Drunks, Wh*res and Punches

Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

It’s been a month since Ji Yong and I started dating.

I was in Ji Yong’s apartment, wearing one of his white shirts and nothing more. I was trying to make him breakfast. He was sleeping.

I the stereo and put my playlist, not too loud, but loud enough to sing along. As I was hearing “Ain’t that a kick in the head” by Dean Martin, I started chopping the vegetables.

While I was heating the pan, “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra started playing. I smiled as I remembered dancing this song with Ji Yong months ago, I sang along and started dancing across the kitchen.

As I was whirling, I saw Ji Yong. He had only his shorts on. He was looking at me while leaning on the wall with his arms crossed.

“You scared me!” I laughed.

“So you also like swing?” He smiled.

“I love it!” I exclaimed while whirling.

I poured the vegetables into the skillet and started moving them. I felt Ji Yong’s arms crossing around my waist.  He kissed my cheek.

“What are you cooking?” He asked.

“Omelets.” I replied.

After “Mack the knife” by Bobby Darin started playing, he caressed my neck with his nose and said: “It smells amazing, but you smell even better.”

I chuckled. “If you interrupt me you won’t eat this yumminess.”

He turned off the stove and pulled me back towards the kitchen’s isle.

“Yah!” I exclaimed.

“Are you speaking banmal to me again?” He asked while kissing my neck.

“I speak banmal to you because we’re close enough.” I answered.

“But I love it when you use honorifics.” He laughed.

“But I don’t.” I turned to look at him and pouched.

He pinched my cheeks and said: “Araso… But don’t act this cute, otherwise I’ll eat you alive.”

I laughed and tried to move towards the stove. He didn’t let me; he grabbed my hand and started kissing me, fervidly. He lifted me up and made me sit on the countertop.

“What are you doing?” I asked while smiling seductively.

“I’m going to eat you.” He whispered.

He kissed me again; he started fondling my legs, then my hips, my waist, and my side s. He ed the first two buttons of the shirt. He was sliding his hands from my s to my shoulders while slightly pulling down the shirt.

As he was kissing my neck someone opened the front door. I froze.

Ji Yong looked towards the door. I looked at him. He was serious.

The shirt was below my shoulders; he calmly pulled it up and buttoned it.

“I’m so sorry.” A man shouted.

I jumped off the countertop and looked at him. He wasn’t looking at us; he was facing the door. It was Ji Yong’s manager. I intertwined my hands and bowed in a 45 degrees angle. “I’m the one sorry.” I said and ran away to the bedroom.


Ji Yong POV

“What a nice timing!” I thought while pulling up Emi’s shirt.

I smiled as I saw her bowing to someone who wasn’t even looking at her. She ran into the bedroom.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?” I asked Nan Gook. I turned off the stereo.

He turned to look at me. When he noticed Emi wasn’t there anymore, he walked towards me.  

“Is that CEO Haro?” He whispered.

I walked towards the living area and nodded.

As I sat on the couch I said: “We’re dating.”

He looked at me astonished. He sighed deeply and sat next to me. “Do you know what Yang Sajangnim will say when he finds out about this?” He whispered.

“He won’t find out.” I said while giving him a menacing look.

He raised his hands up. “I obviously won’t tell him anything, but you know that he always finds out.”

“We’ve been seen each other since before my world tour started.” I leaned on the sofa.

He looked at me surprised. “That long?”

I nodded. “So if Yang Sajangnim suddenly finds out, I’ll know it was you who told him.”

“I promise I won’t say a word.”

I finally smiled. “What are you doing here hyung?”

“Oh! That! Yang Sajangnim needs to meet with you, he’s leaving today for a couple weeks, and wants to know when you’ll release your new singles… by the way which song are you going to release first?”

I thought for a while and then said: “Crooked. But I think I’ll release it until September.”

“Ok… I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.” He stood up and left.

I walked towards the bedroom. Emi was already dressed up. She looked really mortified.

“Don’t worry he won’t tell anyone.” I said and sat next to her on the bed.

She covered her face with her hands. “I’m still blushing, right? ” She lifted her head and looked at me with those amazing eyes I love so much.

“No, you’re not blushing.” I said while squeezing her cheeks. “I have to go and see Hyun Suk hyung in YGE.”

She smiled and stood up; "I’ll go change to my apartment and head to the office."

I hugged her. “See you tonight?” I asked.

