Who is She?

Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

“We’ve been separated for more than two months. I’ve missed her but, I’m not really sure if we should continue been together. I do love her, but not in a romantic way, I would say is more like a habit. She’s being so important to me that saying goodbye is excruciating difficult and painful. If we do go separate ways, I wish we could say goodbye in a friendly manner. But I know her, if we breakup we’re breaking ties… forever. At least that’s what she’s been saying for the past two hours.” I thought while drinking a whole glass of scotch. I was starting to feel suffocated.

“Let’s go to a karaoke room, I’m tired of been here.” I said and stood up. She obviously didn’t seem happy but followed me.

Everything was spinning. "Yep! I’m drunk!" I put my sunglasses on and turned left to enter the karaoke rooms’ hallway.  I could see the silhouette of a woman coming to our direction. “Great! Just what I need, another person staring at me in a judgmental way." That’s the look I get when someone sees me in this state.  Her face was blurry. Before we crossed paths, she looked down. “Wow! She's the first one to do that.” I thought.

We entered a karaoke room, we sang a couple of songs and then asked for a bottle of wine. A couple of minutes later a waiter entered from another door. A folding screen was hiding it.  Out of the blue, a loud noise came from that place. The waiter immediately showed up and said, “I’m so sorry, I broke one of the wineglasses, I’ll get another one and comeback quickly.”

I nodded and he left.

We sang one more song, when it stopped, “I don’t want to breakup. I know you’ve missed me.” Kiko said.

“I have missed you.”

“So what’s the problem? Let’s go public, and stay together.”

“You know we can’t, not right now, when our relationship is so unstable.” I knew this would hurt her.

She stood up, turned her back on me and said, “If we’re not continuing with our relationship, it’s over, it’ll be like you… like we never existed.”

I stood up, facing her back. “Please don’t, it doesn’t have to be that way. We have shared a lot together. We can still be friends. ”

We kept quiet for a couple of minutes.

“It’s over.” Kiko Said.

 “Really? We’re over? Just like that?”

“Just like that? I’ve been asking you for over a year now to make our relationship public and you’ve refused it every time. Just like now. I’m sick of it, of this.”

I turned my back on her, I was getting upset. I just blurted, “Before we started dating you told me you didn’t want to go public. You said that you didn’t want the attention that a public relationship would bring. We both agreed that our relationship would be ours. If we go public, the media, fans, our agencies become part of this relationship. Is that what you want?”

“We were young back then. Ji Yong, I want to marry soon, I want to have a family. Besides, going public will help our careers.”

“Our careers?” I sarcastically asked.  “It will help your career, you mean.”

“You’re drunk and an .” She said while walking to the door. “We’re over.” She opened the door and left the room.

“Kiko wait.” I said. “I’m a real , I don’t want this to end like this.” I thought while heading to the door after her.

I opened the door, the doorknob was still in my hand when I heard a loud cracking noise coming from behind the folding screen. I turned my head to see what happened. “The waiter must’ve listen.” I thought.

 “Who is there?” I asked while walking towards the folding screen.

It wasn’t the waiter; it was a woman with long black hair. She was about to leave when I grabbed her arm. I pulled her towards me so I could see her face. Since I kept seeing everything blurry, I pulled her very close to me... and then I saw her. White skin, natural red lips, and big dark eyes. She isn’t Korean or Asian, maybe an American.  I’m not sure if I was surprised because she obviously was a westerner or because she was really beautiful. Either way, here she was, listening to my private conversation. I found my words and angrily exclaimed, “Dugu-ia?”

She tried to get out of my grip; I didn’t let her. “Maybe she doesn’t speak Korean.” I thought. So I asked again, this time in English. “Who are you?” She began speaking in another language, I couldn’t understand what she was saying; I believe it was Spanish. “Do you speak Korean? English?” I asked in English again while we wrestled.

“No Korean. No English.” She replied with a heavy accent.

Her eyes were very expressive. She obviously wanted to get out of my grip. Looking at the way she was dressed, it seemed like she couldn’t be a member of Meca. So I asked again in English. This time slowly. “W-h-y  a-r-e  y-o-u  h-e-r-e?”

