Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

“Please close the door and tell the pilot we’re ready to take off.” I said to the stewardess. I was anxiously looking through the airplane’s window.

“Yes, Mr. Kwon.” She bowed. She was about to close the door when someone opened it. Nan Gook entered first and SeungRi entered some seconds later.

“I’m sorry hyung… We followed the plan exactly but he still found out!” He exclaimed.

I squeezed my eyes and leaned on the seat. He grabbed my arm and made me stand up. “Let’s go Ji Yongie. You know you have schedules tomorrow, we’ll return to Seoul in two days.”

I’ve been trying very hard to escape from Nan Gook’s watch; I haven’t been lucky. I’ve been in Japan for two weeks promoting “M”. We have a very difficult schedule for the following three months. Every month Big Bang is releasing two new songs. We’re releasing “Bang Bang Bang” and “We like 2 party” in two days.

I’m desperate to see Emi; I’ve been following the dating rumors between she and Soo Hyun. I need to ask her directly if this is true. Living with Jealousy for a whole month is exhausting, but the fact that they’ve not been caught in secret dates, reassures me that this is just a rumor.

We were in the SUV heading back to the hotel. I was looking at my phone.

“Are there any new rumors?” SeungRi whispered.

“Nope, nothing new.” I smiled.


We arrived at the hotel; we’ve been renting a whole floor for our staff. The rest of the members were waiting for me in this floor’s hallway.

“Hyung! I thought this time you’d make it!” Daesung ran towards me.

I tapped his shoulder.

I looked at Nan Gook. He was placing two bodyguards in front of the elevator, two bodyguards on the emergency stairs’ door and two more bodyguards in front of my room.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m sleeping in SeungRi’s room!” I said, annoyed.  All the members followed me to SeungRi’s room. I hate been by myself, when I’m alone my brain overthinks and imagines the worst, Emi in Soo Hyun’s arms.

“What should we plan next?” Top asked.

“I don’t know; we’ve tried everything!” I exclaimed as I laid on the bed with my arms extended.

I stared at Young Bae, he had his arms crossed and he looked like he wanted to say something. “Speak.” I said.

“It’s only two more days. You just have to wait two more days. Then we’ll run to her apartment and we’ll help you, so that she can finally listen to you.”

I thought for a while. I knew that Young Bae was right. I closed my eyes and said: “You’re right. I’ll wait two more days.” I made a long pause. “Is there wine in the minibar?”

Daesung handed me a small bottle. “Remember we can’t drink too much. Our schedule starts early tomorrow.”

“Araso!” I exclaimed and drank some of it. It’s a cheap wine, but I’m up to anything that helps me unwind.

Hours later after talking and joking around with the members, I took a shower and started getting ready to sleep. I was lying on the bed; I looked at Osen and Koreadispatch websites, nothing new. I sighed and closed my eyes. I fell asleep thinking of the first time Emi and I were together. I miss her body, her face, her eyes, her smile, her scent... I miss everything about her.


The next morning as I woke up, I could hear people whispering.

“Where is it?” I think Young Bae asked.

“Here, but you should take it.” SeungRi replied.

I yawned and stretched. Still with my eyes closed, I was trying to find my phone. After a while, I noticed I couldn’t find it. I opened my eyes and started looking for it.

“Hyung you’re up!” SeungRi exclaimed.

I was so into finding my phone that I didn’t answer. “Where is it? I’m sure I left it here yesterday.” I thought. I looked for it down the bed; it wasn’t there either.

“Have you seen my phone?” I asked out loud. No one replied. I stood up and noticed I was by myself. “Ok, maybe my phone is somewhere in this bed, but I won't find it soon enough.” I started looking for my IPad; I wanted to look at the gossip websites to see if anything new about Emi and Soo Hyun was published. After a while of looking for mi IPad, I was starting to get angry. “Where the are my things?” I shouted.

Then I remembered this was SeungRi’s room, I ran to mine. I couldn’t find any of my gadgets here either. I knew the members would probably be in Top’s room.  I headed there. As I entered, I asked: “Has anyone seen my IPad?”

They looked at each other. “Daesung was playing with it, but the battery died.” Top said.

I sighed. “Can anyone lend me a phone or something?” They looked at each other again. Young Bae was about to give me his phone when Nan Gook entered and exclaimed: “Ji Yong, you're not ready! We’re leaving in 10 minutes to the first schedule!”

I lost so much time looking for my things that I totally forgot about the time. “Young Bae, follow me!” I shouted and started running towards my room. He was behind me.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Can you look at Osen and Dispatch to see if anything new has been published?” I asked.

We arrived at my room. I was about to enter the bathroom; Young Bae hasn’t answered my question. “So?” I asked again.

“Nope, Ji Yongie. Nothing new.” He replied still looking at his phone.

I was starting to get suspicious. He suddenly looked at me and smiled. “Really, nothing new has been released.” I smiled back and walked inside the bathroom.


