The King's To You

Violet Love Sonata
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Kim Soo Hyun POV

I’m in a meeting with the J.Estina AD staff.

I was standing up, looking through the window, thinking of her.

“So, this month we film the campaign. It’ll be a romantic theme, we’re right now looking for the female model…” The J.Estina’s Campaign Manager kept describing the ad.

It’s been some weeks since Emi and I spoke in San Francisco. I miss her a lot. We’re now so close, that I miss telling her good morning or talk about dumb things that happened during the day. I know she is the woman I want by my side, I know it’ll be difficult, but I’m ready to assume the consequences. I won’t make the same mistakes that G-Dragon made. I’m ready to throw everything under the bus for her.

“What do you think?” Taehyun asked.

I turned around, walked to the table and sat down. “Everything sounds great.” I looked at the Campaign Manager. “Which female models do you have in mind?”

The campaign Manager thought for a while. “We were thinking about Yoona, Seolhyun, Suzy…”

“Great boring choices, their faces are everywhere!” I thought.

I slightly smiled. “Can I suggest a female model?” I dared to say.

He nodded; he was interested in knowing my choice.

“I want an unconventional model. A woman who’s not only amazingly beautiful; but who’s well known around the world as a great CEO. I think Emilia Haro would be a perfect fit for this campaign.”

The campaign manager was dumbfounded. “I know she’s beautiful, but we’ve never used a westerner as a model in our ads.”

“Then, she’ll be the first.” I said with a smile.

He was shaking his head while looking at me.

I sighed. “I’ll put it in simple words. If Emilia Haro doesn’t agree to do this campaign, you can forget about me appearing in it.”

He was shocked. “But… but… but, what if she doesn’t want to appear in it?”

“You’ll find a way to convince her.” I smirked.

I looked at Taehyun; he was obviously scared due to what I just did. I’ve never made a request like this before; my kind image is what has made me who I am now.

I stood up, patted the CM’s shoulder and said: “I’ll be ready to start filming whenever Miss Haro is. Thank you.” I walked out of the office.

Taehyun was following me. “ Soo Hyunah!!! What the heck are you thinking?” He quietly exclaimed. I didn’t answer.

We entered the van. He shouted: “Do you know what this will do to your image?”

“I’ve never asked for anything before. I bust my off, I work hard, and I always do what I’m told.  You know I don’t take reckless decisions, I can assure you that a campaign between Emi and I will be a hit.”

Taehyun looked at me in disbelief. “Are you nuts? A campaign with her will destroy your career. Do you know what Bae Sajangnim will say when he knows what you did?”

I wasn’t sure what will Yong Joon hyung will do when he finds out, but as I said before, I’m ready for all of it.

It was already late. We arrived at Galleria Foret’s parking lot.

“Goodbye hyung. See you tomorrow.” I said before opening the van’s door.

He didn’t reply, I knew he was angry. I felt bad for him, but this is what I wanted.

I arrived at my apartment, took a shower and laid down on the bed. The last thing I thought before falling asleep was she.


As I woke up the next morning I saw the sunlight. I stretched. “I forgot to set the alarm.” I always try to wake up before the sunrise, to exercise. I stood up and walked to my kitchen, as I was preparing a protein shake, Taehyun opened the front door.

“You’re here!” I exclaimed while smiling. He was worried.

“Hyung, I promise you, everything will be alright…”

“I have bad news.” He said.

I was curious. “Which ones?”

“We lost the Calvin Klein ad. They said they didn’t want to over-worked you.”

“Really? Why so suddenly? As far as I know they were happy with our last campaign.” I said. This was the first big ad I ever signed, so it had a special meaning for me.

“I don’t know anything else. There’s another thing…” He was hesitating to tell me.

I was starting to get anxious. “What is it now?”

He sighed, closed his eyes and exclaimed: “The main lead of descendant’s of the sun has been given to Song Joon Ki!”

I was angry, so angry that I threw my glass against the wall.  I knew this project would be a hit. I really wanted this. After some minutes, I took a deep breath and calmed down. “How did this happen?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I just spoke with the production team, they told me that they wanted someone more mature since the female lead is Song Hye Kyo.”

