Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

It’s been three months since Ji Yong and I are “friendlier”. His World Tour started at the end of March; I was at his opening concert in Seoul.  Since then, he’s been in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China; but that hasn’t stopped us from keeping our arrangement. Although it has been very difficult due to my crazy schedule, I’ve traveled to each country to be with him. He also comes regularly to South Korea for a couple days to be with me.

I think we’ve made a great job with keeping this a secret.  Ji Yong’s Manager still doesn’t know about us so, we’ve been extremely careful with our meetings; which most of the time happen inside a hotel room. The only ones who know about our “friendship” are Taeyang and Gahee; I think Ari suspects I’m seeing someone but, she doesn’t know who he is.

Needless to say, the is amazing, amazing enough to make me travel all the miles for it.

I just arrived in Nagoya, where his next pair of concerts will take place. As I was reading some e-mails, someone slide a key card through the door. I smiled since I knew it was Ji Yong.

It was around 2:00 AM when I headed to his room. As I opened the door, I noticed everything was quiet, which is unusual for his always up when he knows I’ll be there. The only light was coming from the night lamp. I walked to his bed; it looked like he was sleeping, until I saw him. He was drenched in sweat.

I knelt down and whispered: “Ji Yong, are you ok?”

He didn’t answer. I touched his forehead and that’s when I noticed he was burning up with fever. I ran back to my room for my emergency kit; I always carry different types of pills for moments like this.

I helped Ji Yong take a Tylenol and then started placing wet towels on his forehead.  “He’s been working too hard.” I quietly said.

I’ve been fighting with my weariness for the past hours. The last time I looked at the clock, it was 5:00 AM. I leaned on the chair and closed my eyes for what I thought would be a couple of minutes.


I could hear someone knocking on the door. As I opened my eyes, I noticed I was lying on the bed and the sun was out.

“Oh! Hyung what is it?” Ji Yong asked.

I couldn’t see him. He was in the small hallway near the bathroom.

“No, don’t worry. I’ll have lunch here in my room, I’ll ask for room service.” He exclaimed.

I was sitting down on the bed when I saw him.

“You’re up!” He exclaimed with a big smile. He looked perfectly fine now.

I stood up on my knees and walked like that to the edge of the bed. “Yah! You scared me!” I pouted while punching his shoulder.

“Are you speaking banmal to me again?” He asked while hugging me. He kissed my forehead.

“Are you okay?” I said while touching his forehead and his cheeks.

“Yes! I’m perfectly fine.” He exclaimed as he headed to the desk. He picked up the room service menu and then continued: “Should we get something to eat?”

I nodded and sat down on the bed again. “What do you want to have for breakfast?” I asked.

He handed me the menu and laughed. “It’s noon.”

I looked at the alarm clock. It was really noon. “What?” I shouted.

I tried to get up but he didn’t let me. “Don’t even think about leaving before eating something.” He was on top of me. He was looking at me with that smirk that drives me crazy.

I nodded and kissed him.


After ordering room service, he was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. I was lying on my side with my head on his arm.

“What happened yesterday?” I asked while fondling his chest.

“I don’t know. I suddenly felt really tired so, I tried to sleep for a while. I don’t remember anything else.”  He replied.

Before I could say anything. “Why did you fell asleep on the chair? I had to carry you to the bed. Do you know how heavy you are?” He asked with a mocking tone.

“I’m not that heavy! And that wasn’t the first time you’ve carried me.” I seductively replied.

He opened his eyes and got on top of me. “Are you trying to seduce me right now?”

“Of course not! You’re still convalescent of your illness.” I sarcastically said.

He smirked and fervidly kissed me. He was ing my shirt when someone knocked on the door.

“You and I have an unfinished business.” He said before heading to the door.

I laughed.

We were eating when he suddenly walked towards the nightstand; he opened the drawer and took out a red box. He handed it to me.

“What is it?” I asked. He didn’t reply.

It was a Cartier box. I opened it. A chrome bracelet was inside.

“Why are you giving me this?” I asked with a smile.

