Immortals [The Otherworld #1]

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One year ago, the alpha's sister risked her life to deliver a crucial message.  

Her death warned the entire Otherworld that the dead vampire queen, Lamia, had been resurrected and would be coming for them all.  Unable to retain her grip on her humanity, she begins to wreak havoc all over the world, and yet no one can find her.  The vampire king, Oh Sehun, orders the entire supernatural world to keep their eyes open for a sign that would lead him to his lover.

The year passes and circumstances allow Song Hyesun and Byun Baekhyun to meet, a union that very well might save the world.  She is an orphan, and the more she learns about her past, the more she is pulled into the Otherworld— the world of supernatural creatures that live amongst humans, who have their own history, customs and rules.  Baekhyun is the beta of the Thunder Run pack, and he’s having problems keeping the power struggle between the present and former alphas in order, with each of them competing to restore the pack to its former glory.  When two of them meet, their destiny brings them closer to a conflict that spans across centuries and to each other.

Yeri was a hunter until she went out with her brother and his friends and met a fate that would have resulted in death.  After being bitten and deciding to live and turn into a vampire, she struggles to find her new place in the world.  Her path leads her to two of the most powerful vampires in the Otherworld and with their guidance she begins to find a new footing.  

Her destiny somehow intertwines with Baekhyun and Hyesun, and the three of them band together to face a threat the world has never seen before.

And it isn't Lamia.



Song Hyesun


"I've grown familiar with villains that live in my head  They beg me to write them so I'll never die when I'm dead."


Byun Baekhyun


"It ain't about who's winning or losing.  It's about the path that you're choosing."


Fall Out Boy- Immortals
Halsey- Control
Bebe Rexha- I Got You
Katy Perry- Rise
EXO- Monster
Rihanna- Needed Me
BTS- Save Me
Mia Martina ft. Waka Flocka- Beast
NCT U- The 7th Sense
Red Velvet- Automatic
Ed Sheeran- Shape of You

Fall Out Boy- Centuries






I've had this idea for like two years but I never thought I'd be able to pull it off.  This is me putting myself out there and trying to do it.  I can't guarantee this story will be perfect but I do the best I can.

This story will be told from multiple POV's.

There are a few heteroual idolxidol pairings in this story and all of them are side characters.  I'd encourage you to check out the story but if it really bothers you, then I understand if it's not something you'd want to read.  No hard feelings :)

I also think I should mention that this story is inspired by a few supernatural works I've watched and read, namely Teen Wolf and Vampire Academy.  The mythology that I use for my supernatural creatures stem from actual Greek myths and I only adjust them as much as I need to for the plot.

If you have any comments or questions, you can find me on twitter and in the links provided if you want to talk while remaining anonymous.  My name is Reya so please address me as such!  We're all friends here!  You can also contact my lovely beta, Tri, who's the one keeping this story on the right track when I lose my head about it on her

Thank you to get2herheart for making me such a kickass trailer!!! Go give her some love you guys!

Hope you all enjoy the story!




Check out Killers, the prequel to this story, featuring the Otherworld power couple, Seulgi and Jongin!


The first sequel to be revealed for this series is Forever, featuring the badass Kim Yeri and the former king Oh Sehun.


Poster Credits

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The amazing poster featuring Yeri was made by venusdarling at EVE ✕ GRAPHICS ™


Edit: DO NOT read the comments if you're new the story or if you haven't read the latest chapter.  They contain spoilers

Just wanted to let everyone know that Reya sent me many long messages explaining why we weren't going to be able to speak all that often anymore because she felt so bad, so trust me - if Reya could update more, she would. So please be understanding! :) - Tri the beta

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Chisanai99 1 points #1
Chapter 69: With every chapter I prepare myself for a big finale. Cordelia just gets more and more badass ;D
Seeing Jongin as super protective dad is so funny but at the same time this reminded me how much I miss our Thunder Pack squad and Seulgi ;(
But anyway:) keep doing good work and dont worry- take your time author-nim <3
193 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 69: Oooh, very heavy chapter (but then again, all of the chapters lately have been pretty heavy XD) and I really liked seeing all of the factions come together. ^^ I'm definitely not surprised by how Cordelia handled the meeting, haha. She knows what she wants and how to get to it. :P But I'm also really happy about how she and Baekhyun talked to each other in the beginning of the chapter. Even though they were having a sort of disagreement at first, they talked it out and explained their sides so that the other person knew what was on their mind. And they ended up understanding each other. :) Good communication is always the key to a good relationship and I love stories that portray that. ^^