“Well, is pointless to get angry about this... Does Bae Sajangnim know about yesterday?”

Taehyun shook his head.

“Cool. Maybe he won’t find out.” I smiled.

Taehyun’s phone started to ring. He answered. “Oh! Hyung… Ok, I’ll tell him. Thank you… Bae Sajangnim just arrived here. He wants to see you.”

I was surprised. I ran to my bedroom and got ready as fast as I could.  

As I walked out, Jong Yoon Hyung was already in the living room. To be honest I was a little bit scared. I bowed. “Are you doing well, hyung?” I asked. I didn’t look at him. 

“Is it true that you like CEO Haro?” He calmly asked.

I froze. I thought he was going to ask about the J.Estina campaign. For a moment I thought to lie. But if lied I would probably be making the same mistakes that G-Dragon made.

I looked at him. “I do.”

“Are you dating her?” He calmly asked again.

“Not yet. But that’s my goal.” I was waiting for him to start screaming. I knew he would be disappointed.

“So what’s your plan?”

I was dumbfounded; I didn’t know what to think of his calmness. “I want to gradually test what the fans and the media think about us.”

He looked towards the ceiling, he was thinking. My heart was racing.

“That could be a good plan. Releasing some gossip now and then can help us know how people are taking this.” He said.

I was shocked. “Did he just say that eventually I’d be allow to date Emi?” I thought.

“Is that why you asked J.Estina to make CEO Haro the female model?” He asked.

He knows everything. “This is my first move.” I replied.

He nodded. We remained silent for a couple of minutes. I needed to ask him, why wasn’t he angry, why wasn’t he forbidding me to date a westerner. “Why are you behaving so calm?” I asked.

He looked at me, and smiled. “Have you ever seen me shout?” I shook my head.

“What would happen if I told you that this is reckless? That this will probably destroy your career?”

I was looking at him. “I would…”

He stood up and walked towards me. “You probably would say that you don’t care about anything, unless you have her.”

He was right. That’s exactly what I would’ve told him, he really knows me well.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and continued: “We would probably have a fallout and you would probably resent me for not supporting you. I won’t say this doesn’t make me nervous, but I know how you are and I know that you are going to be with her no matter what. I don’t want any drama between us; you know I’ll always be there for you… Always.”

I could feel a lump in my throat, tears started to fall. He’s like the father I always wanted to have. My real father abandoned my mother and I when I was young. Hearing him saying all this, made feel really blessed.

“Don’t cry.” He said.

“I’m sorry hyung. I don’t deserve this. I was ready to behave in a rude way…”

“Don’t say anything more. That did not happen. Keep working hard. Remember that your fans are very passionate about you, that’s what worries me. But I know you probably have a good plan to introduce her slowly to them.”

He walked towards the front door. “How do you know that CEO Haro will accept to do the AD with you? She doesn’t need the money.”

I smirked. “I have leverage.”

“Ok. Before making any move regarding the both of you and the public, let me know first. Araso?” He asked.

“Yes, hyung! I will!”

As Jong Yoon Hyung closed the door, I fell to the ground. My knees were shaking. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that he took this so well. After a while I was able to stand up. I smiled, happily. The person whose only opinion matter to me, still has my back after hearing what I want. This was a great day. No, this was a fantastic day!

Taehyun entered my apartment again. “Bae Sajangnim really cares for you.” He said.

I nodded while smiling.

“Are you crying?” He asked.

I wiped my tears and walked towards my bedroom. “Nope! I’m not crying!” I exclaimed and closed the door so I could cry in peace.



That night I headed to a Gucci event. I was as happy as a bee. Gucci is one of my favorite brands and I support it whenever I can.

I was in the cocktail party speaking with Kim Woo Bin, Hong Jong Hyun, and Lee Jong Suk. We were having a blast talking about funny things that happen when you film.

“Is it true that you took G-Dragon’s biggest ad deal?” Jong Suk asked.

I smirked and nodded.

They laughed.

