I looked at Jessica smoking weed on the bed looking at the window. Day dreaming about life out of the ghetto. Jessica and I have been living here in the ghetto of Los Angeles for the past seven years. “I always dreamed of leaving the ghetto Sunny. For us to make your dreams come true.” She said still looking out the window.  Jessica and I have jobs here. Her job is drug dealing and mine is being a stripper. I honestly don't mind being a stripper to make ends meet. Jessica grew up here and she was always drug dealing since we met each other. We were sixteen years old when we met. I was at a park with my friends and family at a business picnic. That is when I saw a blonde teen sitting in the shade of the tree, smoking something. “That girl is trouble.” My close friend Tiffany said. “Her parents are drug dealers and killers. Her name is Jessica and dangerous.” Jessica! Such a nice name for a good looking girl. I couldn't help but stare at her. She looked at us and locked eyes with me before smirking and getting up to leave. I want to know more about her. I start to notice everyday she would come by the park and lay in that very spot. I decided to talk to her. “Hi, I am Sunny Lee.”  She look me with a smirk and I couldn't help it to have my heart beat faster. “Jessica.” She said and kissed me. I was frozen for a while, then she got up and was about to leave. I stopped in front of her and she rose a brow. “What's up?” “Can I come?” “Too dangerous y.” “I want danger.” “Let's go then.” She took my hand and we walked to her motorcycle. She put a helmet on me then herself. “Hold on tight.” She started to speed and I was holding on to her waist. She smelled like vanilla. We were riding for about 20 minutes. “Welcome to my hood.” I saw people outside looking at me with either lust or anger. I hold onto Jessica tightly. I shouldn't have came. But Jessica looked me with a smile on her face. It made feel safe. We made it to her house, Jessica opened the door. “Mom, dad, Krystal, Hyo, Nicole. I'm home.” “Mom and dad are not home.” A girl with blonde hair came downstairs. She was tall but not as tall as Jessica. She smiled at me. “I'm going to Amber’s house. No one is home.” “Don't stay out too late Soojung.” “Okay.” We went upstairs to her room and sat on her bed. “This is my life. Different from your rich life.” She is right. I kissed her. “I want you to be in my life.” We kissed each other. “Jessica, no matter where we go. My paradise is only with you.” I crawled to her and kissed her tainted lips.

AN- I am planning to make a fic about this too.

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