The Party

Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

“Did you like it?” I asked Young Bae.

“Deabak! Really Daebak! It sounds fantastic.” He exclaimed.

We were at my studio in YGE. I’ve just played for him the final version of “Good Boy”.

“When should we release it?” I asked again.

Young Bae was thinking. “Maybe last days of October or early November?”

 I smiled. “November sounds good.”

“Are you going later to Tyler Kwon’s party?”

“Of course! He’s been clear that he wants me there.” I replied.

“Only you and I will go. Daesung, SeungRi, and TOP hyung said they had schedules.”

Tyler kwon is the CEO of Coridel Group. He parties hard and it’s quite eccentric. I’ve known him for some years now. We’re not great friends… I would say we’re good acquaintance. He has insisted that I need to be at his party without any excuse.

 “Let’s go together… You know how Tyler hyung is.” I said while playing with the control surface.

“I don’t think I’m staying too long, I have a date with Hyorinie later.”

I sighed. “I’m leaving with you, by any circumstance you should leave me there by myself.” I warned him.

“Araso Ji Yongie.”


As Young Bae and I were walking through the hallway I saw Hyun Suk Hyung entering his office. This is the perfect time to speak with him about Emi and I.

“You go first, I’ll see you later.” I said to Young Bae.

Young bae said goodbye and left.

I walked to Hyun Suk Hyung’s office. I wasn’t nervous at all.

I slightly knock on the door.

“Come in.” He said.

I opened the door.

“Ji Yongie! What are you doing here?” He asked with a smile.

“Have you been doing well hyung?” I bowed.

“Kure… is the new song finished?” He walked towards the living area of his office and sat on the couch.

“Yes, Taeyang just heard it… We decided to release it in November.” I said while sitting next to him.

“That will work. Winner’s debut promotions will be over by then. November sounds good.” He crossed his arms. “So are you going to tell me why you’ve been living such a quiet life lately… No party scandals, no love scandals. Are you dating someone and I haven’t found out?” He frowned.

“Well the thing is that…” Suddenly, someone opened the door. We both looked towards it. It was one of YG’s Directors.

“I’m so sorry Sajangnim.” He said while trying to breathe.

“Yah! What’s with you?” Hyun Suk exclaimed.

The director looked at me.

“Talk! I trust Ji Yong!” He shouted.

“Well, the Chinese who invested last month in YGE are been investigated for money laundry. I have their attorney on the phone.” He stuttered.

I looked at Hyun Suk; his face was filled with terror. The both of them ran away from the office.

I stayed there shocked; I didn’t know what to think of what I’ve just heard.

After a while I decided I should leave for I didn’t have a way of finding out what that meant to our company.

I wanted to go home and be with Emi, I needed to unwind after what just happened, but Tyler has been emphatic that I couldn’t miss his party.

I headed to Meca unwillingly.


As I waited in the parking lot inside my Lamborghini for Young Bae to arrive, I noticed a BMW I8 entering. My surprise was when the owner got out of the car.

“!” I said and rolled my eyes as I saw Kim Soo Hyun taking a ticket from the valet.

It’s been more than a year now, but the is still saying that Emi is his ideal type… in every ing interview.

The last thing I heard about him, is that his last drama about an alien, was a big success all over Asia.

There was something about him that I didn’t like, and I liked him less since he started naming Emi as his ideal type.

It’s ridiculous but there are a ton of articles about them. When you search his name, Emi appears in the “People also search for” section. And Yes! I have googled the .

Young Bae finally arrived and we entered Tyler’s party.

“G, Young Bae! You came… Everyone GD and Taeyang are in the house.” He shouted. He rented all the nightclub for his party.

“Kill me now!” I thought as everyone started cheering our entrance.

Tyler grabbed my arm and said: “G, there’s someone who’s dying to meet you, she’s the third daughter of Samsung’s Group chairman.” He pulled me towards a girl near the bar.

“Lee BoNa…” The girl turned to look at us. “…Meet the great G-Dragon!” He shouted.

She smiled, she bowed and said: “Mr. G-Dragonssi it's such a pleasure to meet you.”

I bowed. “Nice to meet you too.”

I didn’t want to be rude so I talked with her for five minutes. I then returned to Young Bae’s side.

“Who was that?” Young Bae asked.

“Someone called Lee BoNa.” I said with disinterest.

I grabbed a glass of champagne and started drinking.

“She looks pretty… well, not as pretty as Emi.” He said.

I smirked.

