Unexpected Love/DISCONTINUED

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Minha Hwang, Tiffany Hwang's younger sister is currently a trainee in JYPE. She has been given a vacation which gets her to spend time with her unnie. Through all that will she get to find love? Will she get to experience it and know how it feels?



-Minha Hwang

•23 years old

•born March 1, 1993

•trainee at JYPE

•Tiffany Hwang's sister but nothing like her at all


-Bae Irene

•25 years old 

•born on March 29, 1991

•apart of the group Red Velvet under SME

•leader, main dancer, main rapper, face

I'm not going to explain the other characters since I'm kind of tired(lazy)




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Chapter 30: hehe i dont why i keep on coming here *hawaitng* author nim for your other stories
Chapter 30: Is it really over now?
Chapter 30: wae author nim please dont do it
Chapter 26: what the........Jennie save Minha
Nano007 #5
Chapter 26: Hmmm idk if I'm satisfied •_•
Chapter 26: Oh, what... I'm crying.. i love this couple.
Chapter 26: Heol
Chapter 26: uh wut... ?
aeyyypril_ss #9
Chapter 26: WHAT THE HELL
Nano007 1 points #10
Chapter 25: Omg yasssssssssssssss this is it!!!! This is what I've been waiting for :3 fufufufu~ don't go neglecting minha cuz karma is a