Box-Office and aliens

Violet Love Sonata
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Kim Soo Hyun POV

I woke up and started getting dressed. As I was putting my cap on, she said: “Oppa, you’re leaving without saying goodbye?”

I turned to look at her; she was asleep when I woke up. She was lying on the bed under the sheets. I smiled and walked towards her.

“Of course not! But the sun will rise soon and I should leave before your neighbors wake up.” I stood in front of the bed staring at her.

“Will you call me once you finish the promotions of your movie?” She asked. She looked at me with puppy eyes.

“Uuhh! For sure!” I lied. I patted her head and left her apartment.

If you’re wondering who she is, she’s part of a famous Idol group. I won’t say her name for we gentleman don’t have memory as to this types of things.

I rapidly walked towards the van, where Taehyun was waiting for me. I opened the door and got in.

“Well! At least you do look more relaxed.” He said, annoyed.

“Of course I do! Do you know how much time has been since I’ve been with a woman?” I asked more annoyed.

“During the speech you gave me before I brought you here… you said it has been almost a year.” He made a long pause; he was really pissed. “Soo Hyunah, I understand your needs really well. But, you have the worst timing! Your movie was released two days ago! Do you know what will Bae Sajangnim say if he learns about this? I’ll be fired and you’ll be punished.” He concluded.

Although Taehyun is my manager, he has a soft spot for me. I can easily convince him to help me do things that are a little bit reckless. To be honest, I don’t do it often but, today I really needed to unwind. As Taehyun said, “Secretly greatly” hit theaters two days ago and it broke the box-office record for most ticket sales in its first day of release by a Korean film. So, now two of my movies hold a box-office record; the other been “Thieves”.

The reason I’m stressed is because today we’ll know if we broke up another box-office record. Hopefully we’ll do, cause this will give more autonomy to select the films/dramas I work in, and it will also give me the independence I need to do what I want… and pursue who I want.

“Hyung! Don’t worry! No one will know about this.” I said, trying to calm him down.

“We’re here. Get some rest cause your schedule starts in less than three hours. I moved a couple of meetings you had tomorrow for today, so you don’t forget to work hard.” He smirked.

“Araso Hyung! Araso… I know you’re doing it because you’re upset. I’ll be good from now on. Uhh?” I smiled innocently. He was watching me through the driving mirror.

“Kure Soo Hyunah! Let’s not do this during the critical moments of your career.” He smiled back.

That’s all I needed to say to him so he could let go of his grudge; He really has a soft heart. I laughed inside silently.


I was exhausted, it was almost 11:00 PM and I’m still in a photo shoot. I had six interviews and three photos shoots today. The photographer could see I was tired and said: “Soo Hyunie, let’s take a fifteen minutes break, yes? I promise we’ll finish in thirty minutes.”

I bowed and excused myself for being tired. Everyone looked at me with an “Aww, poor little thing!” expression.

I sat on a couch near the main studio, grabbed a magazine and turned the T.V. on. “Arirang Showbiz News” was airing. I was reading an article when I heard: “She’s an inspiration for women her age. She’s 24 years old, She’s the CEO of Dramafy and Forbes US ranked her in its Top 10 CEOs to look forward in 2013… Miss Haro Emiliassi is here tonight to speak with us about the impact Korean Television is having worldwide.”

As I heard her name I raised my head to look at the T.V. She was wearing a white shirt and her hair was side parted with some waves at the ends.

“Wah! She looks beautiful as usual.” I said to myself.

 She has a nice voice, a kind of voice you would want to hear every night before going to bed. But, what surprised me the most is that she speaks Korean fluently.

I’ve seen her a couple of times but, she looks different now, like… more mature. Her eyes besides being big are very expressive and now they have a glow.

 “Could she be dating someone?” I thought.

As I was watching her interview my phone rang but, I didn’t answer. Minutes later Taehyun said: “Soo Hyunah, Bae Sajangnim is waiting for you at Meca.”

I knew the meaning of that meeting; it was probably regarding the movie.

I stood up and headed to the main studio to continue with the photo shoot so we could finish as soon as possible.


After the photo shoot, I headed straight to Meca. As I walked through the hallways I was looking for someone but, wasn’t able to see her.

I entered the private dining room; Bae Sajangnim was in there with a couple more people.

“I’m sorry for been so late.” I said and bowed.

“Oh! Soo Hyunah, sit here.” Bae Sajangnim said.

I sat down and looked at the table.

Bae Sajangnim held my shoulder and said: “Soo Hyunie, it happened… “Secretly greatly” broke another box-office record.”