As we were laughing I saw G-Dragon entering the event. I was surprised. It is well known that he’s a big Chanel supporter. He doesn’t attend other high-end brands’ events.

Everyone was surprised to see him here. I rolled my eyes and looked away.

He does garner a lot of attention. People were greeting him like the biggest star on this planet.

I was about to leave when I noticed G-Dragon walking to where I was. He was smiling.  “What is he doing?” I thought. He stood up in front of me. “Soo Hyunah!” He happily exclaimed.

I was surprised. “Banmal? Really?”

I bowed my head. He bowed his in return. I wasn’t in the mood to have another “word fight” with him, I was happy, and getting into a discussion with him would totally ruin my day.

“Look, I know I behave stupidly the last time we met…” He interrupted me. “I’ll be honest with you, what you said that time, shook me. Since then, I carefully thought, how should I move the ball from my court?”

“Does he really think that I’ll be shaken because he took away a campaign?” I thought. “Great! Good for you! Enjoy the Calvin Klein campaign.” I sarcastically said while laughing. He laughed too.

I looked around; people were amazed by just seeing us talk. “I will.” He said.

I placed my hands in my pockets. “What’s next? Did you tell Yong Joon Hyung that I like Emi?”

“I certainly did. I casually met him at his favorite barbershop. I told him I was worried due to seeing you on a date with a westerner. I said that this could destroy your up line career.”

I smiled brightly. “Thank you! Yong Joon Hyung said that he’d support my relationship with Emi.” He was surprised. “I wonder what Yang Sajangnim said to you when you told him about Emi.” I said with a mocking tone. He didn’t reply.

I looked at my watch. “Well, this has been boring as usual. Please take care of yourself and try to do more creative things the next time.” I winked.

As I was walking away he said: “That’s just the beginning. Weeks ago, there was a rumor stating that I was interested in acting.” This immediately caught my attention. I looked at him. He smiled. “I had a meeting with writer Kim Eun Sook. She asked me if I was interested in the male lead of her new drama as my debut role.”

I froze. “What the heck is he talking about?” I thought.

“Smile Soo Hyunah. People will think that you’re rude for looking at me so serious.” I faked a chuckle.

“I told Kim Eun Sook, that my acting debut was just a rumor. What I really wanted was to help Song Joon Ki hyung to meet with her. And my, that moved quickly! Joon Ki hyung told me that he has been offered the main role that was offer to you months ago… Everyone thinks that this drama will be a mega hit, you really missed a great opportunity.” He concluded with a mocking tone.

“This little er!” I thought. “Good one! Good move! The ball is now in my court.” I said. I wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“There’s one more thing.” He said.

“What else did he do?” I was starting to get nervous.

He grabbed a cocktail from a waiter. “You probably are a big fan of the Wonder Girls members, right?” My heart stopped, I felt chills running through my body.

He smirked. “It was difficult to find your dirty laundry. But I had patience and I wanted vengeance. I was able to learn that you meet now and then with Sohee. I released the rumor to the press one hour ago. If you look around you’ll see that people are staring shockingly at their phones.”

I was enraged. I pull out my phone and looked at the headlines. “Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee dating, they meet in Sohee’s apartment.” I stared at him. He was slightly smiling. I clenched my fist; I wanted to erase that annoying smile from his face. I've never had a dating scandal before...never. This could really affect my image, this could easily make my popularity rate decline frighteningly.

“I can see you’re angry. I can see you’re clenching your fist. Please punch me, that way your happy and kind fake image will go crashing to the ground... .”

I sighed deeply. I knew that if I hit him, everything would be over. Everyone was staring at me with shock on their faces, he was timidly smiling. I could see Taehyun entering the event, he was running towards me.

“You can control yourself. That’s good! Have you read the Count of Monte Cristo?” He asked. I have read the book but I didn’t answer. I was worried for I really wanted to hit him. “It’s something that the two male leads do. When something "good" happens to the other, he gets the King chess piece.” As Taehyun reached us, he raised his glass and sarcastically said: “Cheers! The King’s to you!” 


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