Written in the Water


Despite having no artistic talent, student Kim Junmyeon signs up for an introduction to painting class at his university. He has a lot to learn, not only about the ins and outs of art, but also about why the grumpy and caffeine-addicted art professor seems to have taken a keen interest in him.


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“I’m sure you all know my name already, but I’m going to tell you anyway,” the man said, just loud enough for the others to hear. He was holding a thermos in his left hand, and his right wandered up to the chalkboard to wrap around one of the little white sticks. “And I’m sure the majority of you have already heard from others on campus that I do not appreciate any nicknames other than this one.”

Junmyeon shifted his weight anxiously in his seat as he watched the stick of chalk drag across the board. The otherwise silent room was filled with little scuffles as he wrote something down, and Junmyeon couldn’t see yet, his view blocked by the rather large and wide expanse of the man’s back.

At last, the writing stopped, and the stranger sank back down onto his barstool to let everyone get a view of the white letters tattooed onto the board as he merely went back to sipping his drink in silence.


A/N: First time au is here (finally)! I don't have much to say this time around so I hope you guys enjoy it.

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