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For years, Chanyeol had been longing for a place to call home, not knowing that what he'd been searching for all along was right next door.


Word Count: ~39k

Side Pairings:past! Baekhyun/Chen, side Luhan/Jongin, mentions of Junmyeon/Yifan


Warning(s):Attempt at fluff, very very mild angst, and excessive use of ice cream

Spoilers: (Highlight) minor character death, past!chansoo

Hello~ This is my submission for the 2016 Bacon and Eggs Exchange which you can also read on LiveJournal or on AO3 :)
Enjoy! Hope you guys like it! c: 


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Chapter 1: this was sooo cute! I loved this story so much thank you for writing it ^^!!!
xihui_shin #2
Chapter 1: I FREAKING LOVE THIS OMG XD So yeah just skipped on a report analysis for class to read this and lemme tell ya... BEST CHOICE EVER XD
Gargee1999 #3
Chapter 1: Oohh maaayyy gaaaadddd... this could’ve been chaptered mahn .. my eyes hurt from reading continuously >.< but i love itttttf
porini #4
Chapter 1: Maaan that was mad cute. I normally hate mpreg but i absolutely loved it.
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: This story is so cute and beautiful and I enjoyed reading it soooooo much ! Thank you for writing this great story <3
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: This was the cutest story I've ever read in my life. I CAN'T WITH THIS CUTENESS NOPE I'M GONNA GO DROWN IN MY FEELS BYE <3
Chapter 1: This was so cute I loved every little bit of it ♡♡♡
Chapter 1: THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL MASTERPIECE~ thank you so much for sharing it with us~
charms1976 #9
Chapter 1: Such a cute and fun story. I loved how you included little Jespers dialogue as well.
evaros_21 #10
Chapter 1: This is so beautiful <3. Thank you for making this author-nim!