Home (Is the Last Place I Want to Be)


Chanyeol is straight. Baekhyun is gay. They're bestfriends and Chanyeol wants to keep it that way.







“Do you think we’ll still stay friends after this?”

“Of course.”

“I kinda want us to drift apart.”

“Wait, what? But why?”

“So that I can forget my feelings for you.”

A pause followed, trailed by the humdrum of waves crashing into the shore.

“You still like me huh.”

“Honestly. You never developed feelings for me?”

“I’m straight, Baek. You know that.”

“No. Look past through that. If I were a girl, or if you were a girl, or if this world didn’t have the concept of gender, would you have developed feelings for me?”


“I’m not asking you to love me. Maybe this is just my ego talking, maybe because I think I’m not good enough for someone I love. I just want to know. If we lived different lives, will you have loved me?”

“Let me throw that question back at you: If I were a girl, or if you were a girl, or if I were somebody else, would you have developed feelings for me?”

“If you care for me like what you did in all these years, if you smile like your usual smile, if you stay with me like how you did every time I had a hard time, then yes. I would have.”

Chanyeol was speechless.

 “You haven’t answered my question.”

“Let’s just say I believe in an infinite number of universes. And somehow, somewhere out there, I believe we’re in love with each other.”

“I see.”

“I love you, Baek. Believe me. But not in the way that you want me.”



A/N: This was originally planned to be posted on ChanBaek Day but I got busy lmao This will be my last ChanBaek fic in a while. I'll be branching out to other ships in my next stories. 

Also, I would like to dedicate this story to those who died in the Orlando Pulse Club shooting recently. They didn't deserve the hate that the world gave them. #LoveIsLove

It was fun and heart-warming to see so many people who have been touched and even changed by this story and I thank you all for appreciating my work. Seriously. It was an honor writing for you. (3/3)

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Chapter 2: This story tops all of my 3am chanbaek stories. It made my cry A LOT and I just loved everything about this from Baek loving just everything ordinary to Yeol's infinite universes.

This story also inspired me in a number of minutes. I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU AUTHOR-NIM FOR WRITING THIS FIC. WORTH ALL MY TEARS.
Chapter 2: another impressive story, love the tone you wrote and also their deep relationship
But the angst is so obvious just from the foreword, why....also compared with other stories this one isnt that triggering, the content...i mean, theres far more triggering content..why would they...TT
What....whyyy TT
I can't believe this. How dumb can people be? Like, I literally have no time, but I had to come here and write that those who reported your story must be like 13 or very dumb. I can't believe it. If they were to take down this fic, AFF would be losing a great story without a real reason for it.
Grow up, people.
dreamyloey #6
Chapter 2: It's so beautifully written♡ thank you for sharing this story! I cried so hard haha :((((
1 points #7
I can’t believe someone reported your story for not mentioning that there will be a main character death. You could quite obviously tell from the foreword/description that this story would most likely NOT have a happy ending.

I’ve only read this once, because when I did, I cried so hard that I got a massive headache. But I absolutely loved how this was written. I think that as long as you made it clear that this wasn’t your typical happy love story and that it was checked TW/M, people shouldn’t complain too much.
Besides, in other regular stories (novels), dramas/shows and even movies, there’s no damn Trigger Warning since the beginning telling you “hey so one of the main characters will (most likely die) so yeah”. People are so damn sensitive sometimes specially online. I understand how it may hurt one’s feelings. Like I said, I bawled my eyes out with this story.
But lord, is there really the need to report this and take it down? As a writer myself, these kind of things infuriate me. This comment will possibly get downvoted but I don’t even care.
whiteKitty #8
Chapter 2: I shed one litter of tears reading this TT
Chapter 2: This is so saaaaaad. I cried so much :(((