He Wolf.
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The night goes on with warm cuddles and shy kisses. Junmyeon is still being bashful while Yifan is being a whole lot of clingy. They didn’t eat much during dinner. Junmyeon has worn a navy blue turtleneck and Luhan has given him teasing looks from across the table which he tried to ignore. Yifan was seated at the head of the dining table and Junmyeon’s curiosity was answered when Minseok informed that the alpha will be leading the pack.


Junmyeon doesn’t know why he feels proud and nervous at the same time. Everyone bowed to the alpha and Junmyeon just followed them mutely. “What are you thinking?” Junmyeon’s eyelids flutters open when he hears the deep voice. He still blushes whenever their faces are so close to each other. It’s something that Junmyeon can’t get used to it but he doesn’t complain. “Nothing…” He hides his face into Yifan’s clothed chest.


“I don’t believe in ‘nothing’. Tell me.”


Junmyeon whines a little when Yifan lifts his face by his chin. “Will you get hurt?” The question makes Yifan to frown, “What do you mean?” Junmyeon closes his eyes as the latter brushes his right cheek which isn’t pressed against the pillow, his other arm curled around his waist securely, “Will other people like you will threaten you since you’re the leader now?” Yifan can sense the apparent fear in his voice, “They haven’t heard my sign yet.” Junmyeon then looks away, “Will they hurt you… ?”


Yifan keeps staring fondly at his to-be mate, “Some will, some won’t.” Junmyeon looks at him with frightened eyes, “You won’t leave me, right?” Yifan presses their foreheads together, “I won’t die that easily, Junmyeon.” He whimpers, scared at the thought of― “Don’t even think about me leaving you. I won’t ever leave you.” Junmyeon hugs the latter by his neck, face buried underneath Yifan’s right jaw deeply, “I won’t leave you too.” Yifan smiles, hugging the shorter male by his waist.


It feels so good to hear Junmyeon to say like that. His feelings for Junmyeon is growing and growing day by day, hour by hour, minute to minute and even second to second. He can’t stop falling for his to-be mate. “You should sleep,” Yifan leans down after the younger male has withdrawn his arms, lips pressing against the cool skin of Junmyeon’s neck. “I don’t want to…” Junmyeon’s voice sounds so sleepy. Yifan chuckles against Junmyeon’s skin, “Do you want to sleep or should I make you to sleep?”


He hears a whine before Junmyeon hides his face into his chest again. Yifan kisses on top of his head. He’s used to Junmyeon’s shyness already and he likes it, to be honest. As long as he’s the only cause of Junmyeon’s shyness. A few minutes later, he hears soft snores. Yifan slowly leans down and very, very gently places his lips on Junmyeon’s for a few seconds. He then brushes the strands of hair away from the male’s forehead before leaving a kiss there.


He gazes at the sleeping figure, “I love you, Junmyeon.” Yifan gently crawls out from the bed and covers Junmyeon’s small body with the comforters before he slowly heads to the door. It’s almost midnight. Yifan senses that there are no one else in the house except for him and Junmyeon. He heads to the back of the house before discarding his clothes. Pack rules. Never turn in while you’re still in your clothes unless it’s an emergency. 


Yifan calls the wolf within him and half a minute later, he’s on all fours on the ground. The weather isn’t that chilly anymore. Looks like it’s going to be summer soon since his fur is shredding a little. Yifan runs and runs opposite to the house, deeper into the forest. ‘Kris.’ He hears Minseok’s voice in his head and immediately slows down his pace. He can smell the others too. Yifan passes by the thick bushes and sees the other wolves are waiting for his arrival.


They’re on the either side of him, welcoming him, head bowed down, snouts almost reaching the grass. Yifan proudly walks pass them and up to the hill. Never has he thought he will do this. He always avoided of being responsible. Now that he’s here, he gazes at waning gibbous which is shining brightly. Yifan breathes in before ducking his head up as he howls, thinking about Junmyeon as he does that.


As soon as his howl has subsided, the others begin to do the same. Yifan feels something spreading out throughout his wolf-form. If he’s in his human-form, he would have felt goosebumps. The wind begins to caress on his fur and Yifan decides it’s best for them to go home. ‘How can you shift?’ He asks worriedly as soon as he spots the blonde wolf, Luhan, beside an orange-coloured wolf, Minseok, walking slowly. 


I said before, right? The pup isn’t growing yet. Besides, I don’t want to miss this, alpha.’ 


