The Black Letter

Violet Love Sonata
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“This is a joke… a sick joke.” That’s what I tried to tell myself soon after reading the black letter. “No one would be capable of harming another human being just to play a game.” I reassured myself. Days passed by without anything happening, I didn’t tell anyone. I thought that this was a one-time incident, but I was completely wrong; three weeks after receiving the first one, I received another one:

“My Dearest Emilia,

It’s such a pleasure to inform you the date of selection. You must decide which of your two beloved men will die; the debt will be paid three days from now. If you try to go to the police, I will not only kill the both of them, but all of your acquaintances. To prove the seriousness of this letter I will like to, first of all, congratulate you on your wedding and second, I will enjoy watching “Descendants of the sun” exclusively through Dramafy.”

I broke into cold sweat. My heart was pounding and my hands were trembling so much that the page I was holding fell to the ground.

“Sajangnim are you okay?” Ari asked.

I opened my mouth, but I was unable to articulate a single word. “How the heck does this person knows this much?" I was totally terrified. "Only someone really close to me could know this kind of details from my life.”

“Sajangnim?” She asked again. She crouched to pick up the letter. I immediately crouched too and grabbed it before she did. She looked at me really shocked.

“You should leave!” I exclaimed as I stood up.

“But Mr. G-Dragonssi told me to stay here until he returns.” She said totally confused due to my reaction. Ji Yong had to travel to Hong Kong; he’ll be back tomorrow.

“I…I… don’t want to work today. Besides, Gahee will come in an hour to check on me.” I lied. I wanted to be alone so I could figure out why was this happening. Ari didn’t move; she stayed there like a statue. “Are you going to leave?” I asked.

“I don’t think I should… you don’t look well, Sajangnim.” She replied.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” I shouted at the top of my lungs. She flinched. I have never raised my voice to her, I really wasn’t thinking clearly but I needed to be by myself.

“I’m so sorry Sajangnim.” She said with teary eyes. It broke my heart, but it helped me to get what I want. Ari quickly left after my irrational behavior.

I’ve been following Gahee’s instructions exactly, so exactly that now I can walk and move around during the day, but I still can’t go to work to the office. I grabbed both letters and started to analyze them. It’s the same paper, the same envelope, and the same handwriting. It’s written in English. The person who wrote this probably knows that I’m not that good at reading Hangul.

“What can I do? Should I go to the police? No. That’s not an option. I need someone’s help. Who can help me with this? I can’t tell Ji Yong, he’s so stressed out due to the press conference and our 2nd wedding, letting him know of something like this would be like burying him alive. Besides, he’s in Hong Kong with Big Bang; they’re performing tonight at MAMA. I quickly thought of Soo Hyun Oppa, No! I’m tired of hurting him; I can’t go to him with something of this magnitude. Gahee wouldn’t know what to do. Who else I know? I’ve never spoke with Yang Sajangnim before… And then something lighted up in my head. Bae Uijang, KeyEast’s Chairman, I’ve met him a couple of times before, he’s really gentle and I feel comfortable around him. Maybe he can help me with this.”

I obviously didn’t have his phone number and I didn’t know anyone else besides Soo Hyun that would have it. I remembered how Soo Hyun told me that he goes every Wednesday to the office. I quickly looked at my phone’s calendar; today is Tuesday. I’ll go tomorrow to see him! I know he is the only who can help me with this.


The next day, I got ready at the speed of light. I dressed terribly: pants, a baggy hoodie with a cap and sunglasses. It’s not like I just could appear there dressed like a normal person. I know this is a big risk, if anyone recognizes me, I’ll be in big trouble, fans that want to see their idols always surround KeyEast’s building. I’ll just have to take the risk.

I took an Uber, which left me two blocks away. I put a facemask on and started walking towards the building. I could see a lot of fans standing outside. I was walking between them trying to reach the main gate. “Excuse me… I’m so sorry.” I said to everyone while making my way through the multitude. I crossed the street and reached the main gate, the guard looked at me like a giant looks towards an insect. “Yah! Move! You know very well that fans need to leave the building access free.” He impolitely said.

