Violet Love Sonata
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I was getting ready to sleep. Since Soo Hyun Oppa was in China for a photo shoot and Diego returned yesterday to California, I the stereo and played Big Bang’s “Alive” CD.  I try not to listen to their most recent songs since those are more painful to handle; I know the backstory of each one of them. Jellybean loves it so much that I don’t mind listening to his voice, although sometimes it hurts.  I was humming “Bad Boy” while braiding my hair when I heard the doorbell. I looked at the clock it was 1:00 AM. I was a little bit confused. “Who would ring my doorbell at this hour?” I cautiously headed to the intercom.

Ji Yong was outside. He was frowning and it looked like he was breathing heavily. “What is he doing here? Could he be drunk?” I didn’t want to open the door. It’s not right. I’m alone and I know how we can’t control ourselves when no one is around us.  I ran to my room and grabbed my phone. I still have Ji Yong’s manager’s phone number. As I was dialing he started knocking on the door. “Please answer!” I begged.

“CEO Haro?” He asked; he was a little bit surprised.

“I’m so sorry Nan Gookssi. It’s just that Ji Yong is outside of my apartment…”

“What?” He shouted.

“Yes…” Ji Yong’s screams made me go silent. “Open the door!” He exclaimed.

“What should I do?” I asked Nan Gook.

“Please let him in before he wakes up all of your neighbors. No one can’t see him outside of your apartment… It’ll be quite the scandal. I’m heading there right now.” He said and hung up.

I walked towards the door. I was frightened. “What do you want?” I softly asked.

“Open the door!” He exclaimed and then took a deep breath.

“Why?” I asked again.

“Open the freaking door, otherwise all yours neighbors will learn what kind of woman you are!” He shouted. I quickly opened the door. He entered and walked to the living room. “Fantastic baby” was playing. “Damn it! I forgot to turn off the music.”  I thought.

He turned to look at me. He was still frowning but now he was also smirking. “You’re shameless!” He said. I was dumbfounded. “Listening to my music when you’re sleeping with him.”

“You…you don’t have any right to speak to me like that.”  I said. “Why is he so mad? Why is he talking to me like this?”

“I know everything. Gahee told me everything.” He started walking towards me. This time Jellybean wasn’t kicking. It was almost like he could feel his anger.

“What are you talking about?” I was so confused.

“Did you tell her to manipulate the results? Did you want to keep me away from my son’s life? Do you love Soo Hyun that much that you’re capable of doing all of this?” His voice started to shake. His eyes started to get watery. I opened my mouth in disbelief.  “What on earth are you talking about?” I managed to ask in my confusion.

He started explaining how Gahee had told him the truth. I was shocked. I didn’t know how to take this. The father of my child is Ji Yong. My brain was trying to process this piece of information.

“She feels terrible for lying about it, the last thing she said before blacking out is that someone made her do it.”

He looked at me waiting for me to defend myself but I just couldn’t talk, I was so shocked that I lost all of my words.

He shook his head. “You’re not denying it then.” He looked down and started walking to the door. “You won’t keep me away from my child. I don’t care if it’s messy for your fairytale life but I’ll be in my son’s life no matter what.” He said before exiting the condo. I jumped as he slammed the door.

“Is this a nightmare?” My legs were shaking. I barely made it to the couch and sat down. I started taking deep breaths to get control again. I stayed there thinking about all that’s happened, I tried to call Gahee but she didn’t pick up.

Somewhere in my shock and tears I fell asleep. The ringtone of my phone woke me up. “Hello?” I answered.

“Are you okay?” Soo Hyun asked.

As soon as I heard his voice I started to cry. “Oppa!” I whimpered.

“I know… I know… Gahee just called me and told me everything.” He had a lump in his throat. “I just need to know if Jellybean and you are okay. That’s all I care about.”

“We’re fine, Oppa.” I said.

“I’m heading to Seoul right now. We’ll talk when I get there. Please don’t worry. Araso? Everything will be al right.” He tried to appear as if he was okay but I could hear his worriedness through the phone.

