You are My Destiny


TADA! Yet another sequel for my ginormous fic, You who came from the Stars ( and My Love from another Planet (

Will add a proper description at a later time but in summary, this will start some time in the future from where we ended in MLFAP (ooh acronyms :P) and this time, the main characters on whose story I will focus are, in no particular order: Tao, Xiumin, D.O, Chanyeol and Chen, with your usual subplots with Sehun, Kai, Luhan and Suho... Baekhyun, Lay and Kris have important roles but their stories will probably come next... 

Of course there are new characters as well, primarily just two: Nara and Tae (you'll meet them soon enough) but we'll see more of Lily's siblings as well. Cameos from Minho, Taemin, VIXX, Bangtan Boys, Doojoon, Kikwang, Yunho, Hyeoyeon (just once) and... I don't think I've missed anyone but maybe there'll be more, who knows?

Anyway, the story is half-written down and I'm working on the latter half... I'll try to keep the updates as regular as possible, once a week, probably on weekends. 

Thank you for reading my stories, I know they're a lot and there's still so much that remains unanswered but I want to give a good story and deal with all the plots and subplots I've weaved so far, so please have patience. Do comment if you read, I would love to hear your views :) 

Special thanks to my most dedicated readers (you know who you are) - your comments mean a lot to me and have inspired me to keep going with my story, even when I felt I had lost my flow. Thank you :) I hope I'll be able to live up to your expectations <3

Edit: So... I had some time to fool around and I did just that :) made a sort of cover for this story until someone can come along and make me a better one XD although I made a serious one but I found the lighter hearted version cuter and... well, sort of think of it as a gift from Chen - he was the one inspiring my edits :D 

But you can take a look at the other one as well... I must admit, I am no graphics expert - I'm surprised I even managed this... in my defense, I tried to arrange the pictures and colors (or lack thereof) meaningfully... maybe i'll put this one for the serious chapters... so you'll know what to expect? perhaps... 



Miracles: Are we blessed?

Yester eve, a mysterious light wave spread around a ten kilometer diameter, apparently out of nowhere. The origin of the light wave, however, is the least of the citizen's concerns as they celebrate the miraculous recoveries of their loved ones in the city's main hospital – Oulphesden Central – which was engulfed in the mysterious light. Citizens are calling it the Healing Dragon and footage recovered from several locals is the source of this name. Several recordings, put up on your-tube, show a massive dragon formed of light, rising and spreading its wings, engulfing everything under its wing span. Eyewitnesses claim it was all too fast to really register but video footage, when slowed down, shows it in exact detail. Conspiracy theorists claim aliens are involved but as the newly recovered 90 years old Mr.Oogway said, if they're here to heal, who are we to stop them? The sentiment, shared by most of the 'healed' and their relatives, is where this author finds himself. Our only question is this: Will this mysterious Messiah, the one who sent the Healing Dragon, ever reveal his identity?   

Finally updating You Are My Destiny after two years T_T


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Chapter 84: Yikes!!
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Chapter 83: What future????? I'm going to reread....
thanks for the update!!!
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Chapter 81: Thanks for the update!!! Its was nice to read this again.
As for the kris may I suggest something??
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Chapter 79: Finally finally xiu can get his girl but now what do we do with kris?????
these elders ....
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Chapter 79: Woohoooo! You go Xiumin! Get your girl!
Chapter 77: This update made my morning!! Keep up the great work!!
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Chapter 76: I hope you did not give up on this masterpiece.
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Chapter 75: Oh my GOSH. I was so excited to see a new update on this. I went to read the chapter and I was confused because it didn’t seem to flow with the end of the previous one from my memory so I went back and....somehow I missed an update?!?!!!!! How did I miss two chapters??? And SO MANY XIUMIN LILY MOMENTS???? Ahhhhhhh!!! Okay so loved the Xiu/Lily, her payback was XD also big lol to some of them wondering why it was snowing. This newest chapter, yes! Xiumin! Put a ring on her!

As to real EXOland, oh my gosh I was so so so happy when Jongdae came to Baekhyun’s show! All the pics were LQ, but it was so lovely to see him. AND Minseok and Kyungsoo had their musical live streamed yesterday! I’m so proud of them! Minseok’s character is so adorable and meme worthy!
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Chapter 73: Poor poor minnie!!!!
thanks for the update!!!!
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Chapter 71: Thank you for you're updated!!! Glad to see my 2 lovely ppl falling back in line