Chapter 1: The Root of Everything

Case 143
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Nayeon’s POV


It’s September, I love this month; its autumn and my birth month. I don’t know but for me, this season is romantic for me. You walk with your lover hand in hand while the leaves falls on top of you; but the bad thing is….


I don’t have a boyfriend.


The school bell rang and I was still daydreaming about walking at the path of trees outside the school with the boy I like, until Jungyeon and Jihyo snap me back to reality. I didn’t notice that class was finished.


“How would you notice if you keep on day dreaming?” Jungyeon stated

“Yeah, yeah stop scolding Mom”

“I don’t have a dumb daughter” Jungyeon knock my head


“Hurry up; he’s waiting for you already” Jihyo cut through the conversation


I packed my things and bolted out of the room. They know that Mondays and Fridays are my ‘date’ day with him. So they didn’t bother coming home with me today.


The guy I was talking about is Chou Tzuyu, a freshman and the brother of my friend from Taiwan. He and his sister were my childhood friends along with Jungyeon and Jihyo but they have to return to Taiwan after 3 years of living in Korea. After 5 years, Tzuyu returned and popped out of nowhere like a mushroom; he appeared in our living room one day like nothing happened. He’s just casually seating there like old times. I learned that our school offered him a full scholarship and he accepted it. My parents knew that he’s coming back and purposely hid it from me so I will be surprised. His sister asked me to take care of him so we decided to have a ‘date’ twice a week so we can catch up with each other and know what he’s up to.






I stared at him as we go out of the school. I have to admit, Tzuyu is handsome; I’m not attracted to him but I see him as a handsome nice guy but too savage for his face. I started to see him like this when he’s 15. Puberty hit him hard and I mean by hard, I mean really, really hard.


“Is there something in my face?” He noticed I was staring at him

“Nothing” I replied and started to look in front of me now

“Am I too handsome for you to stare at me that long?”

“I’m just reminiscing. I was taller than you 3 years ago and now you’re a lot taller than me now”

“Just agree that you see me as a handsome guy” He keeps on bringing back the topic

“Okay, okay. Yoda is handsome”


This is the first time he asked me about that. I swear if he became a flirtatious boy, all girls will go crazy for him. Thank god I’m not taking care of someone like that, or else, every girl he flirts with will give me death glares.



He frowned as we started leaving the school gates

“Is that even sincere?” He looks at me

“Why did you even asked if you already knew the answer? So why bother asking?”

He stares at me, smiling while walking besides me. Now he’s the one giving me the stare.


We reached the path that I was thinking about earlier but too bad, I was with the most savage person I know.


“So you really do see me attractive?” He grinned. I know that he’s going to tease me so I didn’t bother looking at him

“Who doesn’t? You’re the underrated campus crush, I thank God that no one send me daggers at my back”

“Campus crush?” Is he really that dense not to notice the looks strangers are giving him?

“You’re not that sociable so girls don’t go crazy for you, they just find you attractive” I explained

“Then I’ll start talking to other girls tomorrow” I knew he would say that.

“No… please no” I begged him


“I’ll receive death glares from crazy fan girls… Saying that you have a pretty girl always around you”

IM NAYEON WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ADD THE LAST PART! This is no good. I just dug my own grave. Why do I have to go on a Tease fest with him when the topic is not appropriate for it. I want to melt.


“I’m sure they won’t give you that”

“How do you say so?”

“Because you’re not pretty noona, they won’t get jealous” He smirked and his dimple showed up


“I’m just kidding”


Its normal for us to talk like this, we really are comfortable with each other so being savage with each other is normal.


Tzuyu became silent, he was observing the scenery; he looked up then followed the leaves to fall down.


I asked him if he likes autumn.


“I just like the sight of falling leaves, maybe I like autumn” He was a little unsure of his answer


Okay checklist!!

Falling dried leaves check!


Cold wind check!


A handsome man besides me check!


Holding hands. Cross


Love, cross it out.


It’s almost perfect except for the love part.