I took my sunglasses and my facemask so he could see my face. “Ajussi, please tell Bae Uijang that I need to meet him.” I begged. The guard frowned. “I’m Emilia Haro, he knows me. Please, let him now I’m here.” I begged once again. Maybe the desperation in my eyes or the fear in my voice made him do what I asked. He walked inside the guard post, a couple of minutes later he let me in. I sighed relieved. I was reaching the lobby when I heard a phone ringing; I always keep my phone in vibration mode. The ringing was coming from my clothes. I found it in my left hoodie’s pocket. It’s a phone I’ve never seen in my life. My hand started shaking. “H-Hello?” I stuttered.

“If you tell Bae Yong Joon about our game, say goodbye to Kim Soo Hyun, I’ll kill him first… slowly and painfully, and then I’ll pay a visit to Ji Yong.” A man said, he clearly was using a voice generator to hide his real voice. My heart dropped.

“Why are you doing this?” I whispered full with terror.

“Exit the ing building right now or face the consequences.” He shouted.

I couldn’t move. I was a few inches away from the front desk. “Bae Uijang is waiting for you in his office.” The receptionist said while pointing with her hands the way.

“Okay. I’m heading to where Ji Yong is right now. He’s in Hong Kong, right?”

I felt chills running through my body. Whoever this person is, I know for sure he isn’t bluffing. He perfectly knows where Ji Yong is. I turned around without saying a word and left the building.

“Miss Harossi?” The receptionist asked after watching me walking through the front door.

I put my sunglasses on and I was about to put my facemask when He said: “No! No! Don’t cover your face. Leave the building with just your hoodie on. Let’s see how many people recognize you.” Just when I thought things couldn’t get worst. I’ll be doomed if anyone sees me here. The fans started to look at me just when I was about to cross the street an SUV appeared. They quickly shifted their attention towards the car. “Park Seo Joonssi!” They started screaming as he exited the SUV and started waving his hand towards the multitude. I took a deep breath.

“You’re a lucky !” He cheerfully exclaimed. I could hear the echo through the call. He was here; the one making my life miserable was definitely hiding somewhere in here.

Jellybean was moving all over the place… he surely was feeling my anxiousness. My chest was expanding in fear; I was trying to keep breathing, since the terror couldn’t let me do this most basic thing. 

After I reached a safe distance, I started crying. “You’re a big girl Emilia. Stop sobbing.”  No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to stop. “Stop ing crying!” He shouted once again.  

“Why are you doing this? What have I ever done to you?” I asked with the last drop of bravery I had.

“You’ve hurt me and I’ll let you know who I am once all this comes to an end. Now the fun part, who will die?” He eagerly asked.

I was stunned. How could I be the one deciding this? “Please. I’ll give you anything you want…”

“I want your suffering. That’s all what I need. Choose… now.”

“I-I-I can’t! This can’t be happening. This must be a nightmare. Please…” I begged.

“Should I choose for you?”


“Soo Hyun?” He asked.

“Don’t hurt him. Please!”

“Ji Yong?”

I could feel the vibrations coming from my phone. I knew this was about to end, so faking extreme fear was not necessary anymore. “You’ll never be able to touch him.” I calmly said.

He laughed hysterically. “I always loved that about you. Are you tying to be brave?”

I laughed too. “Yesterday, after I received your letter, I stayed all day in my apartment thinking how ephemeral is life. I’ve wasted more than a year fighting with the man I love for stupid things that can easily be fixed. Maybe if I leave my pride behind, he and I would probably be living a happy married life. Thank you for giving me the courage to let go of my grudges, to forgive and to love him, unconditionally.”

“Did you loose it?” He was confused.

I laughed again.  “I spoke with Bae Yong Joon yesterday. He’s helping me to track you down at this very moment.” I heard screams coming from the phone. Minutes later someone said: “We got him!” I sighed relieved. “Who is he?” I asked. “He’s an American.”

Bae Yong Joon picked me up. I thank him so many times that he probably was annoyed. We arrived to the police station, they let us parked the car inside their secluded parking lot. Bae Yong Joon walked with me to the jail where he was.

“Who are you?” I asked. He turned to look at me with a bright smile.

