Secret Admirer or Secret Agent?

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Im Nayeon graduated early from the academy at the top of her class. She is the youngest female South Korean Special Agent to ever do so and the youngest to be recruited for field. Despite that, she struggles with her love life.

She's been a special agent for 2 years now and hasn't failed a single mission. She has a great track record and is known to finish missions efficiently. The only problem is, she can be very clumsy. Since Nayeon is their youngest recruit, being only 20 years old when she joined, she acts like a baby. She is close with the cheif and certainly knows how to get what she wants. Until she's given a top secret mission in which she has to surveil a suspect in an illegal arms deal with a South Korean gang. She becomes more curious and invested in the suspect than she should.

Little to your knowledge you have a stalker. A super good one.


I keep getting ideas but this one has been niggling at me for a while. I just couldn't get the idea of Special Agent Im out of my head. Plus she'd be wearing a suit which i think would look pretty darn good on Nayeon so... that's basically the main reason for this story. I also want this to be funny so i'm going to try some comedy but i haven't written anything like this (action) before but hopefully i'll get away with it :D

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Chapter Extract

"You're not supposed to be getting close to the subject Agent Im." The chief scolded her.

"I thought it would be better, from a strategic point of view." Nayeon began to explain.

"What strategic point of view??" The chief asked incredulously, scoffing at her.

"I can be present in most of their life, watch them more closely." Agent Im reasoned.

"Hmmm.." The chief was contemplating the ridiculous proposal.

"Sir, please," Agent Im pushes on, desperate for confirmation, "If anything it means I can get information faster and that information will be more accurate."

He contemplates for a while longer, stroking his stubley beard as he looks to the ground. "I suppose engaging the suspect might make the case go faster."

Nayeon was about to squeal with joy but rapidly composed herself as he finished off.

"But if I see anything going sideways, I'm pulling you out." He paused lettin git sink in. "For good."

Agent Im nodded gravely. She'd become immensly curious about the suspect she'd been shadowing and wanted to know her more personally. SHe wanted to see if she could get into her head, see waht drives the susoect.

"Of course sir, thank you, sir." She acquiesced.

"You're dismissed."

Agent Im Nayeon saluted and then left the cheifs room.She had obtained permission to run the mission more to her preference. It would be more free. Easier. Or so she thought.

Are we interested yet? Note: None of the images are mine apart from the cover which i hurriedly made myself. I hope you subscribe and read!

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