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Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

I woke up before the sunrise; I stared at her for quite a while. I won’t lie; I’m so torn. I want to forgive her; I want to return to the point where I was madly in love with her. But, then I remembered her betrayal... Is it really a betrayal? I just hate imagining her in another man’s arms. I wish I could just forget everything and be happy.  Unable to stay by her side after remembering what I call a betrayal, I decided to run away from her. 

Hours later, I arrived directly to YGE from the airport. As I was heading to my studio, I met with Hyun Suk Hyung in a hallway. He looked at me surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I just got here.” I replied.

“But, you got married yesterday, right?” He whispered. For a moment, just for a moment I acted surprise. For some stupid reason, I thought Hyun Suk wouldn’t know about this. It’s clear that he still has total control of everything that happens in my life. Now, that I think clearly, he may even be the one pulling the strings of my hurried marriage. Trying not to make a drama about this, I just nodded.

“We need to talk about what’s going to happen... follow me.” He said and started walking towards his office. We entered; I closed the door. Hyun Suk walked to the living area; I followed him.  “How do you want to do this?” He asked while sitting.

I took deep breath. “I don’t have any clue.” I said and sat on the couch in front of him.

He looked towards the ceiling with his arms crossed. Minutes later, he finally looked at me.  “I don’t think I need to tell you that this is going to be quite the scandal. The appropriate thing to do would be to hold a press conference, where you explain the situation and ask for forgiveness.” 

I rolled my eyes and frowned. “Hyung! Why do I have to ask for forgiveness? I married her didn’t I? I’m taking responsibility for my son. What did I do so wrong? I’m just a man like any other; with virtues and flaws… maybe I have more flaws than virtues. But, I think this is unfair…” I was getting really angry. Hyun Suk interrupted me.

“I know it doesn’t make sense but, you know how we are. Being public figures not only means enjoying your fans or creating songs. It also means being a role model for everyone that admires you.” He sighed. “Look, I’m not telling you to ask for forgiveness for your romantic life or for your son… You’ll ask for forgiveness for making everything too quickly without letting your fans know about it.”

I hunched and looked down. I know that my fans are going to be really surprised about everything that’s happened. I don’t want them to hate Emi… “Okay. I’ll do the press conference. But, I’m telling you this now… I’m never speaking about my private life again.”  I stood up without saying anything else and left his office.


“Hyung! What are you doing here?” Daesung asked. Everyone turned to look at me. All the members had come here to practice our performance for MAMA (Mnet Asian Music awards). 

“What do you mean? Didn’t we plan to come here at this time for our practice?” I asked while taking my coat off. The members quickly gathered around me.

“Where’s Emi?” Young Bae whispered.

“She’s still in Jeju.” I replied and took off my scarf.

“Oh! Is that…” SeungRi made a pause and pointed to my neck with his finger. “Is that a hicky?”

I quickly walked towards the mirror and stared at my neck. A reddish mark was clearly there. “!” I returned for my scarf and put in on.

“So, it looks like you had a lot of fun yesterday!” TOP playfully exclaimed. Everyone laughed. I looked down and smirked.


I returned to my condo after practicing till 10 PM. I was exhausted. I threw myself on the couch and closed my eyes. Suddenly, my phone started ringing.

“Hi Mom!” I picked up the call.

“Ji Yongie? Can you ask Emi where she left the ultrasound pictures? I can’t find them.” She said

“I’ll have to call her.” I replied without giving it too much thought.

“What? Isn’t she home from work yet? Aigo! What should I do with this girl! She’s not taking care of my grandson!”

“No. Mom… The thing is that I don’t know if she’s home yet or not. I’m in my apartment and I’m pretty sure she’ll be in her apartment by now.” I tried to comfort her.

“WHAT?” She shouted. “Kwon Ji Yong! Aren’t you staying together? What happened last night? Didn’t you speak with her about where you’re going to live? You’re married now! You and Emi should live together. You should be near her to take care of her and your son!”

I moved away my phone from my ear and took a deep breath. “Araso Mom! I’ll do it.”

“Kure! Stop behaving like a bachelor!” She exclaimed and hung up.

 “Great! I’ll be sharing the same roof of the woman I want to love, but I hate."



 Emi POV

“Why is the negotiation for the rights of "Descendants of the sun" taking so long?” I asked, annoyed.

Everyone looked at each other. “Where are we stuck?” I asked again. No one answered. “Can someone please speak up!” I angrily exclaimed. I wasn’t in the mood to bear with this kind of behavior. It’s been a day since I woke by myself in that stupid cabin; I wish I hadn’t spent the night with him. “!” I thought.

Finally, the Director of Content said: “We’re sorry Sajangnim. We’ve tried very hard to get the rights, but KBS apparently will sign an exclusive contract with Viki.” He stuttered.

I squeezed my eyes. “This can’t happen. What can we do to fix this? This Drama will be a hit. We need to get the rights however we can.” I said.

The Director of Content started to explain how they’ve tried every method known to get ahold of the rights. I started remembering how Soo Hyun Oppa told me about this drama. This is how I know it’ll be a hit. I don’t want to hurt him anymore, but I think he’s the only one who can help me to get what I need. With the views we’ll get for this drama, we’ll become the 2nd largest website with Asian content.