Luhan then bows his head down. Yifan goes close to him before urging him to stand back up. ‘I can’t wait to have Junmyeon with us like this.’ Yifan’s tail swishes a little at mention of Junmyeon’s name. He can’t wait too. ‘Let’s head home, shall we?’ A silver-coloured wolf, which is Jongin, suddenly playfully attacks him from the side, snout rubbing against his muzzle. ‘I’m so happy, alpha.’ Yifan would’ve smiled if he was in human-form, ‘I’m glad, pup. Let’s go now.’


Jongin obeys as he wags his tail excitedly before he heads beside a slightly red-coloured wolf, Kyungsoo. One by one starts to turn back and Yifan is the last one to make sure no one has followed them. He doesn’t know why he feels so content. After washing his face in the bathroom, he climbs to the bed instantly and smiles dreamily when the sleeping figure immediately latches onto him. He can’t imagine how beautiful Junmyeon will be if he has turned. 




“Junnie! Junnie?! Where are you?!”


Ten year old Junmyeon looks behind him hazily when he hears his father’s concerned voice. “Daddy? What’s― Umff―” The little boy huffs out loud when the big frame has enveloped him into a very tight hug. “I told you not to go too deep in the woods, right?” Little Junmyeon blinks for a few times at his father’s breaking voice.


“We thought you ran away from home. How many times we have told you? Your mother was searching for you…”


Junmyeon has his lips parted as he stares up to his father’s worried face. He feels bad. “Ju-Junnie is sorry, Daddy… I just like the smell here and-and I can’t stop meself…” He sees his father smiling at him sadly as if he knows something. “Your fever has just went away, Junnie. Your mother will be worried if you get sick again.” Junmyeon lets himself being carried by his tall father.


He clings his short limbs around his father’s neck to prevent him from falling, “Sorry…” He doesn’t know why he likes wondering deep in the forest these days. It feels like the forest is calling out for him. His chest doesn’t hurt anymore.“Jun! Baby!” Little Junmyeon almost fell from his father’s arms as he hears his male mother’s high-pitched voice.


Junmyeon feels so bad after seeing his mother’s teary-eyed face who instantly hugs him once his father has put him down. “Mommy thought you ran away, baby…” His mother mumbles into his neck. Junmyeon hugs him back, “Junnie is sorry…” His voice is choked up in tears, feeling so bad that he made his mother to cry because of him.


“No, no. Don’t say sorry. If you want to go out, tell me or your father first next time, okay?”


Little Junmyeon gets hugged even tighter, not knowing that his father is almost tearing up too. “Un… Junnie will never run away from you both. Junnie loves Daddy and Mommy so much!” His father joins in the hug too after kneeling beside them. Junmyeon feels something wet on his neck and hugs his male mother tightly. He feels so, so bad for making his mother to cry.









Junmyeon stirs when he feels something cold in the crook of his neck. He unconsciously brings his head up in sleepiness and moves closer to the warmth. He flinches when he feels something sharp digging into his flesh now. Junmyeon opens his eyes slowly and realizes that Yifan is the one who’s creating more hickeys again. His turtleneck has been pulled down without his knowing. Junmyeon wants to push him away but he finds himself pulling Yifan closer, “Yifannnghh…”


A tongue runs onto his flesh to ease the burn. He whines softly as the taller male suddenly nuzzles into his chest, arms around his back. It’s only morning and Junmyeon feels his face burning already. “Don’t go,” He hears Yifan’s muffled voice after he pushes the male a little, “Please…” Still blushing, Junmyeon gives in. Yifan snuggles up to his neck and he shivers a little as the latter kisses beneath his left jaw which is almost pressed into the pillow.


He isn’t lying if he says he doesn’t like what Yifan is doing. It’s just… The more Yifan gives him endless attention, the more he wants to say that he’s ready. Luhan’s advice from yesterday suddenly plays into his head. Junmyeon convinces himself that he’s not ready yet. “You’re thinking about something,” Yifan suddenly looks at him in the eyes and Junmyeon gulps at the hot sight of the alpha, his peach blonde hair falling onto his eyes, “What is it?”


