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Tiffany receives a bunch of racy texts from a stranger, and surprisingly, they lead to something more.




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Vietnamese Version - By YangLee21




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Chapter 40: amazing
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Chapter 40: Great story, super entertaining, love their relationship and the format. :)
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This is really good hahah. This would be extra awesome if author nim also include details of their hot sessions hahahah. But still, thank you for this.
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Chapter 40: auth.. send nudes xD
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Chapter 30: i read this thrw my phone and kinda lost before finally i read use my pc. Damn all the image killing me xD funneehhh!!!
okei. now i need the pdf o this story.
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neverapproaches1st 1 points #7
Chapter 40: I browsed this site so hard just to find this great piece of art of a story again author-nim. I super loved this story. It's 3am and all i wanna do is to re-read this again and again. I'm addicted, but i must stop :)
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The cover photo had me dead already oh lord
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Chapter 30: I like your humor there ?
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Chapter 24: Damn. That was hotttt!!!!