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Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

“We’re trying to negotiate with Lee Min Ho, right now.” The Director of PR–Hana said.

“Will he be enough to help us capture market share in China?” I asked.

Hana doubted for a couple of seconds. “Well, he has a lot of popularity in China. But our studies concluded that the popularity is equally divided between G-Dragonssi and Kim Soo Hyunssi. I don’t know why Kim Soo Hyunssi is rejecting our offer… And you don’t want G-Dragonssi as our image. So the 3rd best option is Lee Min Hossi.” She paused. “But if you’ve changed your mind regarding G-Dragonssi I can send a proposal…”

“No.” I interrupted her. “Let’s see how the negotiations with Mr. Lee Min Ho go.”

I obviously didn’t want Ji Yong as the image of the company due to our relationship, you know how the saying goes: don’t mix business and pleasure.

“How are the numbers this week for dramas airing right now?” I asked the Content Director.

As the content Director was explaining the numbers, I noticed Hana suddenly grabbed her phone; she read something and smiled from ear to ear.

“Great, everything sounds great. Please put the Drama with less view in Dramafy’s landing page.” I said.

“Sajangnim, the celebrity has accepted the offer. We have our image.” Hana said while whirling in her chair.

Everyone looked at her with a WTF expression.

“Mr. Lee Min Ho accepted it?” I asked.

“You should meet him personally Sajangnim. It’ll be a graceful gesture towards a celebrity of this magnitude.” She said.

I nodded without giving it too much importance.

“Arisu, is Sajangnim available tomorrow at 9:00 am?” She asked.

Ari looked at my agenda and replied: “She has a meeting with the Travelfy team at that time. She’s…”

I interrupted Ari. “Please reschedule my meeting with Travelfy's team, I don’t want to seem rude towards our new image.” I said while looking at Hana, who obviously was about to say what I just said.

Hana clapped approving my approach to the little schedule conflict.

“Ok then.  That’ll be all, thanks to all for coming.” I ended the meeting.


As I was driving home I was thinking on how weird Ji Yong has been acting lately. He seems a little bit worried and out of himself, I’ve asked him several times if there’s something wrong but he always says it's nothing.


As I arrived at Ji Yong’s apartment I noticed everything was turned off. “Oh! He probably isn’t home yet.” I thought.  I walked to the bedroom, I turned the lights on and I noticed Ji Yong was already in bed, sleeping. I immediately turned off the lights. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 11:00 PM. “That’s weird, he’s a night person.” I thought.

I walked towards him, fondled his face and then kissed him.

Since he was already sleeping, I got ready to do the same. As I laid on the bed, I noticed he didn’t move.  Another weird thing... when he feels I’m laying down he turns and hugs me. I didn’t dwell too much on this and fell asleep pretty quickly.


I could feel Ji Yong's kisses all over my face.

“Good morning Bae” I said while opening my eyes.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked with that smile I love so much.

I nodded.


He got on top of me and replied: “Uuhh. I always sleep well when you’re by my side.”

After he kissed me passionately I asked: “What are you doing today?”

He laid on the bed. “I’ll be in YGE… you?”

“I’m meeting Lee Min Ho today. He’s accepted to be the image for Dramafy.” I answered.

He looked at me with a smirk on his face. “Should I be jealous?”

I got on top of him. “Should I show you that you don’t need to be jealous?” I asked, seductively while grabbing his hands and pulling them down towards the headboard.

He nodded.

I started kissing him fervently. He was fondling my thighs and then moved his hands to my lower back, waist, and made a quick stop on my s. He started kissing my neck when I unintentionally opened my eyes and saw the clock: 8:20 AM.

“Holy cow!” I shouted and jumped out of bed.

“What just happened?” Ji Yong asked, confused.

“I need to be in the office in 40 minutes.” I screamed as I entered the bathroom.

I got ready at the speed of light.

As I was buttoning my white shirt, Ji Yong who was still in bed said: “If I were the image of the company, we would be making love right now.”

I smirked. “You know I don’t mix business and pleasure.” I said while leaning to kiss his forehead.

I ran out of the bedroom and shouted: “I love you, see you tonight!”

“Love you too!” He exclaimed.


While I was driving through the freeway, I turned the autopilot, combed my hair and put some makeup on.

I arrived at the office at 8:59 AM.  Ari had a worried expression.

I got out of the car and started walking fast. “Sajangnim, he is here. He arrived 15 minutes ago.” She said.

“I know, I’m sorry… Where is he?” I asked after we got into the elevator.

“He’s in the meeting room.” She replied.

As we entered the corporate office I handed my laptop to Ari. “Please take it to the meeting room, I’ll make a quick stop by my office.” I said.

I noted that my office’s door was open. As I entered, I saw a tall man standing with his face towards a window wall.

I obviously was puzzled because no one enters my office if I’m not there.

“Can I help you?” I asked as I put my purse on the desk.

He turned around and said: “Hello Miss Haro, I'm Kim Soo Hyun, it's a great pleasure to finally meet you.”

Our eyes locked, he was smiling and had his left hand inside his pocket. He was wearing a smart chic outfit.

I was overwhelmed. “Did he just say Kim Soo Hyun?” I was looking at him, it was clearly he; but I couldn’t find the words, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there like an idiot, looking at him, totally surprised.

He walked towards me with his hand still in his pocket, he suddenly shifted his sight to the left side of the office, as he was getting closer he looked at me again. He then stopped, slightly smiled and leaned towards me.

“Are you okay? You seem a little bit confused.” He said.

