He Wolf.

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I'm falling to pieces.




inspired by this songmostly this song and also krisho wolfau fics by wonderful authors.

im sooo into wolfaus so i decided to make one by myself and give it a try.

blame my brain for thinking nonstop of ideas.

im writing this for my love towards krisho and to let the krisho ideas straight out of my head so this is unbeta-ed.

any similarities from other stories are coincident! 

unperfect english.

some grammar mistakes.

rated m chapters will be marked.

if you do not like the sound of it, please do not read.

please do not plagiarize or translate.






Junmyeon runs. He runs and runs without looking back. He runs from his destroyed house. He runs into the forest. He keeps on running, not caring that his feet is bare. He doesn’t know what will meet him later in the forest. He doesn’t know what he will do alone in the forest. They have just killed two most precious and beloved people in his life. They have just killed his parents.


Their last words to Junmyeon before being killed was 'Run'. So he keeps on running, not even caring that his legs are giving out, or even the day is turning a shade darker. He runs and runs. He’s tired. He’s sad. He’s confused. He’s enraged. He’s scared. He’s broken. He’s falling, but he can’t fall. Not right now. They are chasing him. They are chasing him from behind. He speeds up. He runs faster.




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283 streak #1
Chapter 33: awwwww... so sweet!

I was a little caught off guard when I saw this updated since it's been a while since you last updated this! I was trying to remember what this was abt and how it ended... it took a few minutes, but I recalled it perfectly!

anyway! sweet alpha and moody omega! HAHAHAHA
I could imagine that Jun was most moody during this pregnancy... I just feel like it HAHAHA
ofc their choice of cereals has to be in the highest shelf in the store and in the house as well! HAHA
but at least Yifan is forgiven and all is well :)
teufelchen_netty #2
Chapter 33: ouch. suho the pain in the xD
27 streak #3
Chapter 33: Aww. That’s so sweet. Thanks for the update!
SuhoSandi #4
Chapter 33: I have been missing this, thanks saeng. Really sweet and cute. ^^
Chapter 33: Jealous yifan is at it again! Kkkkk ><
++ Mood swings joonmyeon is soo cute and ofc yifan will give in to everything that joonmyeon wants~~
Chapter 33: can someone like kris be my husband errgh manis potong kaki!
Chapter 33: kyaaaaaaa I miss this so muchhhhh arghhhh yeah... thanks a lot for unexpected updated today!!! I really miss krisho in this story... finally yeay!! thanks a lotttttt apple!!!!!
Chapter 14: Reading this AMAZING fiction again and i'm still just like WOAHH OMG YES...

I really really like your story it make me crazy
Chapter 32: Hihihii.. the slow progres their relationship really kill me... but its ok now. Coz they sure love each other so much
alwaysloner #10
Chapter 32: hehehe finally ! done reading this beautiful story...

i just have some perspectives when i was reading this and i hope it won't make you disheartened by them

first, since i never read any fics that contain male menstrual cycle, i admit it was a new feeling for me to read this BUT i'm okay with it ! hehe and you have some grammatical errors here and there but that's okay as long as your readers know and understand what you are trying to convey. that's my only comments tho.

AND AND, i'm not really a fan of KrisHo actually since i'm more towards Kray but your stories are cute and adorbs, i swear Apple. plus, the way you described the ot12's personalities are great even the little Sehun and Taotao.

I hope you will continue writing this kind of story and now i'm off to read your another completed stories. HWAITING APPLE :333