Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

When a part of you dies, you think that eventually you’ll feel better. The reality is that it doesn’t get better, it’s painful, heartbreaking, and as the time goes by, it’s just worst.

“Emi? Did you hear?” Leo asked.

“Yes, I did. Please send the board meeting these numbers. Thank you everyone.” I stood up and walked out of the meeting room.  I was in a meeting with the Travelfy team. I’m currently in San Francisco. I’ve been traveling non-stop between San Francisco, London and Shanghai.

In four months I’ve been in Seoul less than five days. Everything reminds me about him. I hate seeing his photos with his new girlfriend. They’re very public. It hurts, so much that there was a moment when I truly thought that my heart was destroying inside of me. I wonder if he’s happy, if he’s taking care of himself, if he found in her what I couldn’t give him.

“Emi, Ari is calling you from Shanghai.” My secretary said as I reached my office.

“Please, put her through.” I walked inside and grabbed the phone. I’ve missed Ari so much; I don’t see her as often now. She’s in Shanghai taking care of the new investors we got some months ago for Dramafy.

“Ari, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Sajangnim, the new investors loved your new proposal. But, they need you in Seoul, they said this is only going to work if you directly supervise the plan.”

I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. “Tell them I can take care of everything from here…”

Ari interrupted me; she never interrupts me. “Sajangnim, believe me I told them. The two conditions for them to invest the other part of the money are: You need to be in Seoul, and Kim Soo Hyun needs to be the image for Dramafy.”

“Well, Soo Hyun is waiting for us to tell him when to film. There won’t be any issues regarding that…” I sighed; I knew this was my entire fault. I broke my own heart; I knew what I was getting into when I decided to spend that night with him, and when I decided to be in a relationship with him. “I’ll be there. Get me an airplane ticket for next week.” I said and hung up.

It was time, I needed to behave like a grown up and take care of this. If everything goes as planned, I’ll only need to stay in Seoul maybe a year and then I’ll be able to leave it for good.

“Emi, Diego wants to know if you’re going home soon?”

I looked at my watch. 9:00 PM. I stood up and grabbed my things. “Yes, tell him I’m heading home.”


I arrived home; Diego was in San Francisco for the weekend. As I entered the living room I saw Diego and someone else in the terrace. I knew who he was. I walked towards them and smiled.

“Oppa! What are you doing here?” I exclaimed.

He turned to look at me and tapped my head. “Diego invited me to have dinner with the both of you.”

“I made reservations.” Diego happily said.

Soo Hyun and I have become very good friends. He introduced months ago to my now investors. He’s so popular in China that he has the ability to influence not only common people but also people with power.

When Soo Hyun and Gahee met I laughed so hard, Gahee couldn’t believe he was meeting “the love of his life”. She insists that Soo Hyun Oppa likes me; I obviously don’t see it that way. He treats me like a friend and nothing more.


We arrived at a very exclusive Japanese restaurant. We had so much fun dining and hearing Diego’s dumb stories. As we were finishing the dessert Diego looked at his phone and exclaimed: “I need to leave now, I was suppose to meet some friends thirty minutes ago!”

I pouched. “Why do you always do this? If it wasn’t for Soo Hyun oppa, you’d probably leave me here by myself.”

“Sorry Noona!” He kissed my forehead and ran away.

We were in a private dining room, I ran to the bathroom, I need it to throw up.

I returned to the table. “I’m sorry.” I said and looked down.

“Do you still have nausea?” Soo Hyun asked with a worried expression.

I nodded. “Gahee says it will get better soon.”

 Soo Hyun sighed. “I don’t get it, get the surgery, get that remove and live your life fully.”

My cyst hasn’t grown, but is behaving weird. I’m feeling nausea now and then. I promised Gahee that I would get surgery this year, no matter what.

“I know oppa. I’ll keep my promise. I just need to stabilize Dramafy… after that happens I’ll get it removed.” I blinked fast while looking at him. He chuckled and looked down.

