Reading your lips


 Bang YongGuk is awkward around girls and always lived in the shadow of his brother. He was far from thinking the new girl of his class will make him feel listened to.

Even if Jung Eunji is hard of hearing..

Their not-as-simple teenage love story. 


Hey I'm back with a new story. I guess I'm addicted to writing now.

Enjoy this lovely story between YongGuk and Eunji !


Before I have some explanation to do.

Here I identify Eunji as "hard of hearing" because she still have some audition making her able to wear a hearing aids. She's not deaf yet without this hearing aids she doesn't quite hear anything. She can speak sign language and can talk because she became hard of hearing when she was eight.

However, despite my researches on the subject, if I do mistakes about this condition, feel free to tell me.

I hope that it's not too confusing for you !



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23 streak #1
Chapter 35: Nice end..the husband a bit too stubborn leaving pregnant wife for one week's great story
jmayo81 #2
Chapter 33: Oooh, this was sweet. So it was just the 3 of them this trip. Hahahaha, it that she's been so sick, but it seems Yongguk was just what she needed. Not to metion how he needed her for the lightening, which was too cute of a moment!! Also, very sweet how you wrote their 1st time since she's been sick, they truly are an adorable couple! Thank you for updating.
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Chapter 33: Cute chapter
jmayo81 #4
Chapter 32: This was a sweet update, she got to understand Yongjoon more & see his thoughtfulness. But I still crack up with Daehyun & Yongjoon and him knocking at the door! Haha but I get her wanting him to enjoy, but love that he wanted to be by her side. Thank you for the update, looking forward to more!
Chapter 32: It's been long time I read this story. I really miss it and I really excited when I saw you update this story....
Lol I was thinking the same with YongJoon. Now I'm really curious what illness does Eunji has ><
I hope it's not serious.
Thank you for updating this chapter and see you soon ^^
devilbat #6
Chapter 31: I am in negotiations for a touristic project, a vlog about places to visit in my country, I hope that it'll be approved by the national council, if yes, I'll be getting subventions for my work, that would be AWESOME as I could by all means live from my work...which is what I want.
The joys of being a rookie producer^^ good luck on your side, don't give up^^
jmayo81 #7
Chapter 31: No worries! Hope all of your midterms & finals went well! Omg, I know she has her inner ear situation that makes her that sick, but I keep thinking she's got a little bun in the oven!! I think he needs to get her a pregnancy test ^_^ Otherwise, I'm glad his dad was kind to her and that they got to enjoy some free time, because 4months apart is toooooo long from the one you love! This was a sweet chapter, seeing how he cares for her even at his party & how she wants him to enjoy even though she feels so sick! Thank you for updating, looking forward to more!
jmayo81 #8
Chapter 30: Fluffy & pure adorableness! I was wondering why she was so anxious to leave, then he showed up. But she fought back, which was awesome & seeing Yongguk lose it, even better. This was such a sweet yet necessary chapter. It defines their relationship so well. Loved it! Thank you for updating!
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Chapter 30: So adorable ..thank you for nice chapter
jmayo81 #10
Chapter 29: This chapter, there was a lot going on &I feelings were high, as they should've been. His father said horrible things about her, and watching Yongguk be protective of her was beautiful. But by far the simply perfect moment was her signing I love you on his back! Beautiful & precious moments in this chapter, thank you for the update!