And take your time with the update! Don't want to rush good-quality work. :) And thank you, Tri! Good luck on your exams! I had a midterm this morning and I'm absolutely drained, haha. ^^;
57 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 69: i agree. the first part until the the higher official of underworld meeting have a different feel from your usual writing,'s not all over the place, but it's still different of how you usually write it. it's ok btw, you make me nervous with that opening baek x cordelia conversation, i thought they're going to have a loooong argument.

oh OH AND I SEE A PROTECTIVE FATHER ACT RIGHT THERE hello jongin! it's been long! AND! AND! Cordelia's last words to Jacoby LOL IM LAUGHING HERE thank you for that smart move cordelia, we need a little sassiness in the middle of this serious war. Yixing maybe can teach Cordelia a way to hold her tongue, she's unstoppable! urgh she's going to be one cool leader. Nothing but respect for my High Priestess u,u

Thanks for both of your hard work, Tri & Reya!!! Good luck on your exam Tri! *\(^0^*\)
115 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 68: "To make her point, she took the girl into her own arms," I don't think I've said this before but General Soojung is officially Yeri's Auntie now. Sorry, I don't make the rules. (yes I do HAHAHA) Honestly I love how no one is comfortable with this new misi psychi bond. I'm looking forward to how it will make life difficult for literally everyone. But ouchie Yeri face planting on top of the twitching aww :(

"it's a forbidden--" giRL CaN YoU NOT THEN PLS honestly she's taking so much on. The thing about Baekhyun knowing she's be spoiled if she grew up with her real mom and the thing about not being able to run fast and the Powerful Surname thing..... can she just chill out. Or can someone /really/ remind her that while she is part god, she's still part human too. She has limits, and there are boundaries even she shouldn't cross. It doesn't seem right that she's using forbidden magic.

And I hope you aren't stretching your own limits with university and writing and just life generally. Your education and career are good things to strive for but don't forget to relax sometimes too! <3 As for the continuation of this series, I hope you're able to start and finish Forever seeing as you've already posted it, but I don't think the BaekDelia's kids sequel should be as important because a) they're all OCs and realistically idk how well that'll go down on a site filled with idol fiction b) that'll probably happen quite some time into the future and by then you may lose motivation or time to write
57 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 68: duuude, Brother Taeyong is back! that's how i put my younger siblings when they went out of the line u,u and then baekhyun plus his father-in-law that's.... sweet....? he got his acceptance (not that they really need it), plus baekhyun being a good partner right there. I love supportive boyfriend! anyway~ now that they got the treasure, what are theybgoing to do with it? Are they going to give it back to The God? I am so anticipating Cordelia x Issandra face off danggg~

Your education comes first Reya. It's amazing you still write when you're hectic with last year uni stuff (i'm trying to understand because me too, the pressure to graduate is pretty big that's why i wandered in aff pretty often this day). Ugh, lemme give you a biiiiiiiiii~~~~g hug!!! ({}) take your time! It's up to you to decide about sequel, you are one of my fav author here so i'll support you no matter what! ♡♡♡ good luck with your study ♡♡♡

Tri! Hello! Have a nice day girl! Thank you for your updates on story feeds~ hope that the other reader can understand ^^
1 points #6
Chapter 68: i dont mind to wait as long as u finish of what u have started.
193 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 68: Awww, the conversation between Baekhyun and Apollo was sweet, even if Baekhyun was kinda awkward, HAHA. :P But it's so evident that they both really care about Cordelia and want what's best for her. :) And wow, they actually got the chest!! :O Hopefully this Trojan Horse works. I don't think anyone will suspect Taeyong of having the real vial, since he's been pretty lowkey throughout the war (and in general, LOL), but I like how Cordelia came up with the reason of him holding onto the vial. ^^ And we're coming up to the last big battle!! :D How exciting and I hope Cordelia doesn't overexert herself. She's staking everything on this final battle. >____<

And don't apologize for the gap between updates! School first! I'm also a senior in uni, so I totally get wanting to prioritize finishing your studies in order to graduate. I'll definitely be supporting what you write and I'm perfectly fine with slow updates! And I'm fine with whatever you decide to do for the sequels. :) Take care of yourself!
1 points #8
Chapter 68: Oh, you are in your last year? What major?
They found the chest. Wow. xd it was so simple xddd
Of course we want sequels! doesnt matter if quick updates or not :P