Silent War

Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

I’m in YGE practicing Bae Bae’s choreography with the rest of the members.

“You’re smiling a lot today hyung!” Daesung exclaimed. I smiled brightly.

“Oh! It’s true.” TOP said.

As the dancers left to take a break I stayed there with the members.

Emi and I have been meeting through some share events we’ve had in common these past weeks. We’ve been together every time this happens. It’s impossible not to, we just need to lock eyes to know… a small room, an empty bathroom, the back of a van… Any place is good for us.

I was telling them my progress with Emi. They were shocked.

“Hyung! So are you guys back together?” SeungRi asked, excited.

I shook my head and sighed. “Not yet. We don’t talk much, she hasn’t giving me her new phone number.”

They were confused. Daesung frowned. “So, its just ?”

I hate how that sounds.  “I don’t want to rush her, I want to give her time. She refuses to hear me when I try to tell her everything that happened before we broke up. I’m sure she still has feelings for me.”

“Is she dating someone?” Top asked.

I looked down. “I don’t think so. I haven’t asked her.” When we meet, we barely talk, if I try to ask something, she kisses me. She doesn’t ask questions either.

“But she knows that BoNa and you are over… well, will be over in two months, right?” SeungRi asked.

“She doesn’t want to hear anything regarding my relationship with BoNa. What I want right now is to win her trust again. After this happens, everything will be easier.” I sat down on the floor, I leaned my back and head on the wall.

“I think it’s a good strategy. If she didn’t love you, I’m sure she wouldn’t be intimate with you. I think Emi is a pure person.” Young Bae said. I looked at him and smiled. I know Young Bae is right, if Emi was dating someone, she wouldn’t let me touch her.

Nan Gook opened the door of the dance studio. “BoNa just arrived in Seoul.” He said.

“Araso!” I nodded.

BoNa was coming to have our monthly date. Since I promised Ji Woon I wouldn’t make public our “break up” until the acquisition of some company, I still have to show in public with her. I’m counting each day of the two months to go.

“Are you going to see her today?” Top asked.

“Thanks God, no! I have an event scheduled for tonight.” I smirked.

All of them laughed.

I’m sure Emi will be there; today I’ll try to make her listen to me.  I don’t only want to have her body; I want to be with her. I want her by my side. I hope everything goes as planned. If she agrees to be with me again, I’ll make everything right. I found a way to go public with her, I’ll marry her in secret, that way Hyun Suk won’t be able to make anything and he’ll have to accept my relationship with Emi.

Speaking of the devil, Hyun Suk entered the dance studio. “Everyone leave, except for Ji Yong.” He said. The members quickly stood up and left.

My relationship with Hyun Suk hasn’t improved at all. I still resent him for making me choose between Emi and my members. I try everyday to forgive him, but I just can’t. I was looking down, still sitting on the floor.

“Are you having a silent war with Kim Soo Hyun?” He asked.

I looked at him. “Why?” I asked back.

“Because this silent war is not so silent anymore. People are starting to talk and we’ve noticed a weird pattern between Soo Hyun’s and your endorsements.”

Hyun Suk was right. We’re taking each other endorsements. I haven’t been able to found more dirty laundry on him, so I’m putting all my efforts in annoying him through this.

“Since you’re not denying it, I’m going to assume this is true.” He walked towards me. I stood up.

“It’s true.” I said.

He looked at me surprised. “How this started?”

“You don’t need to know. “ I replied.

He sighed. “This has to stop now…” I interrupted him. “This won’t stop. He started everything and I won’t be the one to back out.”

“I met with Bae Yong Joon. We both made a deal, no more war between the both of you. He’ll speak with Soo Hyun. This ends here. Understood?” He calmly said.

 I frowned and smirked. “You don’t know him, he won’t stop…”

“If he doesn’t stop attacking you, I’ll personally handle this. Araso?”

For the first time in almost six months, I felt some affinity towards him. I’ve missed feeling his support all these months.

“Ok… No more attacks.” I answered. I wasn’t entirely convinced about this. To be honest, I didn’t want to back out. I wanted to destroy him. I wanted to show the entire world that he’s not that kind and happy man he pretends to be.

Hyun Suk smiled. I slightly smiled back.

I think he was surprised to see me smiling to him. He tapped my shoulder and left the studio.


That night, I arrived at the Chanel event, with high hopes. I was dying to see Emi again.

I walked trough the red carpet. As I entered the main venue, I started looking for her. I couldn’t find her. I greeted Karl Lagerfeld and some other celebrities and then I started looking for her again.