Junmyeon hums shortly when Yifan brushes the tip of their noses, “I’m thinking about you.” Junmyeon swears that Yifan’s cheeks are pinkish before his attention is swept away with a kiss. He leans in closer in response. Their kiss ends short when Junmyeon gasps out loud suddenly, breaking their kiss, making Yifan almost to groan. “What’s the time? Kyungsoo― Breakfast! I told him that I would help―” Yifan shuts him up with a kiss but it ends quickly once again as he feels Junmyeon’s fists on his chest, pushing him away.


He feels so hurt by that. “Yifan―” “Please stay, Junmyeon. I’ve been nothing but an to you before and I know sometimes you’re scared of me and you’re uncomfortable with me and it hurts me to see you going away from me every time I want to get close to you to get to know you better but you…” Junmyeon tries to catch up Yifan’s train of words and sees how sad he looks like. Luhan is right. Every single thing he does or says is affecting Yifan. 


“Please stay… Please… Junmyeon…”


Junmyeon feels a throb in his chest. True, Yifan was such a jerk to him before but after hearing how much Yifan wants to spend time with him to get to know him better is… It’s so touching. “Hey,” He cradles the sad Yifan’s face with his small hands, a soft smile on his lips, “I’m not going anywhere.” The big smile or he will like to call it the big cute gummy smile he gets from Yifan has definitely blown him away.


It’s his first time seeing Yifan to smile so widely like this. Junmyeon feels kind of proud because he’s the cause. The sudden tight hug he gets makes him to cough instantly at the lack of oxygen. Yifan swiftly apologizes, checking his body whether he’s hurt or not. Junmyeon smiles shyly. This side of Yifan isn’t bad at all. He likes it. “I told you already. You shouldn’t have eaten that. Look at you now―” “Shut up.” Luhan hisses as he wipes off the excess of his vomit at the corner left of his mouth.


After he woke up earlier, he demanded today’s breakfast despite of Minseok’s nonstop of objections. He has eaten everything clean until his plate looks like it has been rinsed. A few minutes later after Minseok came back to the room to check on him, Luhan found himself in front of the toilet bowl, letting everything out what he has eaten earlier. Everything hurts again from head to toe. “You okay?” Minseok’s worried voice catches his attention.


Luhan falls into his arms in exhaustion. “M’ sorry for snapping at you,” Luhan mumbles and hears a soft chuckle. “It’s alright. I understand,” Minseok guides him to bed. Luhan can’t help himself from grabbing onto one of his wrists, cheeks pinking, “Stay… ?” He gets a kiss on his head before his mate joins him under the comforters. “Do you think Junmyeon hyung will accept the changes?” Jongdae asks to the remaining pack members as he munches on the big piece of deer meat.


“Are you trying to do something new now? Alpha is gonna get pissed, hyung,” Jongin warns while Jongdae only laughs in response, “He knows it already. What do you think about my question earlier?” Yixing hums, indicating that he’s going to talk, “He will. Of course it’ll take time to get used to it but once he does, I’m sure he’ll like it.” Jongdae is satisfied by his mate’s answer, “What about you, Kyung?” Kyungsoo settles his utensils on his plate before staring at him, “I’m worried about his… Heat.”


Suddenly, the atmosphere has become tensed. “Why you should be worried about that?” Jongdae asks even though he knows the answer. “He’ll conceive…” Kyungsoo trails off. “It’s not only that, right?” Jongin looks at his mate who looks away in response. “Are you scared that we’ll attack on Junmyeon hyung?” Kyungsoo doesn’t answer Jongdae’s question. “Don’t worry, Kyung. We’ll just go out when alpha and Junmyeon hyung are doing the thing―” “Don’t talk like that,” Kyungsoo snaps and Jongdae gulps.


“I know you’re close with Junmyeon hyung but you must learn to respect him. He’s going to be alpha’s mate soon. You know how precious an alpha’s mate is. Alpha won’t hesitate to kill you if you do something funny after this.”


Jongdae gulps again before nodding obediently. He hasn’t seek forgiveness to Yifan face to face yet because honestly, he’s scared. That’s why he has asked Yixing to do it for him. “Don’t worry.” Jongdae looks at his mate. “You’ll be fine.” He hopes so. Junmyeon has done the talking a lot while Yifan only listened to him attentively. It’s not that Yifan doesn’t want to talk, he only replied when it was necessary. He likes hearing Junmyeon’s soft voice.


He likes how Junmyeon’s eyes sparkles when he speaks. For an example, when Junmyeon becomes excited when he talks about his favorite books. He likes how Junmyeon’s lips moves every time he talks. For an example, like right now. “I didn’t have many friends because for some reason, they seemed to avoid me. I don’t mind though. Less friends, less problems, right?” Yifan nods dumbly, staring at Junmyeon’s lips before his gaze goes up to his eyes.


