1. One More Chance

What Brought Us Together

                You just finished your job at the restaurant, and you're so exhausted. Your routine every day is the same: wake up, go to work, sing and play guitar for customers, and then go back home. It's been the same these past 8 months. Truthfully, music was never your thing, so why bother with having a job involving music? Exactly 8 months ago, Park Chanyeol from EXO had been your boyfriend for over two years, but you both decided it was right to break up. After about a year and a half of being in EXO, he decided that he just wanted to work on his career and also make music as a side job. Of course, this hurt you a lot, but I guess you could say the feeling was mutual. You don't even know if he loves you anymore. Chanyeol's label, SM Entertainment, decided that it was best for you two to stay away from each other.

Today, your job finished early, so this gives you time to have dinner out. Just as you're about to leave, someone approaches you. 

"Hi! My name is Lee Ji Soo. I saw you performing earlier! You're really talented and your original songs are great! I know someone famous who writes songs just like you, and I was wondering if you could help him," the man tells you, smiling. 

"Uh...sure! Who am I helping though?," you ask, wondering who this famous person is. 

"Park Chanyeol from EXO," he replies. 

Your heart skips a beat and your mouth opens, "H-huh?!" 

"I told him that I've been watching a girl at a restaurant for months now, and he finally decided that he wants to meet you," he says, handing you a business card. Apparently, this man is one of Chanyeol's stylists, but he's really close to him. That's why he knows all about Chanyeol's side music career. You think for a good two or three minutes, and finally make a decision. After all, you still love Chanyeol, and you want to somehow still be friends with him. It's been so many months since you've last talked, too. 

"Um...yes. I'll take the job," you softly reply. 

"Great! It's everyday for two hours in the morning right before your job here. Just go to his his dorm at 8am starting tomorrow. Thank you!" he says while writing Chanyeol's dorm address on a sticky note. 


The next morning, you struggle finding the right outfit. Ugh, what are you doing?! It's just Chanyeol!, you think to yourself, trying on tons of clothes. Finally, you settle for a cute, white dress. You drive to the address and knock on the door. The door was unlocked and to your surprise, Chanyeol was already sitting down in his mini-recording studio, ready to write a song. 

"Sara...uh...hi," he shyly says, trying to look down. 

You're speechless, because you've missed him so much. It's surprising how he wasn't even surprised that you were the girl his stylist was talking about. 

"Let's start writing our song. I didn't know you like music now," he tells you, finally making eye contact with you. 

"I got inspired by you," you softly reply. 

"Uh...okay. Let's just start," he quickly says. He motions for you to sit down next to him. You both start off by writing lyrics. Surprisingly, the lyrics were all about your guys' love story. You don't know why he wanted such a song, but he was determined to write it. It's so nice to see him making music, you think. You've been watching the videos he's posted on his social media, and you feel so good finally seeing it right in front of you. He assigns you to write part of the lyrics and to write the guitar part, while he was in charge of drums, piano, and everything else. After working so hard, you finally have the guts to talk to him about something off-topic. 

"Chanyeol-ah, have you...forgotten about the past?" you ask him, starting to feel embarrassed because he's so focused on writing lyrics. 

"No. Why would I? Let's not talk about it okay?" he asks, still writing down lyrics. The two hours go by so fast, and the time for you to leave already came. He waved goodbye without even walking you out the door. What has gotten into him?! you think. 

           For about three weeks, your daily routine changed up a bit. Instead of waking up and going straight to the restaurant, you stop by at Chanyeol's dorm. The EXO members were never there for some strange reason. The song is going pretty well and it was finally the last day of recording. Just as you're driving to his dorm, you get a text message from Chanyeol: 

"Hey. Let's just finish up our song tonight after you get off from work. Okay?" 

You get so surprised to why after three weeks of doing the same thing every day, he's finally changing up the schedule on the last day. You quickly reply, "Okay", and drive to the restaurant instead. After a long and tiring day at the restaurant, you arrive at Chanyeol's place. It's already almost 10pm and you feel so exhausted that you don't want to do it anymore. But, you still push yourself, because your love for Chanyeol has gotten deeper and deeper these past few weeks, but you think that he most likely doesn't even feel the same way. The door is unlocked as usual and you enter to a dark and quiet room. 

"Hello? Chanyeol? Why is it so dark?" you ask, but you don't receive any reply. After about two minutes of silence, a candle light appears right next to the recording studio. Chanyeol is standing next to a table with a candle and roses. There are plates, too, and you're so surprised. 

"Chanyeol, what's all of this? I thought we were working on our song?" you ask him, your heart beating so fast. 

"I finished it," he replies, giving you a cute smile. 

"What?! After all that hard work, you decide to finish it without me?!" you yell. 

"Babe, calm down," he laughs. 

Babe? Did he really just call me that?, you think to yourself, your eyes enlarging. That was what he always called you in the past. 

"Why are you calling me that all of a sudden?" you ask him, crossing your arms. 

He takes out your seat and you sit down. He sits down in his own seat across from you in the table and he takes a really deep breath. 

"Sara...I...need to tell you something," he quietly says. You nod and wait. Your heart is beating so fast and you can feel butterflies in your stomach. 

"I actually knew from the start that you were the girl performing at the restaurant," he confesses, "That's why I got Ji Soo to get you without telling you, because I wanted to spend some time with you again. These past months have been crazy and so lonely without you. Sara, I can't live without you. That's why I wanted to see you again and I was too scared to talk to you about the past, because I knew that you've probably moved on already. I love you so much, Sara. All those memories we had back when we were together still plays in my head everyday. Please accept me again." 

You stare at him not knowing what to say. The fact that he confessed to you and the fact that he realized that he still loves you just makes you die a little inside. 

"Chanyeol, I...I don't know what to say," you reply, still speechless. 

"Before anything else...I prepared something for you," he tells you, clicking a button on a small remote. The song that you and him have been working on plays. The song is perfect and Chanyeol recorded the whole song just for you. 

As the song plays he tells you, "Sara, you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I can't imagine a future without you. I love you more than anything. Will you take me back?" 

Tears start to fall down as you say, "Chanyeol, of course I'll take you back. I know we only broke up, because of your career, but I can't live without you either. I love you so much." 

You both stand up and he hugs you tightly. He kisses you on the forehead and he smiles, "I love you. I can't say that enough." 

You smile back, "I love you, too. I"m so glad that fate has brought us back together again." 

He kisses you lightly on the lips and you slow dance to the song that you both wrote. After the slow dance, he hugs you tightly once more and closes his eyes, because he can't believe that his true love is finally his again. 



The End. 


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