Am I Great Enough (Descendants Of The Sun One-Shots)

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Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon’s orbits have been colliding ever since they were young; the two have already exchanged a few glances back when they both were in the same school as toddlers, not knowing they were actually fated to be together.


yaaah they’re soulmates, alright! (and my songsongcouple shippingasazm has not died out yet!)


I just can’t get this thought out of my head for the past college prelim weeks and my hands were itching to type all of these. I’m relieved I made it through one big hurdle in my set of exams, and considering the fact that it’s the weekend, I’ve got time to spend writing and sharing this fluff with you! :3


And I’ve seen my subscriber count burst in just a week. Thank you for subscribing and viewing my works! (As a newbie, I’m easily amused by things here lol) I take all your comments into consideration, so just feel free to tell me your suggestions and other stuff. I read them. Meehe.


This is going to be divided into two parts, and it's really short compared to the previous ones I've posted here. :) hope you enjoy!

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