She nodded. “Gahee is really excited!”

I smiled and kissed her.


It was around 11:00 PM when I arrived at Meca’s parking lot. As I was walking through a hallway I met with Psy Hyung.

I bowed my head and said: “Hyung, have you been doing well?”

“Oh! Ji Yongah! Where are you heading?” He asked while touching my shoulder.

“To Ten.” I replied.

He smirked. “So you’re partying hard tonight!” He exclaimed.

I laughed. “You?”

“Oh! I’m just here to dine with some friends and to meet Kim Soo Hyun, I want him in my next music video.” He said.

As I heard his name I felt “blah!”

“If you have time you should come to say hi.”

“I’ll try hyung, have a good time.” I said while slightly bowing.


I was about to enter the nightclub when I saw Emi, I wanted to hug her but I knew she would freak out. She was looking for someone and had her phone in her hand.

I stood up in front of her. “Hello stranger.” I said.

She looked at me with her beautiful smile. “You’re here!”

“Who are you looking for?” I asked.

“Gahee! She was with me a while ago, but as I was greeting someone I lost her.”

“Maybe she’s inside, let’s go to the second floor and look for her.” She nodded.

As we were walking inside the nightclub we distanced ourselves. She was walking a few steps ahead of me.

We entered the VIP section, we were about to open the door of our private room when suddenly someone who was inside exclaimed: “That little still loves you!”

Emi and I looked at each other.

A man said: “I’ve told you already that she has a boyfriend.” I recognized Taeyang’s voice immediately.

The woman inside laughed. “That’s why she’s a !”

“I think Young Bae and Min Hyorin noona are fighting.” I whispered. Emi looked at me surprised. “I didn’t know Min Hyorinssi would be here.”

“Nor do I.” I said.

“You should go inside and see what’s this is about. I’ll go to look for Gahee.” She whispered.

As Emi walked away, TOP arrived.

“Ji Yongie! You’re here.” He said.

“Hyung! Young Bae and Min Hyorin noona are fighting.” I whispered.

He looked towards the door. The both of us leaned to hear.

“I’m telling you, I saw the way that little was looking at you.”

“You’re imagining things, she doesn’t even care about me anymore.”

“Are you saying I’m being delusional?”

“No, don’t twist my words… I just think that your jealousy is getting the best of you.”

“Hyung, let’s laugh out loud while we open the door so they don’t know that we’ve listen.”

Top nodded. We fake our best hilarious laugh and opened the door.

“Oh! You’re here!” I exclaimed with a fake surprised expression.

“Oh! Ji Yongie, Seung Hyunie you’re here!” Min Hyorin exclaimed with a sweet voice.

“Have you been doing well, noona?” I asked.

She gave Young bae a mean look and then replied: “Of Course Ji Yongie… but where’s that doll of yours, I’m dying to meet her.”

“She went looking for her friend.” I said.

Top and I sat down. Young Bae was annoyed.

After a while it seemed like things were getting better. We ordered champagne, scotch, and wine.

Daesung entered; he greeted everyone and sat next to Young Bae.

“So where’s hyeongsunim?” Daesung asked me.

I looked at my watch; it’s been around 20 minutes since she left.

“I’m going out to find her.” I said and stood up.

After I left the room, I noticed SeungRi had arrived but was looking intently towards the dance floor.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him while smiling.

“Hyung, look at that beauty! Wah! It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone as pretty as her. I need to get her phone.” He said.

“Where?” I asked.

“There, the westerner with black hair.”

He pointed out to where she was. I looked and it was Emi.

Emi was trying to bring her friend; her friend looked like she was enjoying dancing and wasn’t paying attention to her.

I slightly leaned towards him and said: “That’s hyung’s woman.”

He looked at me shocked. “Hyung, you’re lying right?”

“Nope… That’s really hyung’s woman.”

He whimpered. “Why? Why? Why do you always get the best ones?”

I smirked and patted his shoulder. “Go in and make Min Hyorin noona laugh. She was feeling down a while ago.” I said.

“Noona is here?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Don’t worry hyung. I’ll make her laugh.”


I walked in between the people to reach Emi. The music was really loud.

“What’s up?” I screamed.

Emi looked at me. “She’s been drinking and doesn’t want to stop dancing.”

“Leave it to me!”

Gahee was jumping and dancing. I started to do the same so she could see my face.