“That’s my way of saying thank you for taking care of me today.” He said without looking at me. He took a bite of his pasta.

“So, you rushed this morning and bought me this?” I asked, sarcastically.

He nodded.

As he took another bite of his pasta I saw his wrist, he was wearing an identical bracelet. My heart started racing.

“What’s that on your wrist?” I calmly asked.

“Oh! It was a “Buy one get one free” promotion.” He said.

“I’m pretty sure Cartier doesn’t do promotions.”

We remained silent for a couple of minutes. I didn’t know how to feel about this.

“Are these couple bracelets?” I asked again.

“What if they are?”

The both of us were talking in a very calm way.

“I would think it’s funny, since we’re not a couple.” I awkwardly laughed.

After I said this he was annoyed but, he didn’t raise his voice. “You’re the funny one. A couple of weeks ago you gave me a vintage Chanel watch and I didn’t ask you these type of questions.”

“But, that’s different, I knew you were looking for that watch. I just helped you getting it.” I said and got a sip of my lemonade.

He laughed. “You’re overthinking this… You’re taking too seriously a simple bracelet.”

I looked at him shocked. Before we locked eyes, I looked down.

After this, we didn’t say anything else. I could feel the tense environment.

My flight was scheduled for that night. Before I headed to the airport we said goodbye; we didn’t kiss, we only hugged. It wasn’t even a fight nor an argument but we both knew something had happen between us.


A week later, I was in my office. Since Japan, Ji Yong and I have barely spoken. I didn’t travel to Thailand; he didn’t come to South Korea.

“You little liar!” Gahee exclaimed.

I was so into my thoughts that I didn’t see her entering my office.

“Oh! Unnie, you’re here!” I said as I stood up from my chair and walked towards her.

“You told me you didn’t know him!” She whimpered.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, confused.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the living area. We sat down, she sighed deeply and then replied: “Kim Soo Hyun named you as his Ideal type! When did you meet him? Why didn’t you tell me?”

I was dumbfounded I couldn’t understand what she was saying. “Unnie, I don’t understand.” I said.

She sighed again and handed me her phone. I looked at the headline of an article: “Kim Soo Hyun names Emilia Haro as his Ideal Type”.

Before I could read through the article, Gahee took her phone back.

“And that’s only one article of the dozens I’ve read so far. Are you going to deny it now?” She asked while crossing her arms.

I was really surprised. “Unnie, I really don’t know him, I’ve never spoke with him before. I didn’t even know he knew I existed.” I answered.

Gahee laughed sarcastically. “Are you telling me that he named a stranger as his ideal type?”

“Well, Yes!” I looked directly at her eyes.

“Since you’re looking me in the eyes it must be true.” She sighed deeply. “I can’t believe your luck! I mean you’re his fan and he just named you as his ideal type… this can’t be happening!” She whimpered while laying her head on my lap.

Gahee is a Kim Soo Hyun hardcore fan; I can understand why she’s acting like this. I patted her head and then said: “Unnie, don’t take it too seriously. Probably the interviewer twisted his words.”

She rose from my lap and stared at me. “Read all the freaking article!” She exclaimed.

I took her phone and read the article. He said really nice things about me. It obviously made me feel good and honored.

As I got to the end of the article I saw the suggested section. I shivered as I read a headline: “G-Dragon and Meisa Kuroki partying together in Thailand”.

“Did you read Ji Yong’s article?” I asked while opening the page.

“Oh! That’s the real reason I came here.” She softly replied.

I could feel my heart racing as I saw the photos of the both of them in a nightclub. They were standing next to each other while laughing. Although there aren’t compromising pictures, it looked like they were having the best time together. I remembered that months ago they were seen together in Japan too.

I sighed deeply, handed the phone to Gahee, and walked towards my desk.

She looked at me surprised. “That’s it?” She asked.

“What do you want me to do?” I said while sitting on the chair.

“Scream a little bit or punch something.”

“Why would I? We’re just friends.”

“Come on Emi! We both know that you have feelings for him.” She said as she headed to where I was.