Soon after talking with Soo Hyun Oppa I got ready and headed to Gahee’s office. I was walking through the hospital’s hallway when I saw her. The moment we locked eyes she looked down. We both entered her office. “What the hell did you do?” I shouted. I don’t shout but I was so mad that I wasn’t thinking clearly.

“You will scare the child.” She said

“SPEAK!” I shouted again.

She told me everything. Lee BoNa had her claws in all of this. I know now that Gahee did it for me but this has become quite the mess.

“Emiah, I’m sorry. I know I should’ve told you but I was scared for you, for GD, and for Soo Hyunie. Do you know what will happen when the fans learn about this? I didn’t want to make you experience something like that.” She said while grabbing my shoulders.

I took a couple of steps away. “Then why did you tell the truth? You know that I’ll have to face that scandal now, right?”

I looked at her; she was surprised. “Would you rather keep this lie going on?”

I closed my eyes and sighed. “Of course not. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m scare to death.” Gahee hugged me. I know what she did was wrong, but she’s family to me and you forgive your family even if you know what they did is totally unacceptable.


After visiting Gahee, I returned to my apartment. Soo Hyun Oppa was there, as soon as we saw each other we hugged. I felt so secure in his arms; he grabbed my head with both of his hands and kissed me. “I love you.” He said. “I don’t care if the child is his. I already love Jellybean like if he’s my own.”

“He’s such great man!” I thought. I was about to say something when the doorbell rang. Soo Hyun opened the door. “Hyung, what are you doing here?” He asked surprised.

I peeked out. Bae Yong-Joon, the Chairman (Uijang) of KeyEast Entertainment was inside of my apartment, taking his shoes off.

“Taehyun told me everything.” He calmly said.

I walked towards the balcony. I was getting nervous. “How are you Emiliassi?” He asked. I looked at him, tried to smile and bowed. “I’m fine, Bae Uijang.” I timidly replied. The second I stopped talking the doorbell rang again. I looked at Soo Hyun. “It must be Taehyun.” He said.

“I’ll open the door.”

I was astonished after seeing who was in my front door. Yang Hyun Suk Sajangnim was standing there, Ji yong was standing behind him with his arms crossed. He gave me a cold look and then looked away.

“I’m sorry for coming without letting you know.” Hyun Suk Sajangnim said.

“Please come in.” I managed to say and bowed. This is the first time I see him since the “WIN: Who Is Next” launching party. He entered; Ji Yong followed him silently.

Hyun Suk entered the living room. “You’re here.” Bae Jong Yoon said. They greeted each other warmly. Soo Hyun was shocked. Ji Yong was acting as he usually does, without any interest of what was happening. Ji Yong bowed to Bae Jong Yoon and Soo Hyun greeted Yang Hyun Suk. I just stood there trying to understand why two of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry were here, in my apartment.

After the greetings were done, Bae Jong Yoon seated with Soo Hyun by his side on the couch. Yang Sajangnim seated on the other couch in front of them while Ji Yong remained standing up facing the balcony.  Bae Uijang proceeded to say: “I know all of you may be a little bit surprised of this meeting. But Yang Sajangnim and I thought it would be best for the five us to clear all the misunderstandings and find the best way to solve this.”

Yang Sajagnim took an envelope from his inside pocket coat and placed it on the center table. “Dr. Ji sent us the real test results.” Bae Uijang picked it up and started reading them. “I told Ji Yong we should do another DNA test just to be sure, with a Doctor of our choice, but he says he trusts Dr. Ji’s words.” I couldn’t remain standing anymore. I sat next to Yang Sajagnim. I could see how hurt Soo Hyun Oppa was with all this. He was trying to act strong but I could see through his façade. My heart started hurting for him. I felt so guilty towards everyone in this room. “I’m so sorry for all the mess I’ve created.” I softly said while looking down.