“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“No it’s handsome like me”

“What’s wrong with you today? Want to join Jungyeon’s no jam club perhaps?” I dissed him

“You’re no fun noona, you’re the founder of that club” He looked at me and smirked again

“What did you say?!” I was a little irritated by it

“Nothing noona, I said nothing”


While walking to the shopping district, I noticed a man was walking behind us. It looks like he’s one of the transfer students from Japan. I ignored him and just keep on walking.


Tzuyu and I walked around, until he suggested we go to this jewellery shop. He said that he saw many students enter this shop so he predicted that the price will be a little cheap.


We entered the shop and we saw the two Japanese transfer student; Blondie boy and the one I saw earlier, but they are both in casual clothes.


“Hi” the brown haired student said

“You’re the transfer student right?” I said

“Yes, I see we’re from the same school” he said

“Please look around, hope you like our accessories” he added

“You own this business?” Tzuyu asked

“My family run this business”

“Cool, you get free accessories” I was amazed by the fact that he’s the son of the owner

“Not really, I still pay for it. I just get discounts if I buy accessories from here”

“It’s still pretty cool though” I said

“Hehe… please make yourselves comfortable” He leaves us then I started looking around


I noticed that there are many students dropping by at this store. Maybe they’re their classmates.


“Oh Tzuyu, this hairpin looks cute” I said in a happy tone

“Want to try it?”

“Uhh… sure”


I was a little hesitant because I know I can’t afford it because this is a freaking jewellery shop! Of course, items here cost a fortune.


Tzuyu walked towards the two boys and asked if I can try the clip. Mr. Inheritor (brown haired boy lol) walked behind the counter and took out the clip.


“There is a mirror in the corner, so you can see if it suits you but trust me it will look good on you in my opinion” I blushed by his statement. This is the first time I got complimented by someone I don’t know, and also in front of three guys.


I just thanked him and averted my gaze away from him. Tzuyu looked at me and the Japanese boy


“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to hi-“but before he can finish his sentence, Tzuyu butted in.

“No, It’s okay, she’s my nanny” As soon as I heard it, I can see Tzuyu smirking at me

“Since when did I become your nanny?” I asked him

“Three years ago”

“Aishhh. I’ll just go try it in the mirror”


I’m amazed. This boy teases me anywhere, everywhere, anytime, and every time.


I walked towards the mirror, put on the clip, and wow! It looks beautiful. I bet this is a pricey clip. Unknown to me, Tzuyu followed me and I was surprised to see him at the mirror standing behind me.


“Noona it suits you, you should buy it” he said smiling, more like a smirk to me

“Are you even serious saying that?” I don’t believe him, because of his savageness, sometime I don’t believe what he is saying.


I noticed that Blondie boy keeps on staring at me for a mere 5 minutes and still counting. He’s cute though, He’s tall, but Tzuyu is taller than him. Mr. Inheritor is handsome too, he’s quite tall also but still, Tzuyu is taller. He has a light brown hair. Do Japanese people like to dye their hair? Some random thoughts you have Im Nayeon and what’s with boys today? They keep on staring at me; even Tzuyu is staring at me earlier. Is there something on my face?


‘I’m serious this time noona, you should buy it”


I agreed to buy it without thinking about the price and my poor wallet.


“Excuse me, Uhh… how much is this pin?” I hesitatingly asked him


“50,000 won sunbae”

50,000 won!? It’s a little cheap but still too expensive for a student

“I give up, I’m sorry but I can’t afford it, I really like it though. Thanks for today, see you two at school”

“It’s okay sunbae, see you at school”


I hurriedly grab Tzuyu’s wrist then drag him out of the shop. I noticed Blondie boy still looking at me. Am I too beautiful to be stared at that long?


“Mission failed” Tzuyu pertaining my ‘mission’ to buy the hairpin

“From the start you know that both of us can’t afford the pin” I sigh

“At least you found something you can buy in the near future”

“And where do you think I can find that amount of money?” I asked him

“Ask your parents; ask them to give it to you as your present, your birthday is on Monday right? Then get that as your present” He suggested

“You’re a genius!” I jumped up and down then flap his hands.

