces were less than an inch apart.

"Happy Anniversary, Im Jaebum. I love you so much."

"Happy Anniversary to you too, Choi Youngjae. I love you, too, so much."

Jaebum leaned closer. And both of their lips touched ever so gently at first. Their lips moved in harmony together. Jaebum's hand snuck going to Youngjae's sides while the younger wrapped his arms around his neck. 

Jaebum tightened the hug and ceased the chance to deepen the kiss. Youngjae opened his mouth to let Jaebum's tongue enter. A soft moan escaped the younger's mouth. Youngjae's tongue also entered the older's mouth.

Ecstacy was felt between the two. The two never fail to bring sparks in the atmosphere. 

Youngjae broke the kiss.

"That was literally my first kiss. And it was the best."

"Me too."


The two ended up in each other's arms, sleeping soundly. They would love more nights like this. Just quiet, amazing, and peaceful nights with each other, of course. Everything felt so right. Youngjae loves Jaebum and Jaebum loves Youngjae. What could go wrong?

Looking forward to more nights like this.

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