After a while she saw me. “GD OPPA!” she shouted and stopped moving.

“Oppa? She looks older than me.” I thought. I smiled.

As we were about to reach the private room Gahee suddenly stopped and turned to look at me.

“Annyeonghaseyo, I’m Ji Gahee.” She said while bowing deeply.

Emi was mortified. She covered her face with her hand.

I bowed and said: “Annyeonghaseyo, I’m…”

Gahee interrupted me. “You’re GD Oppa.” She said.

“You can call me Ji Yong.”

She raised her hand and started moving it from one side to the other with her eyes closed. “No. You’re GD oppa.” She suddenly started walking again.

Emi sighed deeply.

“How much has she been drinking?” I whispered.

“I don’t know… she was really nervous.”

I chuckled and placed my arm around Emi’s shoulders.

Gahee opened the door and ran inside. We ran after her.

“Annyeonghaseyo, I’m Dr. Ji Gahee.” She shouted while bowing deeply again.

Everyone looked at her with a shocked expression; they stood up and started to bow.

I was finding this quite hilarious so I laughed. Emi punched me.

Gahee walked towards an empty chair between TOP and Daesung. Before sitting she looked towards Daesung and said: “Daesungssi I’m a big fan of yours.” She sighed.

Emi covered her face with her hand. She then walked some steps forward.

“Hello, I’m Emilia Haro. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you all.” She slightly bowed and then looked at everyone with a shy smile. Everyone bowed in return.

I smiled proudly. “She’s so cute.” I thought.

We sat down. Emi sat next to Min Hyorin and I had SeungRi on the other side.

“You’re really beautiful hyeongsunim.” Daesung said.

Emi smiled and as she was about to say something, Gahee exclaimed: “Daesungssi, I’m pretty too! GD Oppa, tell him!”

I nodded once and started to laugh.

Emi and Hyorin were getting along well.  Young Bae was drinking heavily while talking with Daesung. Daesung was trying to avoid Gahee; she was doing everything she could to get his attention. I was fooling around with Top and Seungri. They looked drunk already.

As I lighted a cigarette I heard Min Hyorin saying softly to Emi: “Beware of the , they are looking for the moment to snatch them away.” I smirked.

While I drank more scotch, SeungRi stood up and started dancing around.

TOP was acting cute: “Emissi, take care of our Ji Yongie.”

Emi looked at him and smiled. She then leaned towards me and kissed my neck. I fondled her lap.

After drinking more scotch I knew I was a little bit drunk. I started patting my face with my backhand.

“Are you okay?” Emi asked.

“I think I’m drunk.”

She kissed my cheek.


Gahee was still trying to get Daesung to look at her. Hyorin was now trying to fix things with Young Bae.

SeungRi then said: “Let’s go somewhere else!” He was still dancing. Top stood up and the both of them started to “dance” all over the room. Everyone started to laugh hysterically.

Suddenly everything started spinning. “Yep! I’m officially drunk.”


Emi Haro POV

It was 3:30 AM. I sent Gahee in a taxi an hour ago since she was heavily drunk. Well, everyone inside this room was drunk except for me. I only had a glass of wine.

TOP and SeungRi were singing loudly. Daesung, Ji Yong and Taeyang were talking and laughing. Hyorin Unnie was sad because Taeyang wasn’t accepting her apology. Apparently she invited herself today, because she thought he was going to meet with an ex-girlfriend. 

Minutes later all the managers entered the room and the meeting was over.


I was walking besides Ji Yong, who was leaning on his manager’s shoulder.

I suddenly heard: “Noona!” someone hugged me from behind.

I turned to look and it was Diego. “Is this a dream?” I thought.

Ji Yong saw this and shouted: “What the ?” He jabbed with his right hand.

Diego moved before the fist could reach him. I shouted: “It’s my brother! It’s my brother!”

Ji Yong looked at me shocked. Since people were starting to stare at us, his manager quickly took him away.

“Who’s that?” Diego asked.

I couldn’t believe it. He was here; He was really here. I jumped into his arms and we hugged again.

“What are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming today?” I exclaimed.

He scratched his head and said: “I went to your apartment but they didn’t let me in, since you weren’t there. I called Ari and she told me you were here.”

“How did you got in here?” I asked, confused.

“Oh! Hyung 2B helped me get in… Noona this is Hyung 2B.”


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