“Meeting suspended! I think I know how I can fix this.” I said while walking out of the meeting room. Ari followed me. “Sajangnim, what will you do?”

As we entered my office, I took out my phone from my jeans’ pocket. I debated for a couple of minutes whether to call him or not.  “I need to make a call.” I said. Ari bowed and left.

“Hello?” He answered my call.

“Oppa…” I said with a soft voice full with guilt.

“Are you okay? Is Jellybean ok?” He asked with a whispery voice.

“Uuhh! We’re fine!” I tried to fake a cheery tone.

“I’m glad!” He cleared his throat. “Are my fans making your life too difficult?”

The official statement of our break up was published two days ago. The fans have been very sensitive, they want us to get back together, and they literally are mourning our break up.

“Not at all.” I quickly said. I made a long pause. “Oppa, I need your help.”

“With what? Wait.” He placed the call on hold. “Emi, I’m sorry I have to get to a business meeting right now. I’m in Meca, come here and let’s speak about it.”


“See you here!” He hung up.

“Emi, you’re not doing anything wrong. You’ll meet him in a private place surrounded by a lot of people. Nothing will happen. I’ll meet him quickly and I’ll leave quickly. It’s an innocent meeting.” I reassured myself before heading to Meca.


The quick meeting turned into a meeting of several hours. But, I was right. Soo Hyun Oppa helped me to fix this. He spoke directly with writer Kim Eun Sook and now Dramafy have the exclusive rights to air “Descendants of the sun”.  I couldn’t be happier! We talked for a while about Jellybean; I love how he loves my child.

“I’ll leave first.” I said as I grabbed my things and started getting ready to exit the private dining room. It was almost 11:00 PM. He stood up, took a deep breath and walked towards me. “I’ve missed you.” He whispered while looking directly at my eyes. We were a little bit too close to each other. For a brief moment I looked at his lips. “I need to get going. Thank you for your help, Oppa!” I exclaimed and exited the room.

I was walking through the hallway when I heard: “Emi!” I turned around; it was Soo Hyun who was running towards me. “You forgot your sunglasses.” He said while panting. I took them and laughed of the situation. “Oppa, you need to exercise more!” I mocked him.

“Yah! What you’re talking about! I exercise everyday!” He exclaimed while shyly scratching the back of his head. We both chuckled.

“What are you doing here?” Someone with a deep voice said. I looked at him.  And of all people I could meet here, I met the only one who probably hates me more than Ji Yong… TOP.

“I was just…”

“It’s none of your business.” Soo Hyun interrupted me.

TOP was looking at me. But the moment Soo Hyun spoke, he turned his attention towards him. “It is my business, since the new bride of my best friend is meeting with her ex-lover.” He coldly said.

Soo Hyun and I looked at each other. His teary eyes helped me to understand the damage that I’ve caused him once again. “Tell me this is not true.” He whispered with a shaky voice.

“It’s true.” I softly said. I saw how his first tear ran through his cheek. He walked away without saying anything else.  I wanted to go so badly after him. I wanted to ask for his forgiveness once again. After I lost sight of him, I turned my attention to TOP. “I know you hate me. But I won’t allow you to hurt the people I care about.”

“And I won’t let you hurt Ji Yong either. Behave like the respectful woman you are.” He said before leaving me there, totally shocked of his choice of words.


Soon after, I headed home and went to sleep right away. I was feeling so guilty. “Why do I always have to hurt Soo Hyun Oppa?” I hated myself for always hurting him. I started thinking of my unusual situation. “I’m married to a man that hates me, but uses me for his own pleasure. Ji Yong would never take care of me like Soo Hyun Oppa does.” I didn’t notice when I fell asleep.

I woke up at dawn feeling like my period was just going to start. I rapidly headed to the bathroom. I took my underwear off and that’s when I saw a spot of blood. I immediately started panicking. “What’s this?”  My heart was beating fast… very fast. I ran back into the room to get my phone. I immediately called Ji Yong. No reply. I called him again. No reply. “Pick up!” I shouted. My hands were trembling. I called him five times repeatedly, but he didn’t answer any of my calls. Without thinking it too much I called Soo Hyun. “Emi…”

“Oppa, I’m bleeding!” I shouted in between tears.

“What? Are you in your apartment? Have you called Gahee?”

“No! Oppa I’m scared!” I shouted again.

“Hey! Listen to me! Everything will be al right. Lay down in bed, I’m heading there right now. I’ll call Gahee. Try not to worry, ok?” 

I did as Soo Hyun told me. I was laying down trying to calm myself when I saw him entering my bedroom. The moment I saw him, I started crying hysterically again. He sat down and hugged me. “Don’t worry everything will be al right! Gahee is coming to see you right now.”

Gahee arrived pretty quickly to my apartment. She checked me. “It may be a case of light placental abruption. It’s not as alarming as it looks. “Jellybean seems fine.” She said after checking his heart rate and rhythm. “You’ll have to rest for some time. You’ll have to stay in bed.” She warned me. I quickly nodded. I was so relieved.

