Kyungsoo, the new guy in school, is smitten with the number one athlete and salutatorian, Kim Jongin. Due to his past, he simply wants to lead a quiet social life. But when he allows his infatuation to get the better of him, everything changes. 


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Impact | updated today! I have a new fic Woes of the Heart as well, please check it out ^^


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Chapter 10: Awww this is so cute. Thank you authornim for this wonderful KaiSoo fix. I had fun binge reading today. Hoping for more wonderful chapters
15 streak #2
I love kaisoo highschoolaus. Tbh who wouldn't be smitten Jongin. Kaisoo is just too adorable here
Chapter 10: They're so freaking cute together omg
Chapter 10: Whuuuuuut? No phone corniness?? Awwww what's wrong? Come on someone has to have the number
Chapter 10: NARIiIiiiiiIiIiIiiiizidjsksoaiaj!! The date is finally here and it was P E R F E C T!! I love the tones of this fic. Everything is so pure and sweet. Btw I saw what you did there! "Ayo Kris"! I was laughing waaaay before Kris' response to that! And...what's with Kris? Omg I need to know what he knows. ♥️
Aaaaaand this date is a dream come true for all Kaisoo shippers: Lotte, bottle kisses, interlaced fingers. All in! We don't even have to imagine that XD you
Naliaparamore #6
Chapter 10: So excited! Let's see what happens next! ♥
alamela040401 #7
Chapter 10: The summary was really helpful (it was quite sometime since your last update :D) as I usually re-read previous chapters randomly just so I can have the grasp of what and how the the story started and what is it's current setting or situation before I read an update. Will wait for the next update /chapter then...thanks and Goodluck! :)
Chapter 10: I'm officially DEAD! !! OMG this is super nice! I ship chansoo but now I can't help but ship kaisoo too. Normally Jongin viewed as a player or bully but cute jongin is just *squeals* . And Kyungsoo always the cute squishy penguin. Baek, Chan, Lu, Sehun, Dae funny as ever. Seriously it's nearly impossible to choose a bias out of the 12. Nice work author nim! XD
Chapter 10: This was really great! I love how you didn't make it one of those cliché dates and instead, they were awkward and cute, exactly like how a first date would be. My heart sas fluttering throughout the entire chapter and it still is fluttering. Good luck writing the rest of the chapters and WELCOME BACK!! <3
Kwilliams622 #10
Chapter 10: I've missed this story