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     All Hoody wanted to do was focus on her music and do her own thing. She didn't expect to fall in love with anyone. In this crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride called life, it all started that one night. Captivated by Gray's performance at Secret Society, Hoody started to develop feelings for AOMG’s up-and-coming producer and artist. What will happen when she ends up at the same company, working together in the same studio as Gray? Will Gray ever know about Hoody's feelings and reciprocate them back? Or will their relationship stay as sunbae-dongseng?


*Hoody's teaser*
As a beautiful piano melody echoed throughout the room, it was followed by angelic vocals that harmonized together.  There was a girl who was sitting at her piano singing passionately while she played her song.
"Wow! That sounds amazing!" Jessi said as she entered the room and sat on the bed. Hoody stopped playing and gave a smile to her best friend and roommate
"Thanks! I just hope that it goes well and maybe I'll finally get signed," Hoody replied. "Don't worry about it too much, you'll be fine. They'd be crazy not to sign you 'cause you are talented! It's gonna be lit!" The two giggled at Jessi's comment"You're right, but i can't wait to watch your performance, too! You always slay!" Hoody joked, mentioning Ssenunni. A few minutes later, they decided to go to bed since it was past midnight.
*Gray's teaser*
Gray was in the studio working on some new music until he heard one of the AOMG staff asking a crazy fan to leave. The crazed fan kept on insisting to see Gray and find out why her letter was in the trash
"Oppa! You can't ignore me forever, I'll keep following you no matter how long it takes! Hey, let go of me! You... and...I... are meant to be together!” the girl screamed as she was being escorted out of the building by security. Gray didn't say a word and watched the fan get escorted out. He then felt someone pat him on the shoulder. Turning to see who it was, he discovered it was Loco.
"Did you know that girl or something?" Loco asked. 
"Kind of…We went to high school together. Anyway, what's up?” Gray asked, scratching the back of his neck. Loco nodded his headed then asked if he wanted to go out to eat with others after the show.
“Yeah, sure, let me just grab my phone real quick.”

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216 streak #1
Chapter 26: Thank you for writing this story <3 I thoroughly enjoyed it especially since the whole AOMG crew was here
Mkruthi #2
Chapter 2: Heey, I have been on a look for a good story with all the AOMG peeps, I am glad I found this ^^
I just started reading it, liking it so far :)
216 streak #3
I really like this story! I like how you're developing the friendship between Gray and Hoody while also adding on relevant subplots. It makes it interesting in each chapter. There are also not enough fics about Hoody, so I'm glad to have found this! Can't wait for the next update :)
softwinds #4
I love this so much, it's one of the few fanfictions with Hoody I appreciate. :]]
Qazqwerty1234 #5
Chapter 5: You should definitely continue!! I'm really enjoying this!