“Hello, Emi. Long time no see.” He happily said.

I was overwhelmed. “Leo?” Shock couldn’t describe how I felt.

“Do you know him?” Bae Yong Joon asked while leaning his head towards me.

“He used to work for me. He was Travelfy’s President.”

“You played very well.” Leo walked to the bars.

“Why would you do this?” I asked. I still was shocked.

“I love you. You have it all and when you rejected me I felt like I had nothing.”

I know it was useless to try and understand his stated of mind. He obviously is sick and that’s all to it.

“We should leave.” I said to Bae Yong Joon. We started walking to the door.

“I’ll come for you Emi. Remember, I’ll come for you one day.” He shouted and then started laughing like the crazy man he is.


Two SUVs were waiting for us. I bowed once again to Bae Yong Joon. “I’m so thankful.”

“Don’t even mention it.” He said. I was able to speak with him thanks to Taehyun, Soo Hyun’s manager. Yesterday, a couple of hours after Ari left, Taehyun came to my apartment to pick up some books Soo Hyun had left behind. Bae Yong Joon and I were not sure if the plan would work, but we tried and it worked wonderfully.

“Please don’t tell Soo Hyun Oppa about this.” I don’t want to give him any reasons to think of me. I hope he finds love and joy in someone who will be able to love him like he deserves.

“I won’t. Take care and if you ever need something don’t hesitate to call me.” He grabbed my shoulders. He then got inside his car and left. 

“Sajangnim!” Ari said while smiling. She was standing next to the other SUV. I quickly walked to where she was and hugged her. “I’m so sorry!” I cried. She hugged me back.

We got inside the car. The driver was taking us to my apartment. I looked at Ari; she was acting a little bit weird. “You look anxious.” I said.

“Well, the thing is…” She stopped talking.

“What?” I frowned.

She handed me her phone. I looked at an article’s headline: “G-Dragon and Emilia Haro secretly dating?” A couple of pictures showed Ji Yong and I together. Two of the pictures are old. They were taken more than a year ago, when Ji and I traveled to French Polynesia. Since the both of us were wearing hats they can’t see Ji’s soft pink hair. The article states that this trip was done a couple of weeks ago. There are also pictures of the both of us entering the airport by some minutes apart. It was the day we travelled to Jeju.

I wasn’t worried. Sooner than later everyone will learn of our wedding. “How are the netizens taking it?” I asked Ari.

“We can’t tell, they’re having mixed feelings. Some are confused, they ask how is it possible that you jumped into a relationship soon after breaking up with Soo Hyunssi, others are loving it, other are just hating it. It’s very mixed.” She truthfully answered.

I nodded. “Do you think this will affect Ji’s career?”

Ari chuckled. “Of course not! He’s Asia’s beloved bad boy. No matter what he does, everyone will stand behind him supporting his choices. Why do you think that after many scandals he still shines brightly?”

I smiled and looked down. “That’s a relief.” It’s amazing how a common fan knows more about how other fans will react than everyone at YGE.

Ji Yong was calling me. “Hello?” I answered.

“Have you seen the pictures?” He asked.

“I saw the article just now.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. We didn’t release the pictures, but we’re trying to figure out how to do this, if we should wait for the press conference or just release an official statement right now...”

“I trust you Bae.” I interrupted him. Silence followed. He probably was shocked for I haven’t called him like that since before our breakup. “Are you coming home?” I asked with the loveliest voice that could possibly come from my mouth.

“Uuhh! I’m heading to the airport in a couple of hours.” He stuttered. Like I said before, he probably was stunned.

“Come home soon! I need to tell you many things.” I softly said.

“Yep! See you soon.”

I smiled as I hung up.


That night, I went to sleep feeling so hopeful of the future, wanting Ji Yong to arrive as soon as possible so we could talk and mend our fences. We’re getting married again and we’re making our relationship public in a couple of days. What else could I ask for? 


“Emi? Emi?” Someone was calling my name. I opened my eyes. It was Ji Yong.

“You’re back.” I whispered and slightly smiled.

I rubbed my eyes and opened them again, this time I was able to focus. Ji Yong was crying. “You’re in a pool of blood!” 


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