White Rose

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You've seen them in movies, books, and fairy tales, and you've probably thought that they exist. But most say that they are fiction, that we are fiction. Well sorry to inform you but, yes we do exist. Whether you like it or not. We are everywhere. From that innocent looking high school girl to the CEO of the biggest corporation.

Thus be scared fragile little humans... Some of us are here to HARM you. HURT you. USE you. TORTURE you...

However, know that we are here to protect you. Know that not all of us are evil. Know that we have been your so-called guardian angle for centuries.
We are the Insitute of Mystic Defense (IMD), the secret force that protects the peace of the world. And also the force that keeps us from the public eye.

But evil is brewing... and we may not be strong enough to stop them.

So be prepared humans... You may come to know something that you shouldn't have...


The city of Seoul... so vibrant with life. Especially during the nights, the lights from all the shops, buildings, and huge screens in the plazas paint the night and make the city look so lively. All the citizens are busy doing their own business, some are tending their shops, some are still working late into the night, and some are partying with their friends as tomorrow is Saturday. However unknown to those people, Vampires roam their city and Werewolves hunt in the forests surrounding the city. All of them are just minding their own business and they try to not bother the humans. The Vampires get their blood from hospitals and the Werewolves hunt their own food or just buy them from supermarkets just like humans.


But something is at amiss, there are too little number of Vampires and Werewolves in the city and in the forests. A griffon like creature of pure darkness with the exception of the eyes is flying high over the city. It then goes to the highest point in the city; Just before it lands, it transforms into a beautiful young girl. She has long black hair, and if you look closely some of it is actually dark green; Also her eyes were of a cold silver. The girl then talks into her ear piece.


"Unnie?" Then a soft voice came from the ear piece.


"Hm? What is it?"


"How are the Werewolves doing on your side?"


"Ummm... Well, there is a problem, some of them are-"




"What? How did you know?"


"Because some of the Vampires are also missing... What's happening, Unnie?"

"I also don't know... I'm going to tell her about it. Maybe she knows. You just keep patrolling the city, okay?"


"Alright. Take care, Unnie." And with that the girl hangs up. She then transforms back to her Griffon form and flew away from the building.




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Hey, I'm actually continuing this lol
But I have to cut it short, cause I'm already rewriting it.
Which you have to check out btw! Cause its way better than this one lol

In other news, this new chapter has my new writing style in it.
What do you think about it?

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Chapter 14: Omg Sana died?! My SaTzu heart :( I hope it’s just what Tzuyu thinks and the rest of Twice but she’s actually still alive. I can’t really remember the storyline so yh.
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Chapter 14: New reader, subscribed awhile back but just got the time to read it properly. It's nicely written and I'm actually intrigued with what happened to Sana and how the sirens (mina, Claire, tzuyu) became what they are now, eaters. Also their relationship, sounds like Sana has a position and the trio are her knights or something. Anyway, looking forward for next update!

p.s: I love how you made an OC for our God jihyo
Chapter 14: Please be okay Momoring :"(
Chapter 14: i was about to sleep,, ugh cliffhanger, idk whether i want momo to survive or not asdfghjkl
Nosatzunolife147 #6
Chapter 11: If momo dies....
Momo_the_mochine #7
Im suspecting that Momo WILL die but then due to some certain circumstances, she will be brought to life again.
Well idk. But im ready for the angst.
Chapter 13: I cried :"""
Please don't die momo :"
Chapter 13: This will get extremely painful if Momo die, but I love angst.
Chapter 13: Ohhhh, I finally remember. It was this fic. I was looking for this before but I forgot the author and the title. :D