Am I Great Enough (Descendants Of The Sun One-Shots)
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Before this chapter starts, I want you to immerse yourself with these pictures:


   This is Yoo Si Jin back when he was a kid.


     And this is Kang Mo Yeon when she was a kid too.


OK. That is all. :D


Chapter One: ANTE (Latin: Before)


“Noona, why are you not joining those other girls playing with their dolls?”


Little Kang Mo Yeon bowled over when a curious voice suddenly came out of nowhere beside her. She quickly looked to her right to see a little boy about a year younger than her seated casually on the school’s park bench. Only the two children sat on either side of the benches that had lined up in the school’s grounds amidst the sea of active kids that ran everywhere in the grounds during their break time. It was already late in the afternoon, and the young pupils around this time were either playing with their friends or just patiently waiting for their parents to fetch them from work.


Mo Yeon sat on the exact spot of the bench every late afternoon as she loved watching the rest of the kids run along and play while having the long bench for herself; for some reason, she was the type of girl who was not interested with what other little girls preferred playing with. Dolls were never appealing to this child’s eye. Instead, Mo Yeon basked at the pleasant afternoon environment: the cool wind blowing and the laughter of the students kept her sane as she would wait for her mother to come and take her home.


She was loving how things were going until some random hoobae barged in and bluntly asked her why she was not playing with the other girls. Moreover, seeing him sit on her turf as if it was his territory annoyed her.


“I don’t like dolls,” She growled, flipping her braided hair as she looked away.


“You just don’t have one,” The boy sneered, pushing himself to the far end of the bench.


“Ya!” Mo Yeon faced him again after hearing such a blunt reply from him. How dare he. ”You’re quite cocky for a younger person to talk to me like that!”


He didn’t reply though. The little boy gave her a cold shoulder as he furrowed his gates at the group of boys a few meters away, running and playing tag.


“So now you’re treating me like I’m not even here?” Mo Yeon interfered, “Why don’t you go look for somebody else to annoy then? Sit on another bench. I’m not even sharing this place with anyone,” She bolted, but soon had her lips pursed when he lifted his arm towards her. His small hand was wrapped in a thick, white cast.


“I have to stay here. I can’t play. I broke my arm the other day,”


“Why? Bad fall? Or perhaps you were busy annoying somebody else?”


“No,” He replied, unaffected by her constant nagging, “I broke it while saving our neighbor’s cat on top of the tree,”


“And you fell.” She deadpanned, “It’s still because of a bad fall,”


The little boy glanced over her, seemingly astonished with her dense, insensitive character. Shouldn’t a noble deed beget praise and compliments? “I don’t care as long as I know I got my arm broken for a good reason,”


Mo Yeon chuckled, “You’re too brave for a little boy,”


“I am? You really think I’m brave?” He quelled to his surprise, “Does that mean I’m great enough to be a soldier someday?”


“You’re thinking way ahead—“


“Do you think I am great enough to be one?” He persisted on asking her with a face that lit up in sheer curiosity and excitement. Mo Yeon seemed to lighten up as well as she saw an opportunity to finally get rid of him.


She immediately lifted both thumbs up and grinned, “Of course!” she didn’t mean it though; all she had in mind was to get rid of the nuisance of a kid.


“Really? You think so?”


“With that kind of courage, I’m sure you’ll become a good one someday,” She said at the drop of a hat, “Now will you cut me some slack and leave me alone?”


In his amusement in hearing such confirmation, the boy lifted his casted arm in the air to a fist and jumped from the bench to the ground. “Yes! Someone finally said it! I’ll be the best soldier, comrade!” He was certainly full of the joy

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