The day was ridiculously exhausting. We had five interviews, we recorded a variety show and we just finished a quick photo shoot for a magazine.

We were in the SUV waiting for our managers. I tried to look for my phone. I suddenly remembered I didn’t have it. “! I forgot I don’t have my phone.” I exclaimed.

The members looked at each other. Young Bae who was sitting next to me, placed his arm around my shoulders. “Ji Yongie, here’s your phone.” He calmly said. I grabbed it and stared at him confused. “Before you do something else, listen to me. Araso?” He continued.

I didn’t understand what was happening.

“Emi and Soo Hyun were caught having a date. There are several articles in every website…”

My heart started beating very fast. “What are you talking about?”

“We’re sorry, we wanted to protect you but we know we can’t.”

I was staring at him, still confused. Young Bae’s manager opened the SUV door. “It’s now or never.” He quickly said.

Young Bae nodded and looked at me. “Bo Ram will leave with you, a private airplane is waiting. They’ll take you to Seoul right away. GO!” He exclaimed.

Bo Ram grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the SUV.

As I was in a van, I turned my phone on. My hands were shaking. I opened Osen’s website and saw the headline: “Kim Soo Hyun and Emilia Haro caught having a night date.” I saw pictures of the both of them together, holding hands, and Emi smiling.

All this time I thought I was jealous, I was wrong. What I’m feeling right now is real jealousy. I was sweating and I could feel a knot in my stomach. We arrived at the airport; I ran to the airplane’s bathroom and started throwing up. After I was done, I quickly washed my face and exit the bathroom. Everyone was staring at me.

“Start the ing take off!” I shouted.

I sat and fastened my seatbelt. I closed my eyes. “This can’t be true! They’re not dating! They can’t be dating!”

After the two longest hours of my life, we arrived at Seoul’s airport. Bo Ram answered a call as he was following me to the van. Soon after he hung up, I said: “Find where she is.”

“She’s at Meca in a business meeting.” He answered.

I was surprised of his speed. “Take me there.” I asked.

He stood up in front of me. “Ji Yongie, I’ll take you to your apartment.”

I laughed, sarcastically. “I’m going to see her right now!”

He looked at me. “I’m taking you to your apartment and I promise Miss Haro will meet you there. I’ll go to Meca and bring her to you. Please trust me!” He begged.

I’ve known Bo Ram since our debut days. He’s really determined; It’s not that I didn’t trust his word, It's just that I needed to see Emi as soon as possible.

“Believe in me Ji Yongie.” He asked again. After a while, I nodded.


It’s been more than an hour since I arrived at my apartment. I was drinking a glass of wine, walking back and forth, and waiting for Bo Ram.

Another hour passed by, I was starting to get nervous. “What if she refuses to come here? If she’s dating him, I’m sure she won’t see me. No, they’re not dating. They can’t be dating.” I was so anxious that I finished drinking the bottle of wine. I was about to light a cigarette when the doorbell rang. I ran to the intercom, Emi was standing outside. For some reason I didn’t want to personally open the door, I pressed the “Open” button. The door buzzed.

My heart was racing, I was feeling a mix emotions. I was happy to see her, but I was also mad… and very jealous. I walked to the entrance hallway. There she was, looking as beautiful as usual. She was taking her shoes off, she didn’t notice I was there, she raised her head and we locked eyes for a couple of seconds before she looked down. She wasn’t moving. I walked towards her and grabbed her hand, pulling her to the living room.

She pulled out of my grip. I sarcastically said: “Do you do the same when Soo Hyun grabs your hand?”

“I didn’t know you were this mean.” She looked at me.

I frowned. “Why do you say that?”

She smirked. “Saying to a poor employee that you’ll fire him, if I didn’t come to see you… That’s mean to me.”

I chuckled and looked up. “So that’s how Bo Ram convinced her to come. Well played.” I thought.

“Well, I’ve come… You’ve seen me. Stop behaving in a mean way and live happily.” She started walking towards the door. I ran and back-hugged her.

“Don’t go.” I whispered. I placed my lips on her neck. She flinched.

“Don’t do this.” She softly said.

“I know you want this as much as I do.” I whispered again.

“We can’t.” She sighed.

I released her and made her look at me. “Is it because you’re dating him? Are the articles true? Are you dating Soo Hyun?” I asked, annoyed.

“Do you have any right to ask me that? I’ve never asked you anything. I’ve never asked why you cheated on me, why you started a new relationship days after we broke up. Did I mean so little to you?” She asked back with a faltering voice. Her eyes were moving very fast. I could see the pain through them.

“Will you listen to me now?” I asked.

I started walking towards her; she started walking backwards. “Ok, go ahead. Tell me.”

I was surprised. She finally wants to hear me! We reached the wall. I placed both of my hands on the wall, with her in between. I slowly moved closer, I was about to kiss her when she turned her head. “Let’s not do this.” She said.

I grabbed her chin, we locked eyes. “Tell me to stop.” I smirked.

She kissed me, passionately.

“That’s what I thought.”


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