He just smiled, I know that means ‘you’re welcome’ Try saying it next time Chou Tzuyu.


We walked around a little more and we saw this boutique with a cute hoodie with a bunny print. I pointed it to Tzuyu and he grinned.


“I know what you’re thinking of, this sly brat”


He can’t control his laugh anymore. I slapped his shoulders lightly but he just laughed harder. Ughhh it’s hard to be a nanny of a mischievous kid but at the same time it’s fun.


“Let’s just eat and then go home, tell your sister you bullied me the whole day”

“I won’t”

“Why?” I asked

“She’ll scold me” He stated the fact that his sister scolds him even if they’re far away with each other.

“Then don’t bully me” I suggested

“But it’s fun” he said with his signature smirk

“I give up, I’m not talking to you” I replied in a serious tone and I speed up my pace. I looked back and he speeds up his pace too and he has a worried face.

“I’m sorry noona”

I can’t control my laughter anymore. I burst out laughing at him.


“I’m not serious, pfft if you could only see your face. I’m joking”

“I’m still saying sorry noona” He was serious

“For what?” I smiled at him so he can be at ease now

“Nothing, I’m apologizing for nothing”


This is his side that I still don’t get. I know he’s mischievous but, savage, and evil but when he goes in to serious mode, he is really serious.


He walked me home after we ate. He’s currently not staying at their old house; he’s at a dormitory with Minato and other students. I still didn’t have gone there because he doesn’t want to. He said there are too many boys that I will cause a commotion if I go there.






The next day I asked my parents for that hairpin as my present but when we arrived there, we’re too late. The hairpin is no longer on display. Should I ask Mr. Inheritor who bought it? I’ll just embarrass myself if I asked him that.




Monday, my birthday, approached while I’m heartbroken; my heart is broken by the fact that I won’t be able to see that pin again. Farewell my cute hairpin.


I passed again this beautiful path in the middle of trees.  At least it brightens me up little, thanks for existing beautiful path.


I arrived at the school being pestered by boys by greeting or giving me presents but I didn’t accept it but I don’t want to sound rude to them so I just thank them. I’m not in the mood to entertain them and their presents so I headed to our room.


I entered our room and saw Jihyo and Jungyeon together, I sat beside them.


“Look who’s here causing another commotion” Jihyo said un-amused

“What is it this year? A teddy bear as big as your door?” Jungyeon added

“What was it again last year? Oh! A shoes right?” why do they keep on waiting for my gift almost every year? Well mr. anonymous only started giving gifts to me 2 years ago and after that these two waited every year for my gifts.

“Not just ordinary shoes, it’s branded and expensive. He even got the shoe size right” Jungyeon said amused

“Damn Im Nayeon, some wealthy admirer you have. Can we exchange bodies today?”

“Yah I’m not in the mood today”

Who wouldn’t be in the mood when you set your eyes on something then when you came back for it, it’s gone.

“Ooh birthday girl is not in the mood, should I call Mina?” Jungyeon teased me

“What could Mina do in this situation?” I asked her

“Melt your heart” the two said simultaneously

“What’s with you two teasing me with Mina?”

“What’s with us?” Jungyeon replied ready to explain her ‘scientific facts’

“You smile when you see him” Jungyeon said and then Jihyo next alternately

“Your voice sometimes changes when he’s around”

“You become tense if he’s next to you”

“Should we continue enumerating?”

“Yes we should, can you think of other reasons?”

“Oh this!”

“You become clumsy when he’s around!” they laugh by the fact that they said the same thing at the same time

“Wow do I really act like that around him? I thought I controlled some of it”

“Yeah” Jungyeon said

“Sure” Jihyo continued

“You can control some of it but we can still prove it” Jungyeon agreed with me

“We can prove it right now” they said in unison

“MINA!!” Wow, even when they shout, they’re still in sync. Are they long lost twins perhaps?