“No. No. No Korean. No English.” She said again.

She really doesn’t understand me. Even if she heard my conversation she doesn’t seem to understand English or Korean. I released her arm. She breathed deeply.

“Sorry, Sorry.” She said again with a heavy accent. She walked towards the front door, said sorry again and left.

I stayed there, surprised of what just happened. I sat down and leaned back on the sofa; I placed my right arm across my forehead. I sighed. “What is this? I need to leave.” I looked for my phone inside the pockets of my jeans; it wasn’t there. I saw my coat, which was across the room; I walked and reached it.  My darned coat had like a thousand pockets and with my blurry sight I spent several minutes trying to find it. “Yes! Finally!” I exclaimed while pulling my phone out of the right inside pocket of my coat. I had my phone in my hand when suddenly someone opened the door. It was the same woman. She closed the door and rapidly walked towards me.

“They’re coming.” She said in Korean.

“Huh!! You do speak Korean after all.”

“Listen. Paparazzis breached the complex, they saw your girlfriend leaving this area and right now they are searching every karaoke room one by one, to find you.” She explained. She grabbed my hat and put it on my head. She helped me put my coat and sunglasses on.

“Who are you?” I asked, perplexed.

“Really? I’ve just told you that paparazzis are looking for you and that’s what you want to know?” She asked, sarcastically. She took off her scarf and wrapped it around my neck hiding my mouth with it.  She took out another scarf from her bag and put it on; she also put her sunglasses on. She grabbed my hand and said, “Pretend we’re a couple, don’t say anything, I’ll speak Spanish. There’s an Uber waiting outside. Walk at my same pace and don’t be nervous, ok?”

I still was perplexed maybe even more than before, but I nodded.

We left the room. I could see the paparazzis going from room to room. One of them stopped and looked at us. She started to say things, a lot of things in Spanish while hitting my arm. It seemed like we were having a fight.  We kept walking, before exiting the karaoke rooms’ hallway, I slightly turned my head to see if they were following us, they were still searching each room.

I looked at her. “Who is she?” I thought. I looked at her again. She’s not taller than 5”4 (1.65), white skin, black long hair with some waves at the ends, nice slim body with some curves; she has an hourglass figure, a perfect and derriere size. The more I looked at her, the more I found her amazingly beautiful.

“Who the heck are you?” I asked, looking at her.

She  stared at me. “It doesn’t matter.” She answered.

“Did Yang Hyun-Suk hyung hired you to follow me?”

“Ha! Of course not!” She exclaimed.

“Then tell me who you are.”

“Shut up!” She said and pointed to the front with her head.

We were reaching the front door. A lot of people were outside. For the first time, I was scared.

“Don’t be scared, look down, and don’t say anything.” She whispered.

I nodded. It felt like she could read my mind.

We walked through the front door. People didn’t notice us. We continue walking until we reached the street’s corner. A black car appeared. The driver opened the co-pilot window, before he could say anything; she asked, “Mr. Song?”

“Yes.” He answered.

“Wait a moment please.” She said to the driver.

“Where should he take you?” She whispered to me.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“To your manager’s house? To your house? To your girlfriend’s house?” She said.

I remembered Kiko… we broke up horribly. I could feel the pain again. I’m not sure why but I started to laugh, hysterically.

“Shut up!!!” She said. “People are looking at you, shut up!”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Here I was with a woman I didn’t know, in the middle of some street after breaking up with my three year-long girlfriend. It seemed hilarious to me.

She pushed me towards the car, opened the door and pushed me inside the car.

“Galleria Foret, please.” She said to the driver.

“Ok, Miss.” The driver replied.

Once again I felt perplexed. “You know where I live! Who are you?” I asked, annoyed. She looked at me really surprised.

“You live in…” She stopped and looked at the driver who was watching us through the driving mirror. “Shut up! Do you want the driver to know who you are? Just shut up!” She murmured in English, more annoyed than I was.