I looked at him surprised and then looked down. I wasn’t able to say anything; I had a lump in my throat. If I would’ve been alone with Bae Sajangnim I’d probably jumped around and hugged him.

“You worked hard.” Bae Sajangnim said. “You’re now the nation’s actor… But now it’s time to look forward. We’re discussing how to open market and sell your image in China.” He concluded.

I looked at him. “I’m not worthy hyung, but thank you.” I said. He smiled at me.

After awhile I left the room for a moment. I needed to see her; I started to look for her through the restaurants. As I was reaching the last one, I saw her.

“Are you doing well?” I said with a smile on my face.

She turned to look at me. She looked down. “Oh! Mr. Kim Soo Hyunssi.” She said while smiling and covering with her hand.

“Do you have any information for me?” I asked. I still was smiling. I took some steps closer to her. She was intently staring at me.

She’s a waitress here at Meca and she’s a big fan of mine. She’s a nervous person, really naïve, not that smart but, she’s been very helpful; she keeps me informed about “interesting” things that happen in here. Believe it or not is really advantageous to know the dirty laundry of others in this business.

For example, she told me when “Secretly greatly” Director’s Jang Cheol Soo was in here meeting with another actor. After the other actor left, I “accidentally” met with the Director and the rest is history.

“Taeyeon and Baekhyun broke up again.” She whispered as she looked around.

“Okay.” I said while nodding.

“Lee Min Ho and Suzy had a date a couple of nights ago.” She whispered again.

“That could be useful.” I thought.

“Have you noticed anything else? Maybe Writers or Directors meeting together?” I asked.

She rapidly nodded. “Uuhh!! I served in the private dining room for Director Jang Tae Yoo; he was meeting with Writer Park Ji Eun, they were talking about a drama… and an alien. The alien is a male and the main character.” She whispered.

That piece of information was music to my ears. 

I looked at her and smiled gleamingly. “You’re great! If you need another autograph or something I can help you with, please tell me. Araso?” I said.

She glared at me with puppy eyes and nodded.

I was about to leave, when I remembered the glow in Emilia’s eyes. Could she be a member of Meca? I wasn’t sure but, I needed to try to find out.

“I forgot to ask you something. Are there any foreigner members here in Meca?”

She was thinking and then said: “Not that many.”

“Maybe… a westerner CEO.” I whispered.

“Ooh!!! The only one I know is Miss Haro Sajangnim.” She exclaimed.

I was surprised. “Does she comes often… with someone?” I eagerly asked.

She started thinking again, after a while she replied: “She comes with a lot of westerners, she meets with some Korean CEOs…” She suddenly stopped, like if she didn’t want to continue. 

“Does she meet with celebrities?” I asked again.

She pulled me inside a little room. She then whispered: “We have strictly prohibited to talk about this celebrity. But, I know that if I tell you, you won’t tell anyone else. I’m not really sure but… in recent times when she comes, Mr. G-Dragonssi comes after her. Some weeks ago I saw him getting in the private dining room where she was waiting.”

This took me by surprise. I said goodbye and headed back to the private room.

I was dumbfounded. Really? G-Dragon? Could she be that naïve to date someone as him?


The next morning, I arrived to my first interview of the day.

I tried not to thing too much on what I found out yesterday.  If Emilia is dating him, I obviously won’t intrude in their relationship. I hate the love-triangle drama. It’s evident that a relationship like that won’t last long.

The only thing I was able to learn about G-Dragon during the military is: that he’s quiet and self-centered; he’s not ready to make sacrifices so, it’s just a matter of time.


The interview was going well, I was being funny… like always.

But, then the interviewer asked: “Many people are calling you Korea’s Top actor. I’m sure that there are a lot of ladies out there who want to know this… who’s your ideal type?”

I thought my answer for a bit. “The thing is that I don’t like stereotyping, I think that when you love someone, you love her for who she is. So, if I ever fall in love there’s a high probability that she won’t look like I imagined her.”

The interviewer looked at me suspiciously. “I did a research on your interviews, you always say something like that.”

I laughed out loud.

He then continued: “You’ve never named anyone as your ideal type. I think that nowadays, with all the attention that you’re garnering…”

While he kept talking, I watched towards a mute T.V. It looked like a showbiz announcing some news about G-Dragon’s concert. As I saw him smiling brightly, I felt a little bit of jealousy.

I stared at the interviewer and interrupted him. “You’re right, I do have someone as my ideal type…” I tried to appear shy, I looked down and continued: “She’s someone I admire a lot, I not only think she’s beautiful but, also intelligent… She’s Emilia Haro.”

The interviewer looked at me astonished.

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