I walked a couple steps away and came to my senses. “Oh! I’m so sorry, I just was expecting another person.”

He chuckled and looked down.

Ari entered the office. “Sajangnim, Mr. Kim Soo… Oh! He is here!” She exclaimed.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked while crossing my hands behind my back.

 “Water is fine.” He said.

“Please, get us two glasses of water.” I looked at Ari.

“I’m sorry, I just had the idea that I was having a meeting with Mr. Lee Min Ho.” I said to him and walked towards the living area. I sat on the couch and pointed the other one for he to sit, but he sat next to me.

“Oh! Really? Did I get the wrong time?” He asked.

I was so intently staring at him, that for a moment I forgot that he just asked a question.

He raised his eyebrows and slightly moved his head.

I finally found my words again. “No. Of course not, it was a misunderstanding between my PR team and I.”

My star-struck moment vanished minutes later. I was able to be myself, as I got comfortable with the idea that Kim Soo Hyun would be Dramafy’s image.

He is charming, he has a cute smile, he’s very polite, he has a deep voice, and a very charismatic laugh.

“Well, Mr. Kim Soo Hyunssi…”

He interrupted me. “Please, you can call me Soo Hyun.” He said.

Before I could say anything else he stood up and continued: “There’s a rumor going that the cafeteria of your company is really good. Let’s have breakfast!”

I felt really uncomfortable with this. I know that he’ll be the image of my company, but I barely know him, and I hate when people I don’t know starts ordering me around.

I stood up and walked towards my desk. “Please go ahead, I actually have another meeting in ten minutes, but you can enjoy…”

He smirked. “It’s 9:30 and our meeting is scheduled for one hour.” He walked to where I was, grabbed my wrist, and started pulling me towards the door.

I got out of his grip and exclaimed: “What do you think you’re doing?”

“You know you’re being rude, right?” He said.

I chuckled, sarcastically. “And you’re not being rude?” I asked.

He sighed. “Ok. Let’s fix our differences while having breakfast.”

I was starting to dislike him. I knew that if Hana found out about what just happened, she would have a heart attack and would lecture me about manners.

I walked unwillingly towards the door and said: “Let’s go.”

As we walked through the corporate office I heard a lot of sighs. The female employees were enjoying his visit.

“You have a glow Miss Haro… Are you dating someone?” He whispered.

I was dumbfounded after hearing his question.

“I think that’s none of your business.” I said.

“You’re definitely dating someone… a celebrity maybe?” He muttered.

I ignored his question and said: “Do you have a multiple personality disorder? Because fifteen minutes ago you were being polite and now… well, let’s say you’re not being polite.”

He laughed. “I’m just trying to know you better... Emi.”

“Did he just call me Emi? This dude must really have a mental problem!” I thought.

“May I remind you that we have a business relationship? We don’t need to talk further than hello and goodbye. And we must call each other by our last name.” I said.

I turned my head to look at him; he was smirking, which made me feel more annoyed.

When we entered the cafeteria, everyone who was there looked at us astonished. They rapidly started moving and before I could say anything, everyone had already left.

I grudgingly grabbed some fruit and sat down on a table near the T.V.

I heard Ji Yong’s voice coming from the T.V. I rapidly looked towards it and saw a piece of his interview.


I chuckled a little bit loud after hearing him say that he’s ready to marry.

“So you’re dating G-Dragon? Really?” He said.

I flinched. I felt Goosebumps when I noticed Kim Soo Hyun standing across the table.

“What are you talking about?” I faked ignorance.

He sat down and smiled. “Come on, you smiled like a bride-to-be when you heard him saying that he’s ready to get married.”

I could feel my heart racing. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied.

“Has he ever asked you to get married?” He asked while leaning on his chair.

“I don’t…”

He interrupted me. “Probably not… but I’m sure he’s told you that he will make public the relationship, right?”

I looked at him speechless.

“By the way you’re looking at me, it’s obvious that he’s promised it. Has he done it? How much time has it been since that promise? Does Yang Sajangnim even know about you and him...?”

As he kept asking these type of questions I could feel I was hyperventilating, his voice kept resounding in my head, I wasn’t able to think, I need it him to stop asking these stupid questions.

“Shut up! You know nothing about us, about how we are together!” I exclaimed.

He looked at me surprised. “Then tell me.”

I chuckled, sarcastically. “Why would I? Who are you to me, that I need to explain myself to you?” I frowned.

He smirked. “It’s not about explaining your relationship to me, it’s about letting me know how is it possible that a woman like you, who is more intelligent than the average woman, believes that a celebrity like G-Dragon will give up his career for you.”

I felt a direct punch to my heart. He touched something inside me, something that I’ve locked very deep so that I didn’t have to deal with it.

I looked at him with fear in my eyes. He was serious.

“What do you want?” I whispered; I wasn’t able to talk out loud.

He leaned towards the table. “I want you to be the smart woman I know you are. There’s a difference between being naïve and being dumb.”

“Why are you doing this?” I muttered.

He sighed deeply. “Because it’s time for you to open your eyes and learned the reality that you’ve been avoiding.”

I was shocked, astonished, and wordless.

We had our eyes locked. I was trying to figure out how this man, that I’ve just met, had made me wondered the reality of my relationship with Ji Yong.

After a while I looked away. I was staring blankly at the wall. I could feel my chest expanding trying to breathe.

He stood up, walked away a few steps and then said: “I’m sure you’ve noticed things, follow the crumbs, and you will find the truth about him, about you, and about the relationship you both have.”


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