“I talked too much, didn’t I?”


Yifan shakes his head, smiling a little. “You didn’t talk at all. I talked too much, right?” Yifan pulls him into his chest, nuzzling his nose into his soft hair, smiling, “Let me talk right now.” Junmyeon nods, cheeks flushing, “O-Okay.” Yifan’s smile is still there, “I like how soft your voice is. I like how your eyes focuses on me whenever you talk. I like the way your lips moves when you speak and also when it’s on mine. I like everything about you,” He then parts away from the younger male and lifts Junmyeon’s face.


Junmyeon’s face is totally red.


Lips pursed as if he’s holding back a whine. Brows upturned as if he can’t handle the heat on his face anymore. Yifan smiles warmly, caressing Junmyeon’s hair in attempt to calm him down, “I love you, Junmyeon.” He doesn’t except the next thing. The male bursts out crying. Yifan panics like hell, “Di-Did I say something wrong, Junmyeon? I’m― Junmyeon, don’t cry, please― I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m…” Yifan can’t do anything else to stop him from crying.


Yifan keeps on patting on his back as he just lets Junmyeon to bury his face into his chest. “Junmyeon…” Yifan’s insides begins to grow uneasy when he doesn’t hear any replies. He’s itching to know what’s wrong. “Are-Are you telling me all of th-this just to hear me saying that I’m re-ready?” Yifan gasps before cupping his face in an instant. He becomes so guilty to see Junmyeon’s teary eyes and curses himself as he made Junmyeon to misunderstand.


“I’m telling the truth of what I’m feeling towards you, Junmyeon. Don’t ever think that I’m using your feelings to force you. I said I’ll wait for you, didn’t I? Please, don’t misunderstand. Please… I really, really love you. I can’t hide it anymore.”


If only Junmyeon is just like him, he would definitely understand his inner thoughts. “I’m sorry, I… Usually people― I mean, humans will not end up being each other after telling the truth. I-It’s not that I don’t believe in you―” “I believe that’s why Luhan hates humans. We’re different from them.” Junmyeon looks up to gaze into the taller male’s eyes. He remembers Luhan’s hatred towards humans that day.


“Right… You’re different,” He fists tightly into Yifan’s shirt, smiling, “We’re different…” Junmyeon is really glad that they’re different. He doesn’t want to leave Yifan and he’s sure Yifan doesn’t want to leave him either. Wolves only mate once, He remembers, Unless they― “Are you okay?” Junmyeon nods without looking. “I’m sorry for misunderstanding…” He says weakly and lets his head being lifted. “Don’t apologize.” A peck on his nose. “I just want to know one thing.” Junmyeon waits for his question.


“I love you, Junmyeon. Do you love me?”


Junmyeon’s breaths hitches. Yifan’s voice sounds so hopeful until it makes him to smile. “Of course I love you…” He answers shyly, eyes looking away. “What was that?” Junmyeon protests as he stubbornly hides his face into the other male’s chest. He always envied his classmates who were in love, being so lovey-dovey towards each other and hanging out with each other but then, he became scared to love after he found out that most of his friends weren’t together with their partner anymore. 


He can’t believe that he’s having the mushy feeling in his chest right now. Is this what his parents feel towards each other? So why wouldn’t he love Yifan? “I said I love you…” He whines when Yifan slides down to level his face with his. Junmyeon isn’t looking at him. He’s just too shy. He feels his hair being caressed gently as if to avert his attention. “So beautiful.” Junmyeon is about to whine again but not until he feels plush lips on his, moving slowly yet delicately.


Junmyeon moves closer, tangling his arms around the latter’s neck. Yifan feels his face warming up but he doesn’t care. He likes it. Junmyeon is letting out cute sounds again and he loves it. He feels so overwhelmed after hearing those three special words from Junmyeon. His insides spreads out happiness and it radiates on his face as he smiles between their slow kiss.


He has managed to keep control of himself even though Junmyeon’s scent has been turning sweeter and sweeter. Yifan doesn’t mind holding back as long he can hold Junmyeon close to him like this. When Junmyeon parts away, Yifan can’t help but to lean in again. They kiss for a few more minutes just like that. Yifan is happy because Junmyeon is actually willing to stay even though breakfast time has already long gone.


