Don't Go

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Ryu Jinah was a well known fan in the kpop world. She has multiple idols following her on her SNS but one day she just disappear. After Kai and Krystal's dating scandal was confirmed she suddenly loss her passion in being a fan. She was known for her kind encouragements to her idols everytime they were feeling down. She never knew how big her help to them was until she had this one self proclaimed Ryu Jinah fan that encourages her to hold on and continue being a fan especially his (kai) fan.


Ryu Jin-Ah


Born in Canada but transferred to korea when she was already 10.

She is a blogger and an online celebrity. 

She rose to fame when she started covering for EXO and other K-Idols.

She grew up with Henry Lau and has been closed to him ever since.

She started training under YG Entertainment when she was 10 years old but she left the company.



Yes I know my description but please give it a chance.

This was just a random Idea that I have. I dont know how long this will go but Ill keep writing until I have no idea left.

As you can see, Im a YG Stan and Im really looking forward to their new girlgroup so I used one of their members which is Lalice Manoban or Lisa. THe real Lisa doesnt exist in this story. I just really love her. 

Hi guys! Im rewriting Don't Go right now. Thank you so much for all of those who recently subscribed the the stort. I promise to update soon. Please do Upvote and comment. Actually comments really gives me inspiration to write. Thank you chingus!

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anitaichwana #1
I read it well. Thank you so much. I will support your story more. Thanks once again.
Chapter 10: This story has an interesting concept
Chapter 6: Lisa. Lisa lisa
And you should add blackpink tag there so all blackpink fans could read this
Chapter 4: New reader here and I'm supporting this story because BLACKPINK! And the plot is one of a kind! How come an exol could be a trainee under yg. No one could think of that. One up vote from me!!