Violet Silk

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In a world where omegas were treated like possessions, Kyungsoo thought that despite being an omega, being born in the royal family could save him from that fate, he couldn't have been more wrong...
He was arranged to marry or better said sold to King jongin and while many people envied him for being In that position, he couldn't see it from their point of view.



The story takes place in a historical universe. Kyungsoo is the third and youngest Prince of his country while jongin is a king who is older than him.

Pairing: Alpha Jongin, Omega Kyungsoo 

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Many thanks to my amazing friend cm0nster who is kindly betaing the fiction.

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71 streak #1
Chapter 14: I really hope that their relationship can continue to grow >.< and I kinda hate ksoos dad Idk. And YAY Sehunnnii, glad that he's so nice I hope he and ksoo can be good friends ~
Pingpongko #2
Chapter 14: I beg you to please update
Misori-sama #3
Chapter 14: Finch it please im beging you because i totaly love it
81 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 6: Cute Soo... Yah blame everything on instincts in future also...
1 points #5
Chapter 14: Emm sehun looks suspicious. I dont trust him (。•́︿•̀。)
81 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 5: Yes deal very well...;-);-);-)
40 streak #7
Chapter 14: Ayieee hopefully after the loving making session soo will be pregnant best wishes nlng da sa ila author-nim >3<
Chapter 14: i really looking forward for more kaisoo, thank you for update^^
1 points #9
Chapter 14: New reader here. I like the way the story develops. The politics is messing their relationship, I hope they get through that.
Well well, what we'll find with Sehun!... I wonder.
Nice work
1 points #10
Chapter 14: Waaaahh the last part! I'm really looking forward to how their relationship will progress. Thank you for this update! It's been a while. Will wait for the next one!