Junmyeon loves this tingly feeling every time whenever Yifan does something. Just being beside him is making him to feel jittery. He loves this feeling. He knows that he loves Yifan. He just knows it. “I love you,” Yifan says right after they part away. Junmyeon blushes. Yifan is staring at him as if he wants to hear the same reply. Junmyeon can’t help but to stare too, unable to form words not when Yifan is looking at him as if he’s the most precious being in the world.


“I understand if you’re not going to say it but,” Junmyeon blinks when Yifan kisses on his nose softly, “I’ll be saying it to you over and over again.” Junmyeon’s face heats up once again and he hides his face in an instant. He’s feeling more than shy right now. Junmyeon knows that he has made the right choice of having Yifan as his to-be mate. He accepts the fact that imprinting isn’t a mistake. It really is destiny. 


“Do you want to sleep?”


He feels pats on his back as he has buried his face into the taller male’s clothed chest. “No… I’m quite hungry,” He senses that Yifan isn’t showing any movement of letting him go. “Yifan?” The grip around his waist tightens. Junmyeon forces himself to look up since he has his face mushed against Yifan’s chest but the alpha isn’t looking at him. “Yifan, can you let me go?” No response. Frowning, he tries to wriggle out from the alpha’s grip but of course, it’s no use at all.




“I want to hold you like this a little longer…”


Junmyeon looks up again. Yifan is staring down at him this time. Junmyeon almost gives in by the pleading gaze but they haven’t got out of bed yet and he’s worried that Kyungsoo might be mad at him for not keeping his words. He braves himself before leaving a peck on Yifan’s lips before smiling at him, “I’m not going anywhere, Yifan. I’m all yours.” Junmyeon looks away immediately when Yifan’s eyes flashes an amber.


He knows he’s weak to withstand that gaze of his since he’s an omega. That’s why he will easily faint. “I-I’m sorry. I couldn’t―” “It’s okay, Yifan. We should get up now. I’m starving.” Yifan hesitantly untangles his arms around him and Junmyeon climbs off the bed first to shower. He notices the gloomy stare of Yifan’s. He quickly goes to the bed and pecks on Yifan's lips before running away to the bathroom. Yifan ends up grinning like an idiot. 




One week later, Junmyeon is still having trouble to talk about personal things to Yifan. He goes to Yixing or Kyungsoo sometimes to seek advice or knowing more about their kinds while cooking or stargazing at night. For some very ‘personal’ issues, he goes to Luhan. Like right now. “Junmyeon, I look fat, right?” That’s the first thing he asks after Junmyeon gets into the room. Junmyeon smiles, “You’re not, hyung.” He guesses that Luhan is on his second week.


The baby bump is barely visible. “Are you sure? Minseok said I’m not too… I’m just so worried yet excited at the same time,” Luhan sighs and Junmyeon settles himself at Luhan’s right side on the bed. It’s Saturday today. Yifan has just left the house to work. Junmyeon had a hard time actually. Yifan didn’t part away from their hug after Junmyeon wished him a safe journey. The alpha was still clingy and becoming clingier than ever. They also kissed a lot.


Sometimes Yifan would back away and head out of the room after they kissed. Junmyeon knew that the latter was controlling himself. He didn’t feel bad but he understood his reactions. He feels proud actually by witnessing Yifan’s patience and everything. “Hey, you okay?” Junmyeon snaps out from the past week’s memories and smiles softly before giving him a nod. “I want to know how hyung feels carrying this little guy here. Can I?” Luhan grins and Junmyeon knows that it’s okay to go on despite Luhan’s mood swing.


“It’s exciting, Junmyeon. You can’t stop thinking about what name you should give him or her. You just can’t stop. You can’t stop thinking how pretty or handsome she or he will be. Thinking about it will just give you goosebumps. And I love it when Minseok always talks about her or him. I don’t care what gender he or she will be but Minseok and I has promised that we will raise him or her well. Minseok can be annoying sometimes by telling me not to do this or that even though I’m not even due yet but it’s… It’s a good feeling. I’ll cry sometimes, you know. I’ll cry out of happiness, sometime out of nervousness but I know I don’t have to because I have Minseok to share my feelings with. In the end, I depend on my Minseok. I’m really glad that he saved me. Or else I would be a corpse right now…”


