The man behind the camera

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Park Kyung wants to be a photographer. That has always been his dream, but as of right now it seems that the universe is telling him that his dream is stupid and so is he. He hasn't received a well paying photography gig in months and that has led to him having to take up a minimum wage job in a grocery store near his home. He has lost most of the passion and burn that he initially had for the career he chose due to these difficulties and on one particularly dark night, he considers selling his most valuable posession; his camera, to pay his overdue rent.

Things start looking up, however, when a manager from a big photography and modeling agency messages him, looking for career-minded interns. The company is organizing a project, which is put to motion by the upcoming Seoul fashionweek. An all expenses paid trip to Europe to produce a catalogue of high-fashion pictorials.

Kyung is called in for a short trial period, during which it is decided if he gets to go to Europe and shoot a year long project with the agencys professionals and their leading model; Woo Jiho. 

Jiho is an enigmatic, young model who has been leading the company's record for a long time. A seasoned professional at work and a reckless playboy outside of work; he is a tough person to try and contain. That, however, is Kyung's job for this trip. He also simultaneously has to try and keep their relationship as professional as possible; to keep both of them from getting fired. 

Will Kyung lose his mind?

Will Jiho get what he wants like always does?


Hiya ^^

This is my second longer fic and I'm very very excited to write it !!

This is an AU fanfic, meaning that Jiho and Kyung don't live their idol lives in it.
The fic is going to center around Zikyung, but I'm going to try and include some other Block b ships in it as well ;)

I'm hoping that the first chapter will be up, by next weekend, but I really cannot promise anything.
Also, I'm not sure how long this is going to be, but you can influence that by commenting and subbing ~

 See you on in the first chapter 


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