So she speaks fluently three languages. My head was spinning, not only because I was tired of trying to figure out who this woman was, but it also seemed like my body just remembered that I was drunk, probably because the adrenaline disappeared. I felt tired. I lay back on the seat and closed my eyes, trying not to think.


“Sajangnim? I’m so sorry I couldn’t pick your call before. I just left Meca.” She said to someone on the phone.

“I’m really sorry Sajangnim, I was waiting in there. But someone tried to open the door, so I escaped. I made it out just some minutes ago.”

“Uhh! Yes, Yes! Thank you for worrying Sajangnim. Please get some rest. I’ll call you another time.” She hung up.

“Was that your boss, spy master?” I whispered.

“No.” She murmured.

“Your lover?” I whispered again.

“Of course not.” She replied.

“Are you a sasaeng fan?”

“Definitely not.” She playfully laughed.

I opened my eyes and looked at her, she was looking outside the window. “She’s a real beauty.” I thought and closed my eyes again.


“Hey, hey, wake up… we’re here.”

I opened my eyes. We were in the main entrance of Galleria Foret. After you entered Galleria Foret’s main gate you would drive for three good minutes and then you would reach the three buildings. Two apartment towers and a small building known as the “Foyer”. We got out of the car; I walked a few steps and then turnaround to see her.

“Thank you Ajusshi.” She bowed and started to walk to the opposite direction from where I was.

“Hey! I’m here.” I said out loud.

“Good for you! Get some rest!” She exclaimed still walking.

“If you’re heading to the main gate, you should’ve left with the driver... Give me your name at least!! So I can thank you properly some day.”

“No need!” She shouted.

I wanted to go after her, but I was too tired, my vision more blurry, everything still spinning. I walked to where I thought the entrance to tower “A” was.  I kept walking but things were getting dark. “Where’s the ing door?” I angrily shouted.

Someone grabbed my arm. “Are you planning to go jogging?” She said while taking me to the opposite direction from where I was going.

 “In what tower do you live? Since you were standing near tower “A” entrance; you live there, right?”

I confirmed her assumption with an “Uhh!” Everything was quiet. “What time is it?” I asked.

“12:30 AM.” She replied.

We entered the building and then the elevator. “What floor?” She asked.

“37th” I said. I tried to press the button, but couldn’t. She pressed it.

“Give me your phone number.” I demanded.

“You don’t need it.” She answered.

“Then, at least tell me your name.”

“You don’t need it.” She said again.

“Wah! You really are something else. You obviously know who I am, so why are you refusing to give me your phone number or your name?”

“You’re not my type.” She said with confidence.

I laughed. We were across each other. I rapidly walked towards her, not giving her time to react. I put both hands on the wall, with her between them. I leaned towards her. She looked down. I looked at her and whispered, “Are you really sure I’m not your type?”

“You’re not.” She said and raised her head while looking at me. Our faces were close to each other. I stayed there looking at her eyes. Suddenly the elevator doors opened. We both looked at the doors. She crouched and got out. I walked towards her. 

“Can you get to your apartment from here?” She asked.

“Nope, where are we?” I lied.

She sighed deeply. “What’s your apartment number?”

“3707.” I replied.

We reached my apartment door; she helped me put my finger on the fingerprint reader lock. The door opened automatically. She was about to walk away when I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside the apartment.

“Tell me who you are and I’ll let you go.” I said.

“Maybe, I’m just a ghost.” She replied.

“Hah! Ghosts don’t look like you do.” I said while turning around; I was facing the main wall. There it was. The painting Kiko gave me a year ago for my birthday. I felt the pain again. I looked down; tears started to drop and I began to sob.

She grabbed my arm and made me sit down. She walked towards the kitchen. Opened the refrigerator and took out a bottled water. She opened it while walking towards me and said, “Drink.” I took it and started drinking it.

She sat next to me. “Do you want me to call someone? Your manager? Someone from Big Bang? Your best friend?”

I didn’t look at her this time. I just leaned on her shoulder and started to cry again; sobbing quietly. She didn’t say anything; she just stay there.

