When In Albania (Descendants Of The Sun)

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While the others presumed them dead, Yoo Si Jin and Seo Dae Young were--at least--living. This is the story of how two soldiers survived one year in Albania, with nothing but their will to survive keeping them alive.


Okay, first of all.... OCs. I had to make one. So, don't get surprised if you hear me mention a name not from the original drama. :)


Secondly....why the title? It's because I assume the two soldiers 'died' in Albania. LOL heck, I don't know where exactly they were deployed, but because Mo Yeon eventually decides to go to Albania for a medical mission and also for her 'dead' boyfriend's memorial, then everything that took place could be in Albania, or at least somewhere near it (like at its borders or something)


Finally, I tried to make this as in-line with the drama as possible, basing the flow of the whole story with a few facts given (with how Sergeant Seo narrated it, and with the few snippets shown in EP 16--all these aided me to arrive in this fic's plot.) I really do hope it would turn out nice in a different person's perspective, sincefor me it feels comfortable reading it after hundreds of times re-reading the chapters. 


I hope I don't fail you with this, should you have any comments, don't even hesitate to tell me :) *crosses fingers* This is my first multi-chapter fic. I hope you enjoy!:)



oh, and one more thing: this isn't a fluff. The fluffy parts are somewhere at the end of the fic

안녕! First of all thank you for subscribing to this story! I'm currently working on the next chapter, so stay tuned!
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