Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

“Let’s save this take.” I said.

I was in my studio with SeungRi; he was recording his part of our new song “Bae Bae”.

“Go again. Try to make it more sorrowful this time.” I exclaimed. SeungRi nodded.

After the Nth time SeungRi finally hit the right spot. I smiled and showed him my thumbs up. He smiled back.

Someone opened the door. “Is it true?” She angrily exclaimed.

I turned to look; it was Lee BoNa. Everyone exit the studio. She entered and slammed the door.

“Did you see her while you were in China?”

I smirked. “Yes, I did.”

“Why are you doing this to me Oppa? Why do you keep seeing her?” She whimpered.

“You’re wrong. I don’t only see her, I see many girls behind your back.” I happily said.

She looked at me, shocked. “Do you know what will happen if the media finds out that you’re cheating on me?”

“We’ll finally be able to break up.”

“You forget that I can destroy YGE and you if I want to.” She cockily said.

I smiled. “Hold onto that card, sooner or later it’ll be useless.”

I’ve been making Lee BoNa’s life miserable. I know how to hurt her; I go out with other girls and I try to be seen by the “right” people with them. She hates it and I enjoy making her angry.

“Are you coming to Ji Woon Oppa birthday party tonight?”

“Hah! Nope. I’m flying back to China to see Yang Ying (Angela Baby).” I replied with a mocking tone. I actually needed to travel to China but to see how the jewelry collection was doing. She was mad again. After hearing and seeing her throw her usual tantrum she finally left. I sighed relieved and headed to the dance studio, all the members were there. I quietly opened the door; I wanted to scare them.

“Is she back?” SeungRi whispered.

Young Bae nodded.

“Who’s back?” I asked. They got scared after seeing me.

“No one hyung.” Daesung said and nervously laughed.

“Who are you talking about?” I was more curious. They stared at each other. Finally, Top said: “Emi is back in Seoul.”

“Oh! I know.” I calmly said. They looked at me surprised.

“Thanks goodness Ji Yong!” Young Bae said relieved. I smiled.

Yes, I know Emi has been in Seoul for a month now. I’ve tried very hard not to run and see her. Knowing that she’s so close but yet so far, hurts.

When I learned she was back, I stopped touching Lee BoNa. I haven’t touched any other woman either. No matter with how many women I’ve been, no one feels like her, no one satisfies me as she did. I miss her… desperately.

My love for her doesn’t matter; I know that I need to let her go. She doesn’t deserve someone like me; she deserves to be happy. 

“Wah! I can’t believe how popular “JiBo couple" is!” SeungRi exclaimed as he was looking at a newspaper.

“JiBo Couple" is how the media named BoNa and I. I despise it so much that sometimes I feel like throwing up.

Daesung took the newspaper from SeungRi and started reading the ranking for the most popular couples of Korea:

“#4 Lee Seung Gi & Yoona.

#3 Bi Rain & Kim Tae Hee.

#2 Lee Min Ho & Suzy.

#1 G-Dragon & Lee BoNa. Hyung, the popularity of “JiBo” couple is 41%”

“Who cares?” I said with disinterest.

Young Bae looked at me. “Do you know if Emi is dating someone?” He cautiously asked.

That took me by surprise. I actually don’t know and I’ve never thought of that before. “How would I react if knew she was dating someone else? I know Soo Hyun is interested in her, but I highly doubt Emi would date him. What if she met someone new in San Francisco? What if she really is dating someone?” My heart started racing just thinking this.  

After a while, I shook my head.

Top rapidly changed the conversation.

We were talking about random things when Nan Gook entered. I was laughing as I saw SeungRi reenacting Young Bae on stage.

Nan Gook handed me an envelope. I opened the envelope and saw the pictures. I started shouting and jumping happily around the studio. Everyone was surprised. I hugged him. “You did well hyung!” I exclaimed. We smiled to each other.


I was going to my apartment to get my suitcase and then head to the airport. Something clicked. “Hyung! Move my flight for tomorrow. I’m going to Ji Woon’s birthday party.”

Nan Gook was confused; he looked at me through the driving mirror. “Why?”

“I wasn’t going to attend just to bother Lee BoNa, but something inside of me tells me I should go. It’s weird, but I think I need to be there.” I said.

As I was putting my tuxedo on, I was humming Emi’s favorite swing song: “The way you look tonight”. I was about grab a watch when I noticed a bracelet Emi gave me for my birthday. I smiled and put it on.


I arrived at the Ritz-Carlton.

“Hyung! Remember, in five minutes you need to do what I told you.” I said to Nan Gook. He nodded.

I entered the party; everyone was shocked to see me there.  I walked towards Ji Woon; he was with other people. I greeted him: “Have you been doing well?” I bowed.

He smiled. “Ji Yongie, I’m happy to see you here. Thank you for coming.”

I actually like Ji Woon; he’s nice. Emi told me what he did when she and I met. I’m thankful that he tried to help her that time.

“Oh! Here comes BoNa.” He said while pointing with his head. I turned to look. She was smiling brightly while looking at me.

“Oppa! You’re here!” She happily exclaimed.

I nodded but didn’t smile. I grabbed BoNa’s arm. “Excuse us.” I said to everyone.

As we were leaving, I heard Ji Woon telling other people: “I saw Soo Hyunie in…” That caught my attention but I needed to speak with her as soon as possible.

