Dandyu's Room

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Come in, grab a blanket, and snuggle up while I tell you stories about two shorties. 


1. Where Were You?? [M]
When Sunny missed Taeyeon while shooting an episode of Invincible Youth in Japan.
2. Mirrors
A Dandyu one-shot inspired by Justin Timberlake's Mirrors
3. Guilty [M]
Sunny teased Taeyeon during a shooting of SNSD and the Dangerous Boys.
4. Sunny Day [M]
Dandyu went out on a date on their day off, and Taeyeon was being too lovey-dovey for Sunny's taste.
5. Taengoo to the Rescue!
Sunny was sick, and insisted that she wanted to stay that way. No worries! Taengoo was there to make her think otherwise!
6. An Ending for a New Beginning
A Dandyu break-up, and what happens after that.
7. Taeyeon's Relationships
Taeyeon has been in some relationships, with no intention of losing any of them.
8. Vanilla [M]
Sunny was tired, and Taeyeon was more than happy to relieve her, in her byuntae way.
9. Sunny's Silver Ring Necklace
My version on how Sunny got her silver ring necklace.
10. All the Way [M]
Dandyu being together after a long time apart, and the only way to go, is all the way.
11. Merry Little SoShi Christmas
Taeyeon gave an unforgettable Christmas gift for her members, especially Sunny.
12. Come Back to Bed
Taeyeon was gone, and Sunny lost more than just her sleep.
13. 22nd of January, 2015
Taeyeon fell after her performance in Seoul Music Awards, and Sunny rushed over once she heard about the accident.
14. Wednesday Morning
A lazy, rainy morning with Dandyu...
15. Side by Side
The reasons why Taeyeon and Sunny sit side by side during SNSD's group meals.
16. Somebody
Sequel to Senses and Sentiments, in which Sunny thinks about what kind of future she wants to have, and who to share it with.
17. Car Trouble (Dandyu ver.) [M]
A Dandyu version of Kaz3 n0 Tsurug1's HaruMichi fic with the same title. 
18. Naughty [M]
Boredom has the potential to take you places... if you find a person to get rid of it with you.
19. Calling Sunny [M]
Taeyeon was thousands of miles away from Sunny, and she was . A quick AU Sunyeon one-shot.
20. You've Got to be Kidding Me.
Taeyeon comes by every day to Soonkyu's bakery just to inhale the bakery aroma, then eventually visits one Saturday morning.
21. S for Sunny
A short Christmas AU about Taeyeon and Sunny.
22. after Marriage
Things Taeyeon and Sunny learned about in the days of their marriage.
23. The Midsummer Train
Two strangers travelling solo on a cross-country train share a cabin. When the train breaks down, they learn their true purpose, intention, and possibly “fixing” each other.
P.S. Credit to @shushUpp for agreeing to make the poster for this collection :D
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