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Kim Junmyeon has it all: Wealth, perfect grades, the perfect fiancee, and soon class presidency... Or so he thought.

What was supposed to be his last and greatest year of high school would soon become his greatest nightmare when the new student, Lay Zhang, threatens to take everything away.

The worst part is Junmyeon isn't sure if he wants to fight him or fall for him.


Hello everyone~

I am so excited to be posting Dilemma on AFF. Believe it or not, I have had this storyline running around in my mind for many, many years (circa 2009). Originally, it was a developing idea that came about from my love for shoujo mangas/anime in my youth. I didn't know exactly back then what to do with my storyline ideas.

But as time rolled on, Kpop, Kdramas, and fanfiction entered my life. Like magic, I became inspired to put my ideas into practice.  

Although I have authored a couple of fics already, this one is the one I truly consider my baby since it was a story I've had with me for a very long time. I really hope you enjoy it and get a few good laughs in this high school au.

This is mostly based around Sulay, however other pairings in this story are (but not limited to): Baekyeol, Kaisoo, and Hunhan.  


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