Heal Me


After killing his mother, Kris can’t bring himself back to the operating table anymore. Despite being one of the best neurosurgeons, he ignores everybody’s plea and leaves the hospital. That is until a mysterious guy named Tao barges into his life.  


"Doctor Wu, I love you..." 

"... What?" 


Story and graphics by me


Pairing: Kris and Tao 

Tags: Fluff, Romance, Drama, Age-gap, Slight angst

Length: 7 chapters

• I am no expert in medical field, all the information in this story is gained from reading some books and sources
• Kris is mid-thirties and Tao is early-twenties
• Contains one chapter of 
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors


Hello it's me again with another Taoris hahahaHAHAHA what am I doing with life 
After writing medical themed fic for Seulrene, I wanted to write one for Taoris and thus, this was born phew
I just want to write something dramatic yet fluffy ok I'm a er for fluff 
Thank you for clicking and I hope you enjoy the story!


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39 streak #1
Chapter 7: I love very moments in this. Tao is so cute!!!
Chapter 8: You are the best
Chapter 8: Ahh it's so cute! Tao was able to bring Kris back to the as a doctor and Tao finally got better and became a nurse. I loved this so much. Such a rollercoaster of emotions ;-; <3
150 streak #4
Chapter 6: The part where Kris said that Tao wasn't a burden and will never be one almost got me crying. (TuT)
Okay, who am I kidding? I may or may not have cried a little. X'D But, it's not a full blown sob so-
I'm almost finishing this fanfic, yey! \(OuO)/ Your fanfics are so awesome and just, I'm awestruck by all of your stories! :'D
150 streak #5
Chapter 1: OMG The ending though X'D So adorable!
I Fall in love again with your writing skills... Damn you are so good authornim, i wish i got your skill... This story is freaking awesome and i love it so much thank you for the beautiful story and good luck for you undone story... for sure i will upvote in every story that you made especially TAORIS...
Chapter 8: Wow! As amazing as all your stories!♡♡♡♡♡
firash #8
Chapter 7: this story is amazing but, i was just curious how did kris let tao stays at his home when they like total strangers ,but anyway, i almost finished reading all your fic's and i love all of them and i just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing writer !! keep writing! and i will gladly read all of it
High expectations for this fic...