We were having a good time; I was with Taeyang, Lee Soo Hyuk, and other people.

As I drank a scotch I felt like someone was watching me. I looked and that’s when I saw her, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her.

“What is she doing here?” Young Bae whispered.

“I don’t know.” I replied. I was surprised.

Nala somehow had enter the party. She’s a former YGE dancer. She and I dated a long time ago, after we broke up, she left YGE and I made a promise to myself to never date someone from my same agency.

She smiled and raised her glass. I bowed my head and looked away.

Everything was going well, I was fooling around with the people I felt comfortable with.

Suddenly, Nala got the courage and started walking towards me. I turned my head to the opposite direction. “!” I exclaimed.

“Have you been doing well, Ji Yongie?” She asked.

I looked at her and faked a smile. “Noona, nice to see you.” I said. “Not.” I thought.

Nala is a gold digger. Everyone told me that she was with me because I was G-Dragon and not Ji Yong to her. I obviously didn’t listen to anyone and I crashed... hard.

“You look more handsome.” She said while leaning towards me.

I took a step away. “You look well too.” I said.

“Find someone to greet, find someone to greet.” I thought. “Jackpot!”

“Oh! There’s Sean hyung… Excuse me, I need to greet him.” I said before walking away.

I talked with Sean for a while, when I looked towards the group I was with, I noticed Young Bae and Soo Hyuk were nowhere to be seen.

Sean moved on to greet other people.

Here I was in the middle of this nightclub with people staring at me.

I took my phone out and sent a message to Young Bae.

I walked towards the bar, ordered another scotch and sat on a stool.

As the bartender handed me the drink, someone greeted me, it was Hong Jong Hyun. I put the scotch aside.

After Jong Hyun left, I turned to the other side, looking for my glass.

“Holy !” I shouted.

Lee BoNa was there, standing very close to my stool. “I’m so sorry oppa! I didn’t mean to scare you!” She exclaimed.

“Oppa? Are we close after talking for five minutes?” I said inside silently.

“Don’t worry.” I shook my head.

“Do you know Kim Nala? She’s a good friend of mine.” Nala was standing on BoNa’s side.

I looked towards her; I didn’t even notice she was there.

I drank the scotch in one sip.

“Oh! It taste funny.” I thought.

“Yes, she used to be a dancer in YGE.” I said.

“Oh! I didn’t know that!” BoNa exclaimed. “Well, we should continue meeting other people, excuse us.” They left.


I took my phone out. As I was trying to read the text Young Bae sent me, I noticed I couldn’t, my sight couldn’t focus. “What the heck? I haven’t drink that much!” I thought.

Soon after, I started to feel really weird… not drunk… just really weird. I couldn’t focus, everything was spinning fast, and I started to feel a lot of excitement.

I knew this was unusual, so although I was struggling a lot, I started to walk to the nightclub’s entrance

“Oh! You’re not feeling well!” I heard someone said in slow motion.

“No… manager…” I was trying to say that I needed to call my manager but I wasn’t able to say all the words.

“Lean on me.” I heard again in slow motion.

Someone made me lean. It was a small person. I tried to look this person’s face but couldn’t. I started laughing hysterically as I reached a state of euphoria.

“What the is happening?” I thought.

I blacked out.


I heard the noise of a vacuum cleaner. I opened my eyes.

“This doesn’t look familiar.” I thought as I saw the ceiling. I closed my eyes since I couldn’t focus.

I felt a real headache, like a hangover. I usually don’t feel hangovers, but today, Man! My head felt like it was going to explode.

I rubbed my eyes with my hand; I finally was able to see.

I saw the sunlight entering through a window. I was in bed, with my boxers on, inside a hotel room.

“Oh! Oppa you’re up.” Someone said.

I looked towards this person. It was the girl from last night.

I jumped out of the bed and started getting dressed.

“What happened?” I shouted.

“Nothing oppa, you were too drunk yesterday. I rented a room for you inside Meca’s hotel.”

As I buttoned my shirt I looked towards her, she looked perfectly dressed.

“Don’t worry I went home and got here today really early.” She said.

“Should I thank her?” I thought.

I was dumbfounded; I didn’t know what to say. I was staring at her. She was looking at me innocently.

“You shouldn’t be in a hotel room with a man.” I said.

“Nothing happened, Oppa.”

I walked towards the desk and grabbed my coat.

“Of course nothing happened, I remember everything.” I lied.

I reached the room’s entrance, before opening the door I said: “For the sake of the both of us… You and I never met.”


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