“Emiliassi, we don’t know how this happened and we won’t ask for any explanation but right now we need to find the best way to fix this… all of this. What would you like to do?” Bae Uijang asked. I quickly raised my head and stared at him.  I looked at Ji Yong, he had his back towards us, and I then looked at Soo Hyun who was looking down. I said without thinking too much: “I want to protect Soo Hyun Oppa.” The moment I said his name Ji Yong turned to look at me.

“I will protect you Emi, no matter what.” Soo Hyun said.

“Don’t make promises you know very well are useless.” Ji Yong warned him.

“I’m not you.” Soo Hyun and Ji Yong were intently staring at each other. Ji Yong was about to say something when Yang Sajagnim intervened: “Now now! Let’s keep this amicable!”

The two powerful men started discussing between them how to handle the media and the scandal that would follow once all this is released to the public. “Maybe we should release joint statements… Or make the three of them release an interview and apology… The real issue is how the fans are going to take this… maybe if we portray how in love Soo Hyun and Emi are… no it doesn’t make sense then why is she pregnant with another man’s child…” They were getting so into their conversation that they were starting to say things that were hurting everyone in this room. I couldn’t continue listen to this. I stood up and started talking with my back towards them. I knew that if I turned around and looked at them I wouldn’t be able to say this: “KeyEast entertainment and Fy group will release a joint statement tomorrow saying that…” I took a deep breath. “Saying that Soo Hyun Oppa and I broke up weeks after the statements of our relationship was published. We remained friends and we’ve been cautious to announce the break-up since couples get back together months after breaking up.”

“Emi!” Soo Hyun exclaimed. “Don’t do this.”

I turned to look at him. “Oppa you’ve done enough for me. I can’t damage your image due to my recklessness. I will protect you because you mean the world to me and I’ll always be grateful for you always took care of me. But now let me take care of you.” I said while trying to hold the tears. I was trying to be brave for his sake. I hated so much that I’ve to hurt him.

“Soo Hyunie, I think Emi is right.” Bae Uijang said while patting his shoulder.

“Hyung!” Soo Hyun exclaimed he obviously didn’t want to follow the plan.

“Be strong Emi! Be strong!” I said to myself.

 “I would like to speak with Yang Sajangnim and Ji Yong alone.” I bravely said.

Soo Hyun stood up and hugged me. “I love you. Always remember that. I love you above all and I’ll always be there for you.” I looked over his shoulder; Ji Yong was furiously staring at us. Soo Hyun released me and walked out of the condo. Bae Yong Joon grabbed both of my hands. “Thank you for taking care of him. The PR teams will get in touch to follow this plan exactly.”  I nodded.

Minutes later I was alone with them. It’s not like I was following a well-thought plan. I just somehow knew what had to be done. Once again I turned my back on them. “I’ll leave Seoul right away and I won’t return. If you want to make public the fact that you have a son, it’ll depend on you… You will be able to see Jellybean… I mean… the child in America or when he grows up he will come and stay here for some weeks and then return…”

“Forget it!” Ji Yong exclaimed. I stared at him. He was angry.

“Ji Yong, this is a good plan.” Yang Sajangnim said.

Ji Yong shook his head. “I don’t want to see my child only the festive days. I want to be part of his life.” He paused and then looked at me.  “I don’t care if I have to take you court and fight with you to get full custody…”

“So you want Emi to face the fury of your fans?” Yang Sajangnim asked him.

“I don’t want that.” He replied.

I was getting annoyed. “Then what do you want? I mean, you’re leaving us without options.”

Yang Sajangnim scratched his forehead and asked: “Can you guys solve everything and get married? That could be the best solution for this.”

The both of us looked at him. We were speechless.


“Before you tell me you won’t do it, can’t you guys talk about everything that’s happened and see if marrying it’s possible… that’s all I ask.” He stared at the both of us. “I’ll leave you alone. I’ll be in my Penthouse… when you reach a decision let me know.” He said and walked out of the condo.

Ji Yong and I looked at each other. My heart started racing.


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