Mrs Perfecto

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Im Yoona is a woman that peoples describe her so perfect.She is such a business woman material. She also comes from the richest family.Even she sometimes act arrogant and jerk,  she is loved by her friends and family. She got everything that she want, what she want, she will get it, what she doesn't want, no one can force her. But she's so full of herself, some peoples was so annoying with her attitude that sometimes so arrogant and hot temper but she also got herself a fanclub and a lots of women and men fans.Her attitude was different than her father and sister, she is the cold one in their family. She started to be cold after her mom passed away.But she is human too, she has her soft side that rarely she showed it to the strangers. 

But one day, her dad asked her to marry a woman.  Despite being a cold hearted girl, but she is a perfect daughter too who will follow what her family want but of course with a bit force. But she wanted her partner to be perfect like her.

 The one she need to marry is Jessica Jung, a cold girl just like her,also a business woman but not arrogant and jerk like Yoona.Jessica was searching for a true love, but what will she do if she find out her dad just arrange a woman for her, not a man. Will she accept it? 

Jessica never knew that in her lifetimes she will meet a arrogant woman who think herself is perfect ever.Im Yoona. The name that she hated so much at first time they meet. 

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Chapter 41: please update soon author nim
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Chapter 41: Update please
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Chapter 41: omggghh pls update soon TT
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Chapter 40: Yoong ur so smart .hahahahaha good luck with ur plan yoong..,..
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