Minutes later, I was able to find her. We locked eyes, she pointed to a door with her eyes. I smirked because I knew what that meant.

She started walking towards it. I looked around for some minutes. As I was heading to the door, my phone started ringing. It was Nan Gook. “What is it hyung?” I asked.

“Are you sure CEO Haro is not dating someone?”

“Well, I’m not sure. Why? Did you find something?” I was starting to get nervous.

He sighed. “I’m not sure Ji Yongie, this probably doesn’t mean anything. But I still think you should know. CEO Haro filmed a J.Estina campaign with Kim Soo Hyun, It’s going to be launched tomorrow.”

“What?” I exclaimed. Jealousy hit me. “I got to go!” I saw Soo Hyun walking towards the door Emi used to exit the venue. I started walking in a fast pace.




Emi Haro POV

I feel so dumb. No matter how hard I try I just can’t resist Ji Yong. Every time we meet, we end having . I need him. My defenses are growing weak after each time we’re together. I try not to think when I’m with him; but deep inside of me I know what I’m doing is wrong.

I’ve made the decision; I’m going to hear his side of the story tonight. Maybe things are not so black and white as I thought. I’m starting to think that destiny played a joke on us and pulled us apart. I need to hear him; I need to be with him.

I was in the Chanel event, I was sure Ji Yong was going to arrive sooner than later. I was so nervous, I wanted to see him and hear what he’s been trying to say to me all these past weeks.

As I walked to greet Hyorin from Sistar, I heard a conversation that caught my attention.

“GD and Soo Hyun are having a war! They’re taking each other endorsements.” A man whispered.

“What is he talking about? Why would they have a fight? As far as I know they’ve never met before.” I thought.   

I was about to reach Hyorin when someone whispered: “What are you doing here?”

I flinched. I turned to look. It was Soo Hyun. “Oppa, what are you doing here?” I was surprised to see him.

“I was invited to this event. I’ve come to annoy G… But I don’t understand why are you here!” He was serious.

I tried to change the subject. “Are you in a war with Ji yong?” I quietly asked.

“It’s not a war, we just love to annoy each other.” He replied with a devilish tone.

I frowned. “How do you know him?”

“Stop changing the subject and answer my question. Why are you here?”

I lost my words. I haven’t told anyone about my casual encounters with Ji Yong, not even Gahee. “I…”

He chuckled, sarcastically. “Are you seeing him again?”


“For real Emi? How many times does he have to break your heart for you to understand how this works?” He was slightly mad. Until now, he’s never got mad with me before.

My heart was racing. “I… I’m sorry Oppa, but I need to hear his side of what happened between us.” I looked at him.

He smirked. “You’re really naïve. Let’s hope this night doesn’t end in tears.” He said before walking away.

I shook my head. “Don’t start having doubts! You will listen to Ji Yong’s side tonight, no matter what!”

Thirty minutes later, I saw him greeting Karl Lagerfeld.

I smiled. We locked eyes.

I exit the party and walked to a small cleaning room in the hallway. I left the door slightly open. My heart for some reason was racing. I had my back towards the door, I heard as someone opened it.

“I want to hear…” I turned to look but before I could finish my sentence, I saw her.

She was smirking. I was shocked. “Why are you here CEO Haro?” She asked with an innocent tone.

I froze. “I’m sorry, I was waiting…”

She laughed. “You are waiting for my boyfriend so you can bang him in here?”

I was dumbfounded. I looked at her with my eyes wide-opened. I tried to shake my head. “It’s not what you think.” I whispered.

“I don’t think so. I know for a fact that you’re having an affair with my boyfriend.”

I was ashamed of myself. She was right; I was having an affair with HER boyfriend.

“Are you this kind of woman? The kind of that destroys relationships.” She said while grabbing her belly.

Seeing her touching her belly made me think the worst. “Are you pregnant?” I muttered. She looked at me surprised. After awhile she nodded.

I felt numbed. This is like living inside a constant nightmare. My heart broke again. I’m the most selfish and ruthless woman in this world. I was about to destroy a relationship and leave a child without a father.

Before I could say something else, Soo Hyun appeared. “Sweetie, what are you doing here? I told you to wait for me in the hallway.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. I was agitated, I wanted to scream and cry, but I was so shocked that I just stayed silent and followed Soo Hyun’s lead.

As we walked, I saw Ji Yong. He was mad. He was about to stand in front of Soo Hyun. “Emi, why are…?” He couldn’t finish speaking because his girlfriend shouted: “Oppa, I have news for you!”


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