I started typing on my laptop. “That may be true but, it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have the right to be jealous.”

“I actually came all the way here because of this but, you’re taking it well.” Gahee sat on a chair in front of me. “I mean, this is the first time he goes out with someone after the two of you made the arrangement.”

“It needed to happen some day. We’re just friends and that’s it.” I said while looking at my laptop.

“Okay then. Since you’ve taking it like a super hero, I’ll be going. I have an appointment in one hour.”

We hugged and Gahee left.

After a while, Ari entered my office to tell me about my schedule for the day.

“Everything sounds good.” I said after she finished.

“Should I tell you who wants to set up a date with you Sajangnim?”

“Go ahead!” I said as I drank some water.

She looked at me surprised. “Oh! This is the first time in a while.” She exclaimed.

“Kim Sajagnim from…”

I interrupted her. “Has any celebrities requested a date?” I asked while looking at some papers.

She was surprised again.

“Yes Sajangnim. Kim Jae Joong manager called, Lee Hong Ki manager called and Choi Si Won manager called a while ago.”

I leaned on my chair. “I met Si Wonssi at the Blue House event, he seemed nice. Please set the date.” I asked.

Ari stared at me with eyes wide open. “Are you sure Sajangnim? This is the first time you’ll accept a date from a celebrity.”

“Yes, I’m sure.” I said.

I looked to the window thinking I deserved this for I’ve been playing with fire and I’ve burnt myself; although I’ve tried to deny it, it’s obvious that I have feelings for Ji Yong.


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Chapter 59: You know this story is so many times I felt her pain..I do trust you will end it as you wish but I feel Emi should not run and claimed what is for Jiyong he complicates things because his ways of life...He should fight what is his and hold her and eyes only for her.I love they finally talk it out ...the pain left a scar but the love will heal it make it stronger..Fighting dear how the story goes all the heart ache is because they listen to others not their hearts.Please let it all ends well..
mikkydragon #2
Chapter 59: update soon........
Chapter 59: It's your story. You are the one behind every idea, every moment, every word, why should you change the way you see the development of the story because of others. I understand that you want the story to satisfy your readers but readers choose to read your story because they liked your idea in the first place.

I've seen the other note you wrote before, but it got deleted before I got the chance to comment. While reading your story there were many moments in which I was angry, I got frustrated, I even wondered why is this happening again?!! But despite all this I returned every time you updated the story, I have even waited for your update because those dramatic moments which you are very GOOD at writing, make your story different from others.

I wrote nearly a chapter XD What I wanted to say from all this, is that you should not ask us how long should the story be, just do it the way you want it. And I really like your story !!

Fighting !! ^^
lizharuharu #4
Chapter 59: I'm glad that they are together and I just want to say do what your heart tells you if you want drama let their be drama, if you want to end the story end it on your terms, and I didn't feel like ch 58 was bad I liked everything about it. :)
Angel2love97 #5
Chapter 59: This is just my opinion, I think you should write the other chapters since nana needs to be explained and exorcist out the story. Chapter 58 was not bad I expected them to get back together and old girl needed to put on her big girl and go after what she wanted. And you forgetting one thing about writing, it's a fictional story and can be told anyway you like it so I think you should push on since you have to answer my questions about nana **winks***
Angel2love97 #6
Chapter 58: Umm just what is nana exactly up too?! She's a little to much for me. Thks for the update!
mikkydragon #7
Chapter 57: update soon..........
Chapter 57: Poor Emi ..sigh how life could be screw up like that is there any left???
tchantchan #9
Chapter 57: Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong.. how deep do you plan to dig your own grave?
Lilylor #10
Chapter 57: I'm not sure if I want to slap nana or beat that ... like one minute she is koo then the next, she a two face?? Jesus!! And I'm tired of jiyong like if he tryna get EMI back he need to get his together cuz the he doing now ain't helping him. Ughhh they both stupid... they just need to sit down together and talk it out. And after talking it out they could do w.e they want to each other cuz both of them is causing a heartbreak for themselves