“Where are you taking me?” BoNa asked with a cheery tone.

“I need to talk to you.” I coldly replied.

We were in an empty banquet room. I pulled the pictures out of my tux and threw them on a table.

She looked at me confused. “What is this?”

“That’s you being stupid.” I said.

She grabbed the pictures; she got pale as she saw each photo. “How did you find this? You can’t have this!” She shouted.

I smirked. “I had you follow. Did you think that because you were in Finland you were save? I can destroy you with this now.”

She was scared. “I still can destroy YGE. If you show this to anyone I’ll bury your company.”

I laughed, sarcastically. “Actually, I’ve spoke with your brother about that. I told him that since you and I "are in love", Samsung Group shouldn’t be involved in YGE… you know, so that it won’t affect our relationship . He introduced other investors to Hyun Suk. Two days ago Samsung Group pulled out their investment from YGE.”

I was enjoying this so much. The look of horror in her face was priceless.

“Why Oppa? We were happy. Everyone loved us. It was a win-win relationship…”

“Are you kidding me? Happy? Did you think I was happy because I was having with you?” I chuckled. “That’s called fulfilling my needs and nothing more. I…” I saw Nan Gook entering. I turned my back to the door. “1…2…3… Action.” I started shouting: “Why would you do something like this? Why BoNa? Why would you cheat on me?”

“What’s happening?” Ji Woon asked. I turned to look at Ji Woon; I faked my most painful expression. Ji Woon walked towards us. BoNa was shocked, she didn’t move. He grabbed the pictures and started to see them. “Is this true, did you cheat on Ji Yong?” He asked her, he had the photos in his hand.

“I… I… I…” BoNa was stuttering.

“I’m stupid for asking you this. The pictures tell all the story.” He threw the photos to her. “Is our family name a joke to you?” He angrily said.

“Oppa…” BoNa was looking at him with eyes wide-opened.

Ji Woon turned to look at me. “Ji Yong, I’m so sorry for this. I know this must be painful for you.”

I did feel bad to act like a martyr in front of Ji Woon. “Don’t be, it’s not you fault.” I said and looked down.

“What do you want to do? How do you want handle this?” He asked.

I looked at him. “I don’t think I can forgive her. I think the best for the both of us is to break up.”

He nodded. “I understand.”

"Is it possible that I’ll be free of BoNa now?” I thought.

“I know you want to move on and forget this quickly. I know what I’ll ask is selfish. But, we have an important acquisition of another company scheduled three months from now. Please, don’t make the break up public until then?”

I looked at him. He was worried. I felt bad and nodded.  “I can wait three more months.”

Ji Woon sighed relieved and stared at BoNa. “You should go home and start packing your suitcase. You’re leaving tomorrow to Chicago, so you can reflect on your doings.”

BoNa shook her head. “I won’t, I’ll tell dad…”

“Go ahead! Tell him that you’ve cheated on your boyfriend, tell him that you’re a couple of steps away of mudding our family name!” He exclaimed. BoNa started crying and left.

I bowed to Ji Woon, I also wanted to leave and celebrate my freedom. Ji Woon tapped my shoulder. “Don’t leave yet. I know that my sister broke your heart, but at least enjoy the party with me.” The more he talked, the more he made me feel bad for lying to him. I didn’t have the courage to leave, so I stayed.

We walked back to the banquet. He moved on to greet some other guests. I grabbed a glass of champagne. As I was drinking it, I felt the adrenaline dissipating. I was smiling. I’m free! I’m finally free!

“Should I look for her now and explain to her what happened? No, I can’t. Being free doesn’t change the facts; I only solved one of the many problems on why she and I broke up. I may not have slept with another woman, but I did kiss BoNa while I was dating Emi. Hyun Suk still wont let me go public with her. I still can’t throw the lives of others to the trash. I wonder, did Soo Hyun was saying the truth when he said that Bae Sajangnim was going to support his relationship? Maybe he just said it to annoy me. I really can’t get back with her; I need to let her go. I need to move on and stop thinking about her. Our relationship was hopeless from the beginning, but I was so in love with her, that I couldn’t see it. Am I ready to let her go? Am I ready to see her with another man? Let’s not go too far… What would happen if I ever see her again?”

I was so into my thoughts, that I didn’t even notice when Ji Woon walked towards me. “Stop thinking about it. It’ll be difficult, but you’ll move on.” He whispered.

I looked down. “I’m a terrible person for doing this!” I thought.

“Have you tried to forget someone you deeply loved?” I was obviously referring to Emi. I stood next to him.

He sighed and stared blankly at the wall. “You won’t forget her, she’s a part of you now. No matter how much you try, if she’s the love of your life, she’ll always be there… always.” I slightly smiled. I knew he was right.

He continued: “The best you can do, is to work hard and meet others to try and numb the pain for a small amount of time. I’ll be honest, it won’t happen soon, but someday, your heart will stay like that, numb… and you’ll know that you’ll be able to live, maybe not fully happy, but you’ll be able to survive.” He was staring directly at his wife.

I stood in front of him. I was about to ask him his story when he suddenly smiled brightly and exclaimed: “Oh! CEO Haro is here!”

My heart leaped; I stared at him with my eyes wide-opened. I felt like a direct punch to my stomach. As I started shaking, I turned and looked at the entrance.


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