Heart Tattoo [One~Shot]

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“It’s just… do you hear yourself? All of this you’re saying doesn’t make a little tiny bit of sense! I… I don’t even know you!” you said and instantly regretted just by the pain visible in his eyes. He took a deep breath, but didn’t look like someone who was about to give up at all.






• This is about BAP's Yongguk and you;
• This is in an alternative universe, sci-fi like;
• As stated with the title, it's an One~Shot~
• Well, there is no need to mark it as Rated M, but it's a little risque though. Nothing explicit!



Hiiii ^^  This AU thing is getting more of me than I thought OuO This time I wrote it for my other friends [who went through a very intense Bang Yongguk era, haha!
] WinterMadness and brightwings. This is one of my favorite pieces, so enjoy! :3
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This amazing cover was made by my supa dupa sista WinterMadness! Go check out her work and make requests for your stories too!

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