“Yah!” I slapped their arms hard.

A few seconds I saw Mina peeked in our room


“Yes noona?” Mina said in his soft voice, holding his PS VITA

“Come here” Jungyeon commanded him and he obediently followed Jungyeon’s order

“Oh Nayeon noona… Happy birthday” a small smile escaped his lips


I can feel my face heated as I blushed by his words

“Uhh… Thanks” I can’t look at him at this state and I looked at the ground.


Yes I had a crush on him. He’s Tzuyu’s roommate and classmate but older than him. He also knows that I like Mina.


After a few seconds, Tzuyu entered the room with Chaehyung and Daehyun with him


“Happy Birthday Rabbit Nanny” That was Tzuyu’s greeting word for today

“I was happy you greeted me until you said I’m your rabbit nanny, now I’m pissed off” I said jokingly

“It was my intention to piss you off” He releases his cheeky grin


“Happy Birthday Noona” Chaehyung and Daehyun greeted me. They are Tzuyu’s classmates

“Thank you, see Tzuyu, make these two as your role model, they’re polite to their noonas” I pointed the two as I explain to Tzuyu

“Then your life will be too quiet, that’s boring”

This kid; Tzuyu is sweet but doesn’t want to show it so every time he gets sweet, it becomes savageness. It’s 90% savageness and 10% sweetness.

“Oh, hi Thomas” Tzuyu turned his gaze to Jihyo

“Now I’m pissed” Jihyo purposely frowned

“You always look pissed off noona” Tzuyu smirked while looking away from her

“What did you say Yoda?” She stood up and pinched his arm

“Ahhh! Noona it hurts, I said nothing ahhh!” he said while laughing at the same time screaming from the pain

Jihyo took her seat again and Tzuyu’s rubbing his arm from the pain

“Ah yes Mina, we called you because Nayeon is inviting you four again later” Jungyeon announced that I’m going to treat them later. Damn you Jungyeon, you shikshin! Finding ways to get free food. Well I was going to treat them though

“Why did you call hyung only? We were also standing in front of your room” Tzuyu asked. You too Tzuyu? Are you going to expose me?

“Your back is facing us, we can’t recognize that it was you three outside” Jihyo explained. I was a little relieved by her explanation

“You don’t recognize this back? My handsome back?” Tzuyu said while showing us his back

“Who said you’re handsome?” Jihyo keeps on bickering with him

“Noona did” he pointed at me


All five of them except for Tzuyu looked at me at the same time. Silence filled the air for a second until Jihyo break the silence


“So the ‘I’m not seeing Tzuyu handsome’ squad is now broken huh?” She looked at Jungyeon

“Tsk. The leader was the first one to fail our mission” Jungyeon added and set her gaze at me

“Don’t act innocent you two” I’m trying to expose them too

“At least we don’t say it out loud” Jihyo said leaning closer to me

“-and in front of him” Jungyeon added in the same manner

Seriously these two, they keep on finishing each other’s sentences.


“So now you’re admitting he’s handsome” It’s my win ha!

The two froze; they didn’t realize they just said that Tzuyu’s handsome indirectly. I can feel Tzuyu’s grinning behind me.

“I’m closing my mouth” Jihyo said with a straight face

“But you just opened it noona” Chaehyung replied while having a big smile on his face


Jihyo gave Chaehyung a death glare

“Look who’s a role model now” Jungyeon was quite amazed

“More like a bad influence” Jihyo added

“You’re a virus Chou Tzuyu” I said in a serious tone but jokingly

“A handsome virus” He replied. I punched his arm; he tried to dodge and smiled


We talked for a while but as expected, Mina continues playing and answers the conversation rarely, then I remembered, I didn’t get my books from my locker


“We’re going now, class is going to start” Mina said after his long break of silence

“Ah… noona you should check your locker, it’s loaded” Daehyun said before leaving

“See you later Jungyeon noona, Jihyo noona, and Nayeon noona” Chaeng said while standing from his chair before leaving.