Minutes later, the doorbell rang. Gahee looked at Soo Hyun. “I didn’t know you’d still be here. I called Ji Yong’s manager while I headed here... I thought he should know.”

“I’ll better leave.” He said. He kissed the top of my head. “Please take good care of the both of you.”

“Oppa, I’m so sorry.” He shook his head and exited the bedroom. Gahee followed him.

“What the are you doing here?” I heard Ji Yong’s shout.  Suddenly, everything went quiet. He then entered my room with Gahee. The moment I laid eyes on him, I rolled my eyes, lay on bed, and turned around.

“So, everything will be alright?” He asked, stunned. I closed my eyes; I was really tired.

“If she stays in bed for the next weeks, everything will be perfectly al right,” Gahee heartened him. I quickly fell asleep after hearing this.


“Emi? Emi?” I heard as I woke up. I opened my eyes. Ji Yong was in front of my bed carrying a tray with food.  “I made you breakfast.” He said.

“You made breakfast?” I asked trying to fully wake up. I yawned.

“Yep.” I sat down on bed; he placed the tray next to me. He prepared a fruit bowl, a small bowl of porridge, an omelet and a glass of orange juice. It looked really yummy. I started eating right away.  He sat down in the small living area of my room. 

As I was taking the last sip of my orange juice, he walked towards the bed and sat next to me. I felt his eyes on me; I looked at him. “What?” I asked and placed the empty glass on the tray with the rest of empty dishes. Yep! I ate the whole thing.

“Why did you call him?” He asked. He was acting a little bit too calm, maybe due to my situation.

“I don’t know; what did you want me to do? I called you several times and you didn’t answer.”

“I was in YGE, working on a new song.” He said. 

“Good for you. I was in here, freaking out.” I started thinking on what happened yesterday between TOP and I. I just blurted: “Before Choi Seung Hyun tells you, I’ll do it. I met Soo Hyun yesterday at Meca.”

He clenched his jaw and directly stared at me. “What?”

I closed my eyes. “I needed a favor.” I looked at him. He was visibly angry. “What favor?” He asked and then took a deep breath. I started explaining the situation.  He still was sitting next to me with his arms crossed while biting his inner lip. I could see he was trying really hard to control himself.

“…And that’s why.” I concluded.

“Why didn’t you call me? I could’ve helped you. Are you trying to make excuses so you can see him?”

“Of course not. I hate myself for I always end up hurting him.” I quickly replied. “Besides, after you left me in that cabin three days ago, it was pretty clear to me that I can’t rely on you.”

“I didn’t leave you there.” He said.

“No? What word should I use… abandoned?” He looked down. I paused. “Don’t push me away and then wonder where I went.” He looked at me with judging eyes.

“I will ask you this once and for all… Do you love him?” His question pierced my heart. “Do I love him?” I started blinking very fast.

He smirked. “Your silence speaks louder than your words. Thanks for your answer.” He stood up and picked up the tray.

“Ji Yong!” I exclaimed. “I do love him, but I love you more. I love you so much that it hurts. I love you like the sunflower loves the sun and I need you like the ocean needs the moon. I love you. You’re the love of my life, and no matter how much I love him, I’ll never love him like I love you.” That’s what I wish I could say to him, but I just couldn't. I don’t know why, but the freaking words aren’t coming out.

He didn’t turn to look at me. “Let’s not do this.” He angrily said. He sighed. “Ari is outside. She’ll stay with you till night, I’ll be back before she leaves.” He left the room. I wanted to cry. Now I’ve hurt Ji Yong too. “What kind of woman am I?”

I controlled myself. Ari entered. She was visibly shock. Now she knows everything. “Sa-Sa-Sajagnim!” She exclaimed. “Is G-Dragon Jellybeans’ father?”

I nodded. “Wah! Daebak!”

“What?” I asked, confused.

She shook her head. “I’m sorry. It’s just… I’m… you… G-Dragon… G-Dragon!” I chuckled a little bit seeing how star struck she was. I didn’t tell her everything, but I gave her a little bit of context. I think of Ari as a cousin. She’s family to me. Soon after our “G-Dragon talk”, we started talking business.  We spoke for a couple of hours about strategies, market share, and profit.

“I’ll go get your lunch, Sajangnim.” She said. She handed me a bunch of envelopes. “Here’s the mail we’ve received for the past four days.” I grabbed it. Ari left the room.

A black envelope caught my attention. “This must be an event invitation. Ari must’ve missed this.” Ari pre-selects my mail and only gives me the things I should personally read. My name was written in golden letters. I frowned. “What’s this?”  

I opened the sealed envelope; it was a letter. I started shaking as I read the whole thing:

“Hello, Emilia. Let’s play a game. Up until now you’ve had a happy life. You’re intelligent, rich, beautiful, and you have two men dying of love for you. You’ve judged everyone who’s beneath you from your golden chair. You’ve worked a little bit too hard and you’ve forgot to live your life in the process. To help you with the burden of your simple, happy life, you’ll have to make a choice. A debt must be paid and you must decide who will die. Kwon Ji Yong or Kim Soo Hyun?”


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