It was weird for me to cry in front of someone else. Only my parents and Young Bae have seen my cry. I don’t know why, but something about her made me feel safe.

After a while, the tears stopped. I raised my head from her shoulder and said, “I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” No reply. I looked at her; she had her eyes closed.  It looked like she was sleeping. I got up and brought a blanket from my room. I covered her trying not to wake her up.

I lay down on the other couch in front of her. I kept looking at her until I fell asleep.


I heard how the front door opened and then closed. I stretched and moved around. I finally opened my eyes, it was a sunny day, I saw a black scarf on the table, and then I remembered everything. I looked for her but she wasn’t here. I quickly stood up, put my sunglasses and my hat on, and ran to the door. I ran through the hallway, as I was turning left to enter the main hallway, I saw her, getting in the elevator.  I was two seconds late. The other elevator doors opened, a man got out and I jumped in.

As I entered the lobby, I saw her walking through the main door of tower “A”. I ran again, I reached the main patio and looked for her. There she was. If she wanted to exit Galleria Foret she was walking to the opposite direction of the main gate. I was about to shout to her when I noticed she was heading to tower “B”. I followed her.  She entered tower “B”, walked to the elevators, and waited. I kept my distance so that she didn’t know I was there. “What’s going on?” I thought.

A group of six people entered, it looked like they were coming from the jogging park, hiding among them I walked to the elevator.

The elevators doors opened. She stayed near the elevator’s buttons. I entered with the group and hide at the back. Two people exit the elevator on the 17th floor, one on the 28th floor, other on the 35th, we reached the 40th floor and she got out. Before the elevator’s doors closed I pressed the “keep doors open” button. The other two guys still in the elevator looked at me confused.

I exited and got a glimpse of her turning right. As I was reaching the corner, I heard a door opening.  I was able to see her enter an apartment.  I stood in front of the door she entered, apartment “4010”.  The apartment was the last on this floor. A window wall at the end of the hallway let all the sunlight in. I walked towards it.

 “Does she live here? How is it possible? Should I ring the doorbell and asked her? She probably would say the same, “You don’t need to know.”” I kept walking in circles with my hands crossed.

"What do I know about this woman? She was dressed with normal clothes; no high-end brands, her purse looked simple. She’s a foreigner. She doesn’t speak about herself, and she just entered a $3.5 million dollars apartment. Is she a Chaebol Mistress? No, it doesn’t make sense. A Chaebol would live in this kind of apartment.  Maybe she’s married to a Chaebol. Wah! I highly doubt that, she wouldn’t have stayed all night long in my apartment. Could she have the kind of money to own this apartment? But I’ve haven’t seen her before; she’s not famous and the way she was dressed…” I’ve been so into my thoughts that time flew by. I heard her apartment door opening.  The emergency stairs door was in front of me, I opened it and hide. After she closed the door, I got out from the emergency stairs.

I could see her back. She was wearing a dress. It was obviously a high-end brand dress. I couldn’t remember the brand but I’m sure I saw it at a fashion show in Paris fashion week. She entered the elevator, the doors closed. I walked towards the elevator and pressed the button. “Ok, think. If she lives here, she’s probably heading to the parking lot basement. There are 7 parking floors. I live in floor 37 and I park in floor 1, hyun-Suk hyung who lives in the PH parks in floor 1. She must park her car in floor 1 too.” The other elevator arrived quickly, I got in and pressed “basement floor 1”. I reached the basement. It’s my lucky day. She was waiting for something or someone. A valet appeared.

“Miss, good morning. Your personal assistant brought your car. She gave me your car keys. Should I get it for you.” The valet said.

“Good Morning ajusshi. Please don’t, I’ll get it myself, it’s so close it would be impolite of me to ask for it.” She replied while extending her hand. The valet gave her the car keys.

“Have a nice day ajusshi!”

“You too, Miss.”

She walked, for a couple of minutes. She then entered a car and drove to the opposite direction from where I was standing, heading to the basement floor exit. Then I saw it. She owns a white Tesla Model X.  There’s a waiting list to get that car.

I sighed feeling so confused. “Who the heck is she?”


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