We were exiting the restaurant when someone exclaimed: “CEO Haro?” I turned to look. I saw Mr. Lee Ji Woon, Samsung’s heir and CEO. I bowed and exclaimed: “Sajangnim, have you been doing well?”

He smiled brightly. He then looked at Soo Hyun who was standing next to me. “Are you dating?” He asked, surprised. I shook my hands.

“No, we’re just good friends.” Soo Hyun replied.

Lee Ji Woon tapped Soo Hyun’s shoulder. “Soo Hyunie, sign the contract we need you as Samsung’s China main image.” He said.

“Yes, Sajangnim. I’ll send the contract right away.” Soo Hyun bowed.

“My birthday is next month, I hope to see the both of you there! Araso?”

We both nodded and he walked away.

“I just felt like if I was in Korea.” I said.

“You’ll be there soon.” Soo Hyun was looking at me.

I sighed. “It’s time, I need to make Dramafy strong and then probably I won’t return.”

As I was about to get into my Uber, he said: “I need to tell you something before you return to Korea.” I looked at him; he was serious.

“Let’s go.”


I opened the front door, as he was siting in the living room I asked: “Do you want something to drink?”

“Nope.” He said; he was looking down.

I was standing up. “So, what is it Oppa?”

“I told Yang Hyun Suk that Ji Yong was dating a foreigner weeks before you and him broke up.”

I was dumbfounded. “What are you talking about?”

As he was explaining to me what he did, I didn’t know what to feel. I felt betrayed; I wanted to accuse him of ruining my relationship with the only man I’d probably love in all my life. I was angry.

When he finished, I looked at him. “I never understood why you confront me the day I met you, and now this? Why would you do something like that?”

He stood up and walked toward me. “I want you.” He softly said.

I felt like a wave just hit me. I was totally confused. “What do you mean?”

“I want you since I saw you in that airplane two years ago. I then learned that you were dating him, and I took a step back. Months later I saw him wasted, embracing another girl, and I was sure that he didn’t deserve you. That’s why I told Yang Hyun Suk about him dating a westerner.”

I crossed my arms and turned my back on him. “I can’t do this, not right now.”

“Emi, I know you may be hating me right now…”

“I don’t hate you, but the image I had of you, just collapsed. Let’s keep our distance for the time being.”

He sighed. “Let’s do that. I’m sorry.” He walked away, I heard as he closed the front door.

I was astonished. I’m not sure if it was because I was trying to blame an innocent person of the failure of my relationship, or because Soo Hyun just said that he wants me or due to my heart fluttering as I heard him confessing to me.





“Can’t time go faster?” I thought as I was hearing Lee BoNa talking about her stupid vacations.

“Oppa, are you hearing me?” She asked while pouching.

“Yes, I heard everything about your vacations.” I replied. “We’re here, get out!”

We were coming from our monthly public reunion; we were in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

“Oppa could you help me with something inside my apartment?” She shyly asked.

“I know the meaning of this.” I thought. I parked the car and followed her, this was the first time I was going to enter her place in five months of “dating”.

We entered the apartment. “With what do you need help?” I asked. We were walking to the living room; she was in front of me. She suddenly turned around and embraced me.

“I need you Oppa.” She kissed me.

“Do you think I want you?” I frowned.

“I know you do, I know it since we kissed in that dance studio.” She whispered.

Lee BoNa wasn’t entirely wrong; I do feel kind of attracted to her.

I kissed her.

“Are you happy now?” I smiled.

She looked at me dazed and nodded.

I kissed her again.


Soon after it was over, I was getting dressed.

“You could’ve been gentler, this was my first time.” She said.

I turned to look at her. “We both know that’s not true.”

She was dumbfounded. “How can you tell?”

 “Because I can and I’m sure this wasn’t your first time.” I replied while putting my jacket on.

She was embarrassed.

I leaned to kiss her head. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” I smiled.

As I left her apartment, I smirked. “Enough is enough… It’s payback time.”


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