Junmyeon pats on the pretty male’s back as soon as he hears Luhan’s shaky voice. He feels emotional too. If only Yifan didn’t save him, he— “I’m sorry,” Luhan wipes his tears away, “I meant to tell you how I feel about the baby but I told you everything instead.” Junmyeon smiles, “It’s alright, hyung. I understand now. Don’t cry, okay? Or else the baby will cry too.” Luhan playfully pushes his body away, “Why do you ask, by the way? Are you planning to…”


Junmyeon gulps as Luhan gives him a knowing look. “I’m ready… But I can’t stop feeling nervous though,” Junmyeon fakes out a laugh but only receives a serious stare in response. “You can’t stop the nervousness, Junmyeon. I totally understand that.” Junmyeon sighs again when he sees a small smile on Luhan’s lips. Luhan suddenly cups the left side of his face before bringing his face close to him.


He blinks when he feels Luhan’s lips between his brows. Junmyeon isn’t sure how to feel but he doesn’t feel scared. He feels calm instead. The feeling is also familiar. Junmyeon then feels his hair being caressed so, so gently. “This is usually done by mothers to their child. Consider me as your second mom, okay?” Junmyeon feels familiar because his late male mother used to do that to him too.


“O-Okay,” He stutters, trying hard to fight the urge to cry because it’s feels exactly the same before whenever his mother did that. “Remember to be confident, Junmyeon.” He nods after tucking Luhan under the comforters. He knows what he means. He then heads to the door. “Oh hi, Junmyeon. Is he asleep?” Junmyeon nods with a smile towards Minseok before looking at his back.


Minseok smiles before patting on his head, causing Junmyeon to blink for a few times, “Thank you for keeping him company. I’ll buy some snacks for you next time.” Junmyeon fakes out a laugh again before leaving the beta. Junmyeon stops walking when he’s near to the stairs. He felt something familiar when Minseok patted on his head earlier. It felt exactly like his late father’s. He sighs heavily before he smiles.


He doesn’t mind having a second father if it’s Minseok. Both Minseok and Luhan sure have this parental vibe around them. Junmyeon is very sure that they will be a good parents for their pup. He heads downstairs with a happy smile on his face and spots the others in the living room. “Why are you all looking so gloomy?” He asks as he takes a seat beside Kyungsoo on the three-seater couch.


Jongin is slumped on the armrest on the same couch who’s next to Kyungsoo. Jongdae is lying flat on the L-shaped couch with Yixing beside him, a magazine on his lap yet it looks like Yixing isn’t interested in reading it. “We’re bored. Minseok hyung told us not to go out. We usually go out to have fun in the woods but…” Junmyeon tilts his head to the beta’s side, wanting to know the rest. 


“But since Yifan hyung has taken the role as a leader, there might be some wolves out there who might want to hurt us.”


Jongdae answers with a flat tone and Junmyeon gulps. He’s scared. What if someone will hurt Yifan? “Idiot. You aren’t supposed to tell him like that!” Jongin smacks on Jongdae’s under thigh, earning a painful wail from the beta. “Hyung, don’t be scared, okay?” Kyungsoo tries to coax him. Junmyeon only nods silently. The others give a glare towards Jongdae, including Yixing. “Hyung, tell them about your life in the city,” Jongdae tries to avert everyone’s attention after he faces the ceiling.


Junmyeon looks at their face who are showing interest. He smiles a little, “What do you guys want to know?” The rest of the afternoon goes by like that. Junmyeon answers everyone’s curious and some funny questions for them. He even told them about school which attracted their attention the most. It was adorable to see them listening to him when he was the one who always listened to their explanations. Jongdae slept though since he quite knew what happens in the city and all of that. 


They leave the sleeping Jongdae in the living room right before evening to prepare for dinner. Jongin has went upstairs to shower and call for Minseok later. Yixing and Kyungsoo are still curious and Junmyeon answers every question of theirs. “Honestly, it’s kind of fun. I want to try the food there. It’s not like I want to live like a human though.” Yixing and Junmyeon laugh lightly by Kyungsoo’s statement. By the time dinner is over, he takes a quick shower.


Junmyeon is in the living room now, waiting for someone. He’s nervous. It’s almost nine and Yifan will be here in a few more minutes. The moment when he hears the door being clicked open, Junmyeon rushes towards the door. He looks up to see a surprised looking Yifan. Junmyeon launches himself towards the latter for a hug. “I missed you,” Yifan confesses as he buries his face deep into Junmyeon’s neck, taking in the sweet scent which always makes his insides to tingle.


