The House Husband


Single-mom-to-be Kim Gahee has worked tirelessly to complete a set of stunning stained glass doors before her impending due date. The last thing she expects is for a handsome stranger on a Harley to drive right through them! Or for him to offer to play nursemaid to her newborn while she starts over and recreates the artwork from scratch...


"I'm not just talk," he said. "I intend to stay here and help you."

"You're an artist?" she asked, surprised. He didn't seem the type to sit still long enough to even draw a stick figure.

"No. But I can watch that baby you'll be delivering soon while you work on another set of doors."

Gahee stared at the man who'd destroyed her dreams, her heart nervously thundering, her attention caught.

Sensing her resistance, he smiled a slow, y smile. "Come on," he said, his voice a sinful lure. "I'd make a great house husband while you work. I promise the service is delivered with a smile, satisfaction guaranteed."



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