They left.


“Try to control your blush next time” Jihyo said

“Shut up you two” I said while I blushed again


Their room is only across from ours but it’s a little far, we can see each other on the window.


This school has an odd room arrangement. Each floor has 3 year levels and 3 sections; the first floor is for Stage Musical majors; the second floor is for the Dance majors; and the third floor is for the Music majors, our lair. Each floor has its own locker area and another building which interconnects for the faculty rooms and club rooms.


“Wait, I forgot to get my books”

“You’re just excited to see your gifts” Jungyeon teased me

“Shut up!”


As I was leaving to get my books, I heard them talking

“Wanna bet how expensive her gift this time?” Jihyo started a deal with Jungyeon

“What’s your offer?” Jungyeon started to negotiate

“Flirt with Mina to make Nayeon jealous” Jihyo announced the prize

“Deal! I call 70,000 won” Jungyeon placed her bet

“Call! Mine’s 40,000 won”

“Seriously, I’m so done with you two” I continued walking towards the locker area

“Looks like we had the price in advance” Jungyeon looked at Jihyo


As I walk towards the locker area, I saw the other Japanese student, Blondie boy outside our locker area with something on his hand and passed by him. He smiled at me. I froze there for a second; this is the first time I see him here, maybe he went to the faculty or the club rooms. I followed him with my gaze as he walks down the stairs. Maybe he’s a Dance major.


I hurriedly go to my locker and saw that my locker is full of letters stuck outside. I pulled out the letters and noticed that the rectangular hole for dropping announcement letters is sealed. That explains why my locker is full of letters outside. I checked the other lockers and mine was the only sealed. Who did this? Never mind, I’ll just get my stuff.


As I opened, there was this super thing box. So I opened it and…

“Holy mother of rabbits!” It was the hairpin!

There was a letter on the box

Happy Birthday Im Nayeon, Hope you like it. I heard you really like this pin. It’s yours now

-          Your Admirer

It was typewritten. Damn, clean way to hide your identity. Wait- something struck my mind; who is this? The only student who knows that I really like this pin are Blondie boy, Mr. Inheritor, and Tzuyu. But there are other students who kept on coming and leaving that day. I don’t want to think about it now; I have to go to class. Thank you Mr. Admirer, you made my day.


I wore the pin and walked merrily down the hall. As soon as I got back, Jungyeon asked me.


“You look happy, I’m also happy for you. Now how much?” I didn’t answer. I just smiled at them

“Wow you really are an expensive girl” Jihyo sounds amused.

“Yah I’m not. I’m happy because of this” I pointed the pin with both of my index finger

“Woah, Daebak!” Jungyeon really looks so amused but then

“-how much?” she keeps on pestering me about the prize

“What a good way to make me believe you liked the pin, its 50,000 won”

“Aww… too bad no one get the correct answer. But we got the prize in advance” Jungyeon giggled

“Im Nayeon, the goddess for the boys but a stupid rabbit for us” They laughed

“Okay let’s stop. But wow, looks like your admirer got broke this time huh? Jihyo stated

“I’m not looking forward for the price okay? I don’t even want them to give me presents but the fact that he bought this pin for me makes me really happy; I thought I’m not gonna see this pin ever again”

“Looks like lover boy hit the spot this time” Jungyeon patted my back

“For the past years, you’ve been receiving presents them. You’ve always been receiving a present from an anonymous person every year and this is the first time I see you happy about your gift” Jihyo explained

“I don’t even want to bring home their presents, it’s too many but I appreciate it so I have to”

“You can always give it to us” Jeongyeon positioned her hands like she’s waiting for something to land on her hands

“No thanks, I don’t like you two that much”

“Yah!” they said in unison

“I’m just joking, want a kiss?”

“No thanks, we don’t like you that much also” Jihyo replied





A/N: there has to be a root of everything right? well the first few chapters will be about the pin and her birthday, I tried to shorten it but I cant hahaha so please bear with me... I'll update as soon as I can thanks for reading!!






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