“I missed you too…”


Yifan smiles before parting away to look at the petite male. “Dinner?” Yifan brushes their noses together in response. “Already had dinner,” He answers late. “Oh, um, wait for me in the room? I’ll clean up the dishes.” Yifan obeys. He takes a long warm shower to get rid of the exhaustion and takes his time. He dries his hair in the bathroom after he wears his clothes. Junmyeon is already on the bed when he steps out of the bathroom.


He stares at Junmyeon who totally doesn’t realize that he’s looking at him. Junmyeon has his eyes glued to the ceiling and Yifan wonders what’s wrong. “Something wrong?” He asks as he nears himself to the bed and sees Junmyeon jolts in surprise. Yifan frowns. There’s something definitely wrong. He casually circles his arms around Junmyeon after he’s under the comforters. Junmyeon isn’t looking at him.


“You look tensed. What’s wrong?”


Yifan asks softly and manages to make Junmyeon to look at him. “I…” Yifan brushes his thumb over the younger male’s lower lip, encouraging him to speak. “Yifan, I’m… I want to be like you.” Yifan frowns again, confused. “What do you mean?” Junmyeon looks away from him for a while before their eyes are connected again, “I’m ready, Yifan. I’m ready to be like one you guys. I―” “Are you sure, Junmyeon?” He holds the right side of Junmyeon’s face carefully as he asks.




He senses the confidence in Junmyeon’s voice. Yifan smiles. Junmyeon isn’t lying. He knows much information about his kind already. Luhan’s words makes him want to feel the same too. It’s up to Yifan now whether he wants a pup or not. Junmyeon wants to. He wants to know the feeling. Junmyeon doesn’t understand when Yifan just smiles at him, doing nothing. “You’re not going to mark me…?” He timidly asks, voice small, scared if he has made Yifan upset or offended.


“You’re very nervous,” Yifan starts and Junmyeon has to admit that he’s indeed nervous, “I don’t want you to be nervous. Let’s get comfortable with each other first, hm? You’re still scared with me, right?” He senses how sad his voice sounds. Junmyeon feels his chest tightens at the right accuse. How Yifan knows that he’s scared? “It’s in an omega’s nature to be scared. I hated myself for being an alpha because I can’t be with you. That’s why I tried so hard avoiding you before. I don’t want you to be scared of me…” Junmyeon’s lips quivers as he sees the unshed tears in Yifan’s eyes.


No wonder Yifan treated him so rudely before. “I don’t want my own mate to be scared of me…” Yifan’s voice sounds so weak and Junmyeon feels like crying. He closes his eyes when Yifan brushes his cheeks with his thumbs so softly. Junmyeon sniffles, Why is he so perfect… ? Yifan didn’t even mark him straightaway. That’s the main reason why he was feeling scared plus nervous. “I’m not scared of you,” He looks at Yifan with a smile. The alpha looks unconvinced.


He scoots closer to the latter before resting left side of his face against Yifan’s clothed chest comfortably, “I wouldn’t be next to you if I was scared of you.” Junmyeon smiles when he feels the familiar strong and long arms around him. “I love you,” Yifan mumbles against the younger male’s soft hair, “I love you so much.” Junmyeon slips out a whine when the hug gets too tight. He immediately levels his face with Junmyeon’s and smiles, mirroring his to-be mate’s expression. He lets Junmyeon to hug him by his neck and Yifan makes sure his arms are tight around Junmyeon’s back.


They rest their foreheads on one another, eyes closed, shy smiles on their lips. He can feel that Junmyeon is playing with his hair on the back of his head, caressing his dirty blonde locks softly. “I’m terribly comfortable with you, Yifan.” Warmth creeps up to his neck and is now heading towards his face. He kisses Junmyeon softly before the male can see his reddened cheeks. Yifan holds Junmyeon tightly and they kiss until they fall asleep together, with Yifan’s face comfortably buried in Junmyeon’s chest. 



if you guys remembered, ive told you guys to focus on their hair, right?

so these are their wolves forms.

im so bad at descripting...

hope you guys wont mind



©: oliv xoxo

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©: luhan baidu bar

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©: baike room

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©: 自寻苦逼又满足的小雨亲

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*yixing and jongdae almost have the same coat*


pls dm me the link/owner's name for the pics so that i can credit them properly :>


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